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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I have powerful friends in nullsec!

The New Order is an endless source of hilarity. They are roleplaying a cult following James 315. Their demands are modest: 10M fee, pledging loyalty in your bio and not being AFK. Alternatively you can leave the systems populated by them, as they move very little and cover very small area.

Obviously most players reject their demands, which prompts the New Order to suicide gank the (usually hilariously fit) ships or bump them out of range of their objectives if ganks aren't possible. At this point the victims provide tears that are posted on their site. Formally they are griefers, but it's hard to hate them when they are so harmless to anyone with more than one braincell. Their killboard shows what I've seen when ganking: targets with limited amount of braincells are in abundance.

However this post isn't dedicated to them, but to an answer of the targets. This answer is so common that they listed it on the miner bingo: "I know powerful people in nullsec", though it appears more often in the form of the title: "I have powerful friends in nullsec!"

This isn't just moronic, as he obviously has no powerful friends in nullsec - otherwise he'd be in nullsec. This shows the hopelessness of socials to ever succeed in anything (unless as pawns of some manipulator). These people obviously consider "having friends" as source of power. They doesn't even try to become one of the powerful people he claims to be friends with.

Similarly, when they choose to fight back, they don't do so in an ECM ship from the NPC corp which would actually hurt the group-ganker New Order, but they try to form a "strong corp", which results in nothing but hilarious awox stories. Again: the social seeks power in friends instead of in himself.

You know who really has powerful friends in nullsec? Goons! B-R shown how powerful they are! Yet I didn't look for even more powerful friends against them, but put my money to good use. PvP-ers don't look for "powerful friends" either but get into ships and blow their enemy up.

The most ironic thing is for someone to have powerful friends, someone else (the friend) has to be powerful. Why not you? Why do you waste your time trying to brownose yourself into the friendship of powerful people instead of just becoming one of them?

Related note: if I was CCP, I'd ban advising "join a corp" in newbie systems and channels as it's more harmful than tricking them into limited engagement. As the bad career missions set them on a path of a solo mission runner, that horrible advice set them on the path of always looking for a butt to kiss and a "friend" to beg instead of taking matters to his own hands!


MoxNix said...

"I have powerful friends in nullsec!" is really just a variation on the oldest juvenile argument in the book...

"My big brother is going to beat you up!"

Provi Miner said...

"I have friends" lol I personally have never heard that before. That said I know several groups of miners who roam in packs that are nothing but alts of null sectors. But here is the thing if I were to mine in high sec today I would mine with five like fitted procurors, Skiffs, or hulks (with orca support) and just flat out challenge gankers to take their shot. Just as reminder Drone assist isn't just for carriers.

Jeff said...

Except that CCP stats show that players that join corps are more likely to play for longer than 2 months compared to their loner counterparts.

Anonymous said...

It's strange you came to the exactly opposite conclusion. If such person was social and had friends, he'd be playing with them. Those miners are asocial while pretending to actually have friends and power. Those guys are the 40% that quit most likely.

Malcolm Shinhwa said...

Anon 06:31 has it right. they have no friends. But even if they did, or could afford to pay for friends for the evening, what good would it do them?

I'm a ganker, an awoxer, and a wardecer. I use those tools to great effect because I know very well the rules of the video game. I use those same rules against people who think of Eve as some sort of fantasy escape and don't bother to learn the rules. There is nothing, zip, zero, nada, that can be done to stop me for more than an hour. Because I know the rules and they don't. Sucks to be them.

Get friends. Go fly with them. Give up on notions of AFK, "no risk", "being left alone." Learn the rules of the game you are playing and exploit that knowledge against other players in this competitive video game.

Sara Arran said...

What amazes me when my awox or spy alts join one of these corps is how little any of them interact, I'm the one talking in Corp or alliance chat and most of the time there's total silence! A Corp my spy just joined has about 50 members and is part of an alliance, we got Dec'd, instructions were dock up, don't leave station , if you do the leadership will pod you. This is a Corp with leadership from 2007ish and lots of new players. No wonder people leave.

Anonymous said...

Eve is a double edged sword... It's a Universe of, "Don't trust anyone." Yet, in order to have Friends, you must trust someone. It's been shown that even time flying with someone doesn't equate to security of Trust. I'd like to recruit more pilots, but can't open my doors to just anyone. I usually recruit people I know or my fellow Corpies know... We filter them through an Alt Corp... And if we like them, their teamwork and show of dedication... We invite them into our circle. Over many years, I can count my Recruits on 2 hands.

It's a shame this is the tedious Trial me and Recruits must go through... But it's necessary. Too bad, there wasn't a better way for honest players to be united with honest Corps. Sadly, this isn't just Eve, but life in general and we must scrutinize everything... But, when we develop that group, that family, we'll stand against anything to defend each other.

Ael said...

There is nothing quite so satisfying as coming back from making a cup of coffee to see your retriever halfway into hull with a wreck of a catalyst next to it.

Another ganker who could not be arsed to scan if you were running a damage control.