Greedy Goblin

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Weekend minipost: suicide ganking with style

Or, just not setting green safety when entering highsec.
And a terminal case moron.
Keep ratting Goons!
Haha, this Goon tried to PvP!


Anonymous said...

Apparently MSPontius wardecced CONCORD....

Anonymous said...

The Kronos just jumped into highsec (from Tama) without checking for criminal flag, I suppose.

Happens if you pod people.

Mace Windsocket said...

On the Goon that one guy playing 29 accounts, or are there really 29 people that dedicated to role playing as 29 different replicators?

CFC Grunt said...

@Mace Windsocket

It's one guy multiboxing 30 bombers.

Since (according to his coalition statement), they're there to "Have fun and kill goonies" why is he doing the CFC thing of shooting POSes with bombers?

Also, that Proteus loss... don't get what's bad about it. Once in a while you welp a shiney, big deal. Likely if you fly them, you can replace them fairly easily.