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Friday, August 29, 2014

Grave news for Brave Collective

The Goon propaganda site happily reported that the Brave financial director stole 40B and joined a house slave of Goons. The smug of the Goons is well-deserved. A dangerous-looking contender, Brave who collected players in alarming rate, is done and gone from the Sov theater.

Why? Not because someone stole from them. Thefts, scams, awoxes happen. They are done because a financial director could steal only 40B. Let me put this sum into perspective: I've spent 45B on anti-Goon operations this month and the month isn't over, a 15B payment is still due. That income is earned all by myself and it's so disposable that I literally dispose it. Now imagine what Mynnna could steal from Goons (hint: more than 40B).

If we combine it with the disastrous ratting numbers of BRAVE, we can conclude that they don't even have the perspective of becoming able to finance serious presence in the Sov space.

The "we need people in ships" is a Goon lie. A myth of origin with the swarm in Rifters. The truth is - and always was - ratting. Goons were never shy of making ISK. Others did it via renters, but the point is that war needs money, money and money. As long as you have money to replace a ship, you'll have an F1 pushing ape who gladly loses that ship for you. Brave believed the lie that people in ships matter. They don't. Money in the wallet does.

Of course you can play for fun. But that won't give you victories. Brave will continue to exist as long as there are people in it, logging in. They can have fun too. But they will never be a significant Sov player. Whatever hopes you had for them is gone with the pocket change that their finance director stole.

PS: Darwin fanclub meeting: FCON Thanatos (no need to check fit, the alliance tag tells it) vs hotdropping Hel.
The Bastion never fails to deliver.
Why didn't he gatecrash? Not like that single frig popped him in 5 secs.
Pure blood Goon caught during his signature activity.
Lucas was right, not just Goons rat in Deklein.
This is a special case of dumb.
Hot tip: if you anchored a 3.8B faction tower, show up when the RF comes out. A single frig could defend it against multiboxed bombless bombers.


Anonymous said...

Now imagine what Mynnna could steal from Goons (hint: more than 40B).

Certainly more, but not certainly a whole lot more. Probably within the same order of magnitude, and probably not as much as his own personal wealth in game amounts to.

The reason is decentalisation and not keeping giant piles of liquid isk just hanging around for someone to steal. It's much better to convert that isk into something a little less portable - ships, minerals, high value items - and it makes sense to ensure that no one person has the ability to get their hands on the entire amount of isk.

I can't speak for Brave specifically but it is reasonable to assume that 40b wasn't the sum of their wealth. if it is they are stupid for letting someone be able to get it all. more likely 40b was all this director was able to access..

p.s TMC is still not a "propaganda site".

maxim said...

A bit confused.
Are you saying that 40B being stolen is proof of Brave's financial incompetence, or cause of it?

Anonymous said...

The "we need people in ships" is a Goon lie. A myth of origin with the swarm in Rifters. The truth is - and always was - ratting. Goons were never shy of making ISK.

Sure, ratting is important to some goons but it's presumptuous to think that goons don't need PvP people out there protecting their space and keeping the hostiles fighting elsewhere. Your crusade to paint the entire CFC as a bunch of carebears who never fight is laughable and has been since you started it.

Gevlon said...

Of course they need PvP-ers. Just like we need air. But we don't think about it because air is abundant. So is PvP-ers. If you have a ship to lose, you can always find a PvP-er to sit in it.

Anonymous said...

"The "we need people in ships" is a Goon lie"

sure this is still the fundament of goons. it is not the ratting.
just see a rageping, and see all goonies logging in and then you have suddenly 4-5 full fleets.
Ofcourse it is their power to have numbers. And to have them allways. Even for boring fleets like bombless bombers.

And you know, afkTar is working very well, if you can playing your main in the fleet and have 1 or 2 accounts ratting afk on an other screen. This makes also your overall online time more active. Even if the fleet is boring, you can have a chat an make multiple things.

for brave it is the same. it is good to have numbers. but the brave alliance does not have the wealth of the goon alliance. they have no back up iskies. It is not about the member isk, if you have good SRP.
for providence f.e. it is different story, when you got no SRP, single member ISK matters.

Braveling said...

Brave Memeber here I'm not sure but i heard Shadow stole just 7b~

Anyway... We still get 100% SRP on startop/fun fleets.

Anonymous said...

But they will never be a significant Sov player.

lol... I for one certainly hope we are never a 'significant' Sov player! I'm guessing 99% of BRAVE thinks the same way.

Anonymous said...

There are some very good reasons why the Brave HQ station is called "dont rat here". The culture actually encourages visitors with non-consensual habits. And it seems to be returning a dividend of a different kind.

Just a few weeks ago there was a /r/eve post that probably attracted less attention than it should have. Rooks and Kings had found it necessary to prepare a full 30-man T3 fleet with guardian support to back up a small group of 6 players who wanted to try using black ops battleships to hot drop miners.

The Rooks and Kings precautions proved to be entirely required just to resist the initial security response.

A week or two before that PL felt it necessary to bridge in supers to rescue an impetuous carrier pilot.

Incidentally there are two internal responses that may be a lot more relevant to speculation here. One from the founder of Brave. Matias only wondered why it took him so long to make his jump. Secondly the HERO Mil Dir confirmed that operations in Northern Catch continue and that SRP is not affected.

Shadowian's efforts were carried out over a few weeks. In effect they had already deflated BRAVE's income levels before he left. Which means that the loss has no bearing on the future. The results can already be depreciated.

True... Directors are still key and blocs like HERO want to safeguard against things like this becoming possible. But looking at this from the inside out it seems like he was already compartmentalized.

Anonymous said...

BRAVE never planned to be SOV power. It was something like "How long we will be able to hold some systems in Catch".

Anonymous said...

There are far better ways to make isk than ratting in Catch. You are discounting the possibility that BNI players are making money on alts in highsec, or like AAA make their money running missions in Stain.

You're also assuming that the finance director also holds the wallet instead of sending bills to someone more trustworthy.

mynnna said...

Certainly more, but not certainly a whole lot more. Probably within the same order of magnitude, and probably not as much as his own personal wealth in game amounts to.

I have access to over three trillion isk in cash and assets and that's just what comes to mind after about ten seconds of thought, the number would inflate quite a bit with a little planning. But I like it where I am, I enjoy doing what I do for the alliance, so why would I want to walk off with it and throw that away?

Anonymous said...

@ Anom 13:04 You're serious? you don't plan to hold sob but found it necessary to sign agreements with provi. Let N3 grind 80% of the systems for you and to show when your systems were threatened? I assume you have drank the koolaid to the last drop. Truth is you will hold sov only as long as you keep backing up to n3 and letting them rape you.

Anonymous said...

On the Megathron vs Daredevil thing, you do realize that Daredevils get 90% webs, his MWD was shut off by the scram, so he was going a brisk 5m/s or thereabouts, right?

That's before bumps.

Good luck crashing gate like that.

Anonymous said...

1.) Calling BOS a "house slave" just shows how little you know about what BOS actually is.

2.) As someone who was there, Goons WERE idiots in Rifters, and they still are. It's just that the Rifters are bigger and more numerous. Learn about the history of your enemy; who led Goons before chairman-for-life The Mittani? Hint: It didn't end well; there's a reason he's chairman-for-life.

Sov is still defended by keeping morale high and getting people to log in to show up to alarm clock ops. These things are actually the opposite of each other: For each CTA you call, you lose some morale. CFC has done a marvelous job in managing morale during peacetime (which, ironically, is almost as bad as constant alarm clock ops)... compare their stability to the failure cascade between BRAVE and TEST, which will most likely doom HERO.

(Also, you continue to conflate HERO (a coalition) with BRAVE and TEST. They are different things.)

3.) What's your ROI on your 60B a month? Your Battlemints Coalition have all but collapsed in a month's time, and Goons continue to plod on. Are you sure you're not just letting your monkey-brain direct your actions right now?

Anonymous said...

If I was to go back to Nulsec, The first milestone would be to have at least 40B ISK/month/char in my wallet. If that was not the case? Hasta luego! But hey! Everybody is allowed to have his own playstyle, some trade in Jita (boring), some live as wh zombies, do missions, do pvp, do explore, whatever.
Though Gevlon might see it differently, Eve is a game and any way people have fun is ok with me. I think Eve would be far mor unbearable if everybdy played the same way...

Anyway, I don't think that BRAVE did seriously suffer from that theft.
As the drama between Brave and TEST boiled for several weeks and even TMC reported about several times, odds are that CFC approached said FC in order to offer him a chance to get his 15min of space fame and some pocket change.
within a few weeks the char could be sold on the market. So what?
Interesting enough is the fact that BRAVE despite their rapid growing numbers asf. still have to kiss someones ass in order to be tolerated in nul. A fact that lots of people complain about...