Greedy Goblin

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Weekend minipost: expanded cargoholds

Putting expanded cargohold on haulers is good if you are hauling veldspar or other low-value, large volume goods. Not so good if you are hauling valuables. Even less if you are also the minion of evil with a stupid name, with T1 expanders or dodging bubbles in null.


Anonymous said...

If you are at war in highsec, no tank fit would help you. They will shot you 10more sec and you are dead anyway.

they only help against ganks, in limited way

Gevlon said...

Tank doesn't help against wardecs. Faster align might.

Anonymous said...

Dedicated hauling services might help. The deals are reasonable and the pilots are more experienced in eve mechanics than I ever will be.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, those are wardec kills so no matter what u fit will save u in a Indy ship.

Even in a BR the maximum u can get is 2.08s align time, which is still 1s to slow so u can play the "server tick" game with the tackler.

U should have picked some of those idiotic BR kills in HiSec, without a wardec.

They often fit no tank at all, even if it literally just cost 2M more for a large shield extender. It seems they fail to realize that a gank Tornado will often only hit for a single 8.8k-11.2k hit. So if u have 6.5k EHP or 12.2K makes all the difference in a BR.