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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Short CSM9 post

Well, the CSM9 results are out. I have mixed feelings about it.

I had a short voting list, only 5, based on the fact that beyond that only a few % of the ballot strength remains. The good thing is that 4 people on my list got in, including the #1 Sugar Kyle. She will bring a unique view of positive sum trade into the CSM (Mynnna only looks for loopholes and exploits under "trading").

The bad thing is that one on my list who got in is Ali Aras of Noir. If I knew that Noir are just a bunch of scammers, I obviously wouldn't recommend her.

Another sad thing is that GSF managed to bring in 3 members (Mynnna, Sion, Mangala).

Finally - despite the community clearly rejected Erotica 1 - the leader of his best students, Corbexx got in. I hope he says something NOHOy on Fanfest and get himself banned.

So let's wish good luck for the good ones, may their voice be heard by CCP!


Anonymous said...

Xander Phoena is also a CFC member fwiw.

Arrendis said...

Mynnna only looks for loopholes and exploits under "trading"

Right, because all of the industry changes this summer being pretty much direct adoptions of Mynnna's suggestions... that's all 'loopholes and exploits'. C'mon.

Gevlon said...

The industry changes are adoptions of every reasonable one's suggestion:
- better industry in null than high
- scatter people out of Sobaseki
- get rid of that horrible UI

The "work teams" were the only non-trivial change.

Xander is neutral to me. I neither supported him, nor advised against.

daniel said...


getting rich first, and then denying the same "opportunities" to others ...

yep, sandbox, a unique playstyle for everyone

i miss psychotic monk :(

also find in interesting that sion k got more votes than mynna.

Anonymous said...

Corbexx is just the only wormhole candidate nothing more.

daniel said...

"- get rid of that horrible UI"

will the new one really be (much) better?
i somehow doubt that.

Runeme Shilter said...

10 out of the 14 players that the CFC recommended were getting in. A great outcome.

Anonymous said...

@daniel Mynna was second on the CFC list, Sion was first. Get it npw?

daniel said...

but mynna is known and (propably) liked outside the cfc - i assumed he would get more votes throughout new eden.

Provi Miner said...

ali hasn't been with noir long enough for you to dislike based on association tbh. She's all right I always enjoyed her fleets and junes as well.

Anonymous said...

Ali is a CFC bloc candidate. In fact, they were told to vote for her along with Mynna and Sion.

See Angrymustache's reddit.

[–]angry-mustacheCaldari 4 points 2 hours ago
that's pretty much spot on. When I started the run for CSM, I was told that the priorities of the CFC would be to get ali aras, mynnna, and sion on the CSM first. Xander Phoena may not be from goonswarm, but he's more experienced with the CSM and deserves the 4th place ballot over me.
I'm pretty bummed to not get a seat, but I've only been playing for a year and change, and there's always CSM 10.

Provi Miner said...

LOL you guys have no idea who ALI is then.... She is mmm a very new player friendly person in looking at eve in general and null in point. What I find funny is the attempt to tie goon to ali (sure they wanted her, after all she is a null sec candidate) but her views on how to treat others in the game are about as opposite as possible to most goon line members. MMM yeah I can see her and upper goon mgt being able to work together. But her being their candidate? nah.

Anonymous said...

Ali Aras works for and presumably(?) gets isk to do so from the CFC.

She was also #3 (I think) on the Goon ballot.

That doesn't mean that she's going to be a Goon loyal candidate but it does raise some questions.

It seems as though if she's spending most of her time talking to CFC people and discussing the merits of CFC positions then she's going to be heavily influenced by the CFC even if she is nominally an independent candidate.

However she was also one of the most hard working people on the last CSM, seems like a competent person overall and is good at communication. So hopefully I wont regret voting for her.

Louis Robichaud said...

I do agree with you that the CSM is a bit CFC heavy, and that is worrysome...

But your impression that Mang is a CFC candidate is overblown, and Corbex being a student of Erotica1 is just offensive.

Gevlon said...

@LR: RvB is an open CFC member, having sov in CFC space via Blohm and Voss and allying with CFC in every highsec wars they have.

About Corbex: did his alliance or did they not collect singing ransoms holding EVE assets as hostage, exactly like Erotica 1 did in his bonus rounds?

mugg said...

Erotica did not invent singing ransoms, and a single song is not the same as hours of the bonus room.

Provi Miner said...

@ mugg you nailed the problem with "policing" the game. See you make a distinction (as if you are right) Goblin makes a distinction of "A is A no matter when or how A happens) as if he is right. Now tell me anyone show me a hard line between "having fun" and "bullying"........ you can't so to say "your" version isn't bullying just means you have an open not a fact. This is why either eve is wide open or we start falling down a slippery slope.

Anonymous said...

We are true to the term "ransom". We do not promise to double his ISK, enhance his Penis or what ever Erotica uses to lure people into his bonus round.

They pay their ransom, they get to leave. They don't want to pay, they die like they would have in the first place. We do not force someone or put them in a place where they have to keep on playing. They risked their ships in PvP and get a chance to not loose it.

We take singing ransoms because a fleet of 40 people has no use for a 100 mil ISK ransom. They sing one song, we have a laugh we thank them and let them go.

You can't compare this to 2 hours of torture like behavior under the promise of doubling his assets (or whatever) while stripping everything the character owns and as a Member of No Holes barred i would ask you to remove this line as we are in no way affiliated with eroitca1, his associates or any of his sociopathic behavior.

Gevlon said...

Sure, that's why you returned 3 times!!! from God knows how many jumps away in AUTZ to my wormhole just to get that damn song. Yes, sure, you don't go long after victims.

Go after your spiritual leader, you griefing scumbag!

Two step said...

I know you don't like to bother with logic, but NOHO has been asking people to sing instead of having their ship destroyed for more than 3 years, well before Erotica1. Go look at the alliance panel from FF 2012, the one where Mittens got a little drunk, and before Mittens does his thing you can see an example of some of those ransoms.

Gevlon said...

My bad. Then Erotica 1 is the student of NOHO, who surpassed their master.

Isn't much better I think.

Anonymous said...

I highly doubt that Erotica1 was inspired by NOHO - especially seeing as a PvP ransom for 1 song is actually very different to a 1hour+ session in a room full of people making you sing, cover yourself in condiments from the fridge and dramatic readings.

Also NOHO griefers? hardly. By that logic anyone who PvPs and ransoms is a griefer.

Anonymous said...

Noho have autz pilots and ustz pilots who fly late. And you assertion that they came after your song is kind of illogical. First time they were told your Phoenix was there and decided it would be good sport. Second time they were responding to a timer. Third they were there to shoot goons because good fights. Also have you thought for a second that your ill informed and often rude posts to the WH community may have earned you some enemies?

Anonymous said...

One of the NoHo guys specifically posted that he really wanted a recording of Gevlon singing "with his voice cracking". Alas I can't find the quote any more, I'd guess it was either here or on TMC but it could have been on the eveo forums.

That's verging into real life harassment/bullying territory that I find very uncomfortable and I would not wish to be a party to it on either side. It shows an intention to publicly humiliate someone out of game rather than lighthearted 'for the lols' shenanigans which is how NoHo try to portray what they do.

This isn't to say that all encounters with NoHo end up as bullying but it seems fairly clear that there is a nasty undercurrent to it in at least some instances.