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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Business post: your kill right was used

Simple idea, but most people ignore it: if anyone attacks you unlawfully, you get kill rights on him. You can sell these kill rights for money.

Now, I have no idea who is this Terraniel Aurelius. I couldn't find a loss from him. Maybe he pulled Concord with a noobship shooting me? I don't know, neither I care. Nor I care about what ship he lost. All I care about is the 20M I got for the kill right.

If you have a kill right and don't put it up for sale, you are doing it wrong. Unless you are planning some devious revenge yourself (waste of time), you should just put it up for sale. It doesn't matter if he has less than -5 security status, dumb people still buy kill rights.

I've found 20M a perfect price. Setting it higher greatly decrease the chance of sale, since most people fly around in T1 crap and no one will pay more than the ship value. Setting it lower will just wastes money. Your kill rights can be seen after clicking your portrait. Sell them all!

PS: it's priceless! A Goon house slave tried to fight back the Lemmings, instead of doing what even their leaders tell them to do: avoid highsec where big bad pubbies prey on the innocent little bees. That was a PLEX-worthy mistake:

PS2: no kill right is needed on a war target.


Anonymous said...

I'm convinced that many people buying the kill rights are just alts who want to kill the main's right and give him clean passage.

You're asking for it, flying in hisec.

A corpie used to set it VERY high for the first two weeks. Like, 100 million.

Can't haul with that KR hanging over your head.

After 2 weeks he would lower it. Basically, station trading his kill right.


Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous:
It's not important whether an alt or corpie buys a KR. Important is, that you get money for a KR.
So a ganker has to pay you to get a clean Char sheet again.
It is more fruitful than waiting around Jita for four weeks hopinf to catch him in a freighter...

Anonymous said...

you cant rely on selling killrights. its no constant business.
I even have like 10 killrights for free made public, and they are not taken.

Anonymous said...

If I get too many killrights being sold or made available I just switch to an alternate ganker (I have 4), then let that one lie dormant until they run out. I usually have 1 or 2 dormant while the others go out ganking.

Anonymous said...

The point Gevlon is trying to make is that there's no opportunity cost associated with putting up a kill right for sale.

Even if there's only a 0.001% of some random idiot paying 20 million for the KR on that -10 ganking alt, that's still worth it for the 2 seconds it took you to enter '20000000' and hit OK.

Terraniel said...

Lol. I lost a slasher and a 60 mil pod to this killright, after I attacked a goon typhoon that went flashy. I didn't even realize anyone had bought it. I washed off 11(?) Free-to-anyone KR's earlier, but some people were holding on to theirs, or putting higher prices on them.


I was in jita, whoring on goons dying en masse to concord. I had the brilliant idea of putting a small smartbomb on a frigate and flying through the crowd. Of course I foolishly used this idea at the beginning of the day, landing me with KR's against me from some goons who were slow with f1, and some neutrals who were mixing with goons, including a fellow in a smartbombing maller who must have had a similar idea as me. That didn't happen to be you, did it Gevlon? lol


jstk said...

undock with new ship and noob clone

go to lowsec gate, afk until you get podded

rinse and repeat, sell all KRs in the end of the day

works surprisingly well.