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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

CSM election recommendations

This year CSM elections are up. CSM isn't just a focus group, they have a voice over what happens, like Rippard got Erotica 1 banned by rallying people for that cause. Obviously, their power comes from the people behind them. So you should vote not only to get your candidates into the CSM but also to give weight to the CSM.

The voting system is single transferrable vote, meaning you vote for a list of people. If your primary candidate loses, or gets more votes than needed, (part of) your vote moves to the next candidate. It means that your vote cannot be wasted. Of course only if you vote. It's obvious, but many people skip it, claiming "my vote is so small that it doesn't count". This is stupid, just ask Al Gore. Or look at the picture about the recent parliamentary election of my country, where the 2/3 majority (allowing writing constitution) is still on the balance and will be decided by the handful of votes arriving from embassies where those could vote who were in foreign countries during the election. Vote!

Theoretically you can vote for a 14 long list, but since the interface is damn annoying, I wouldn't bother. In the last election only 1% of the power of the votes wasn't used before the 8th position. So with 5 candidates you can use your vote and save your sanity.

Now the candidates: there are 33, but most of them are troll or openly hostile to us, like the CFC candidates (Mangala Solaris, Sion Kumitomo, Azami Nevinyrall, mynnna, Angry Mustache). Who can traders, industrialists and other ISK oriented people vote for?
  1. Above all, Sugar Kyle, who built a trade hub in Molden Heath lowsec.
  2. Ali Aras from Noir. Mercenary Group. Mercenaries are very important, as they turn ISK into military power.
  3. Riverini made a surprisingly good program, despite he is a neutral candidate, he deserves support for that program
  4. Progodlegend is in Nulli Secunda, the organization that declared that its reason of existence is defeating the evil Goons, so we should give him support. Also N3 is capital heavy, so he'll support positive capital changes.
  5. Matias Otero is in BNI, an organization that accepts new players and not a scam or a useless mining/missioning corp. Besides EVE-Uni, BNI is the place where a new player can learn playing EVE
Go and vote, even if you have other preferences, as voting numbers give weight to the CSM!


nightgerbil said...

Your not advising Steve Ronuken then?
how come? I thought some of his tools would be used by you.

Louis Robichaud said...

That's a pretty decent voting list Gevlon, I would agree with most of those choices. Especially Sugar Kyle - lowsec needs a good representative.

I don't know much about Riverini's program (and you may be accused of bias since you write for him) but I'll have to look into him - maybe he does have a good program! (gotta be fair, after all).

Thank you also for the info about the "beneath 8" almost never counts, that's useful.

Gevlon said...

@Nightgerbil: I also use the tools of the hardware shop of my city. I still don't support them for being president.

Anonymous said...

Riverini of all people. Probably the only worse candidate is xenuria.

Riverini in the past has done more than enough actions to harm the game, he usually exclusively is acting in his own commercial interests. But then he is giving you a Plattform with his tabloid. That's the only reason I can see why you'd support someone who published how to bot manuals.

This guy is pure poison.

Also what you said about Steve in your comments.. So wrong. CSM is not presidency, and the third party community needs a reliable voice. It would be nice if players such as you could show some appreciation, rather than making such derogatory comments. It's people like Steve who give up tons of their free time to build you the tools you need for free. Show respect.

Lucas Kell said...

Yeah that's pretty much a list of who not to vote for. Sugar Kyle being the exception there. It looks like your liste is Sugar kyle then "let's pick some anti-goons". Yet it's listed as being for traders and industrialists, which I don't really get. (I mean I get you are anti-goons, I just don't get what those 4 people will do for industry).

Now as the others have said, Steve Ronuken would be a good choice. Not only does he run third party tools designed specifically to help industrialists, but he's a supporter of information export for third parties, so you're likely to see him campaigning for more info from CREST. And he's a high sec industrialist too.

Arrendis said...

Ah, yes, PGL. Another of the "let's call people 'subhumans' if they're not us" crowd. He's also insisted that no, he really only meant that whole 'we exist to destroy the CFC' thing as referring to the Fountain campaign specifically. Great track record there on being consistent and honest.

But yes! Support him, because god forbid anyone think for themselves. He hates Goons, so that's good enough for us! He's not at all biased toward null-sec, or in it to push his own agenda regardless of how it effects others' gameplay.

Frankly, I'm not surprised that you continue to insist that Mynnna, who's almost singularly responsible for a lot of the improvements to mining and industry, is someone industrialists can't support. It's just your inherent 'if I was dying of thirst, I wouldn't take water from a Goon' bias.

You see way too many people as enemies, Gevlon. Not everything has to be decided along 'Are they with TEH EVUL GHUNS?!?!?' lines. Actually look at the work Mynnna's done, actually look at the issues the others advocate, and evaluate them on the merits.

To do otherwise - to vote along purely partisan lines, even when its not in your actual interests, just because 'OMG TEH EVUL' is no different than a CFC line pilot voting the offical bloc ballot just because Mittens said to.

Gevlon said...

What have Mynnna done to the game? Exploited Faction warfare for multiple trillions and by some magic avoided being permabanned. Great record.

Anonymous said...

Except that all of the Goons involved in the FW Exploit got their ISK/Assets illegitimately gained taken away from them.

mynnna isn't the evil super villain you want them to be, Dinsd-ahem, Gevlon. Have you read any of the CSM minutes or forum posts by mynnna, or other members of the CSM yet?

Anonymous said...

CSM isn't just a focus group, they have a voice over what happens, like Rippard got Erotica 1 banned by rallying people for that cause.

wow, a long bow to draw. Ripard did not use his CMS position to "get" anyone banned. He used his blog (which was already wildly popular prior to his tilt at CSM) to bring to the attention of his readership Ero's behaviour which then resulted in a forum thread which escalated community outrage and forced CCPs hand.

In fact, it is highly likely that Ripard would have had the same impact even he wasn't on the CSM.

The CSM isn't quite as toothless as the "focus group" crowd make out, but they don't have the teeth you claim they do...

daniel said...

i liked your last years suggestion much more.
it was more, you know, not that narrow minded...

this year i think i'll go with steve's voting recommendation.
although i am not too happy with his automate-industry.approach.

i am not sure if pgl really stated what you quote him with. this accusation often comes up, eg on tmc, but i have never seen a real quote, you know, in a scientific way - something that i can proofread.

Anonymous said...

The "exist to destroy" comment was always internal propaganda. Although it's a really stupid things to say, as it's pretty implied that in a sov war game, where there are only two viable teams exist to destroy the other.

Kind of like a football coach coming out and saying "you know the other team just admitted to score more points than we do".

Anonymous said...

The idea of anyone not in Goonswarm voting for Mynnna is comedic. Please listen to the Cap Stable podcast if you have any inclination of casting a vote for him. I lasted about six minutes before I confirmed that this particular asshole is out to represent his alliance and nothing more. He even confirms this in the interview when asked about overweight null sec representation with a smug comment to the effect of "I can't help it if other people don't vote". Obviously he's a master political strategist.

Someone above mentioned what he has done for industry and mining. I can certainly see that. Those changes to refining and scrap metal processing are a real accomplishment. Can we just get rid of the formalities of the CSM process and let Mynnna get up in front of everyone at Fanfest and suck off the CCP Devs? It would be much more efficient.

Arrendis said...

What have Mynnna done to the game?

You mean, other than a host of changes, including the upcoming mining yield increases/compression changes, and going back at least as far as the technetium nerf in Odyssey?

You really do have an overly simplistic view of Mynnna and Goons in general. Time and again, the very people you despise for being 'evil' and out to ruin everyone else's gameplay have been the very people telling CCP where their game needs improvement - for everyone - and outlining how the current system doesn't achieve what CCP wants it to, and then identifying ways it can be improved.

As Anon's said: it might be helpful if, in deciding who to endorse, you went back and actually read the CSM minutes for peoples' past (and current) terms - especially when you're going to go claiming some of the strongest proponents of industry, personal opportunity, and bottom-up, farms-and-fields finance and sov mechanics are enemies of the individual industrialist.

Lucas Kell said...

"Those changes to refining and scrap metal processing are a real accomplishment."
You realise those changes are only of minor benefit to null sec right? And will now require null groups to have a POS, then buy and ship ore in high sec to compress it, rather than buying minerals and manufacturing which was considerably easier. That means it will open up a new market for pre-compressed ores in hubs, which benefits high sec greatly.

Then above that, wormholes will now actually be viable for industry, with compression for shipping and refining for industry both now being available in a wormhole with very little capital and massively reduces waste. If anything, these changes are massively in favour of wormholes than any other area of space.

And as for the cap stable interview, he's right. Other than stepping down and not running for CSM, there's no way he can affect the number of null aligned CSM members. The only people that can affect that are the people that vote. Obviously he's going to be at least partially biased towards null as that's what he knows better in the game, in the same way that Sugar Kyle will be fighting harder for low sec, as that's what she knows, but do you really think people like PGL are going to be any different?

Anonymous said...

So we have (Apart from sugar kyle who you have posted you will support a while back)

*Ali Aras who you didn't like until she was in Noir, and Noir are your current FOTM mercs because you think they are anti-goon
*Riverini....guy who runs the site which prints your posts on a regular basis
*PGL, who is awesome because he hates goons, despite being the sort of individual you would normally deride
*BNI guy, because BNI help newbs.

So, none of these people you support because of their platforms.

Do you think PGL is going to implement a "Goons must be removed from Eve" policy at CSM? Or that he won't get huge block votes as he did last year?

That you think Mynnna is hostile to traders just shows how blinkered you have become in your hatred of goons.
That would be Mynnna, the industrialist, moon-poo producer and trader, right?
Or maybe you dislike Mynnna because he does a style of trading you don't like.

Ali Aras is far more than just a name under the Noir. banner, your support for her seems to be "Mercs make combat, combat goooood"

Goons make explosions, explosions are insanely good for business all round, but you dislike them.

You have given no thought to your candidates, and that you want people think you base your choices on nothing to do with their long term plans for eve, or their stated interests, but who their name is attached to, gives the impression you actually want to be perceived as shallow and reactionary and pathos driven.

"Vote for this guy, he drives a BMW and works in an office and drinks with this guy in a pub" is basically your pitch

Gevlon said...

- I supported Ali last year, despite she wasn't in Noir.
- Riverini had the best platform
- PGL is the only nullsec candidate I can support. Nullsec is important.
- BNI guy because BNI helps noobs

Mynnna is not "just" a Goon, but an exploiter. I'm 100% sure that he only support changes that support Goons, regardless what would be good for the game.

Anonymous said...

Also mynna did get the assets taken away BUT his goon buddy Darius managed to give him almost the same value in Plex - for reporting the exploit that mynna used for ages.

Ironically he's seen as a hero not as someone who got away with something others have been banned for.

Babar said...

You realize that Mynnna and the financial cabal in CFC discovered the exploit and then told CCP about it? He didn't even get a response, and nothing was fixed. They then exploited it to make trillions, and then immediately went public, telling everyone exactly how they did it. This obviously forced CCP's hand to fix it.

That's why he wasn't banned.

You have no basis for claiming
"I'm 100% sure that [Mynnna] only support changes that support Goons, regardless what would be good for the game." Even The Mittani himself was openly against moongoo and wanted more bottom-up economy, but of course CFC would still extract as much moongoo as possible while it lasted. Just like Mynnna and the CFC were campaigning against drone-assists, while still using it to their advantage at the same time.

It's possible to be against mechanics that you feel make the game worse, while still using the very same mechanics to your advantage. This is a very competitive game after all.

You even say that Riverini has the best platform, so I can only assume that you've read CSM-candidates platform. Why do you then still recommend people based on affiliation, rather than platform?

Anonymous said...

Oh Lucas Kell, I rather enjoy how you come parading on here every day to try to blow smoke up everyone's collective ass. It takes real dedication on your part. I have been amazed for some time that you can type so well while wearing the Mittani's nuts for sunglasses.

I suppose a 14.4% refining advantage is now trivial. And completely offsets all those benefits to wormholes too! You mean, refining in wormholes will now happen just like anywhere else? What an amazing accomplishment! Let's all thank Mynnna for backing the most obvious change imaginable in the game. What great cause will this hero of Eve champion next?

And thank God all the high sec miners now get to compress ore to sell to the null sec idiots. Giving those particular entities the ability to flood the market with cheap minerals is a fantastic idea!

As Gevlon said, Mynnna is a exploiter. He doesn't even have the common sense to hide it.

Lucas Kell said...

Lol, "every day" huh?

And it's not blowing smoke up people asses to state facts. Just because you are so blinded by hate that you can't every look rationally at anything. Sure, there's a % increase in refine amount, but that means nothing since industry is still going to be sub-par. Not enough minerals can be extracted in null, meaning that high sec compressed ore will still be required, the price of which will be decided by the high sec market. At best, this will being parts of null industry up to a level that that makes it a little less pointless (since at the moment it's almost completely unused). The majority of manufacture will still be done in high sec. Get over the whole entitlement bullcrap and look at the situation rationally.

Honestly, you clearly have an issue with me personally, and with goons, and that's fine, but you can get off your damned high horse. Your opinion is no better than any other. And the facts remain that several change mynnna has been in support of hurt the goons heavily, but were good for the game. As for the whole exploit thing, yes, an exploiter who exploits while yelling "look how I'm exploiting" so CCP will fix it. Sounds terrible.

Louis Robichaud said...

Lucas, why not support a BNI candidate? They are doing a great service to the game no?

Ali has been praised by many as a very effective csm member, and is also a candidate worthy of support.

(of course personally I would recommend Mangala but it is Gevlon 's blog and I know he wouldn't agree, so let's just skip that one)

And of course Sugar Kyle deserves to be on the csm.

So at least 3/5 is, well, decent ;)

Provi Miner said...

Wow you really don't like Provi do you Gavlon, lol. Land of nuets and NRDS. A place where coporations (not all) support their industry and pve divisions (as you have said pvp+pve+indi = goodthings). Yet pro above core?

Anonymous said...

I wasn't impressed by Mynna's contribution to either the new exploration sites (eve forums)or the Nestor (TMC and some forums.)

Do you have any actual evidence that Mynna was the cause of the scrap metal change? I know that people (including myself) have asked for it for years on the forums.

Anonymous said...

@ Gevlon: Mynnna is not "just" a Goon, but an exploiter. I'm 100% sure that he only support changes that support Goons, regardless what would be good for the game.

Goons only look out for themselves right? So why did they vocal for the FW fix, Technetium nerf and Drone Assist nerf (after they started using it to win)?

@ Anonymous 20:47: Also mynna did get the assets taken away BUT his goon buddy Darius managed to give him almost the same value in Plex - for reporting the exploit that mynna used for ages.

PLEX for Snitches did not award trillions worth of PLEX, let alone to a single person. You are absolutely making this up, it has no basis in reality,

Lucas Kell said...

Louis Robichaud
Sure, BNI are doing a great service to the game and they should be commended, but I don't feel based off of what I've seen that Matias has a diverse enough knowledge base to be able to see the impact of situations from various perspectives. I've not seen much of him in the community either, so while I wouldn't be against him for any reason, there's just no reason I'd vote for him.

With Ali Aras I just don't like the campaign really. Comes across as a bit half-assed to me. Kind of a "I was there before and some people said I was good so I'll run again, why not". The campaigns themselves have to win me over.

I'll probably be putting Sugar Kyle on my vote, as well as Steve Ronuken (I love third party and data export stuff, and do a fair bit of highsec industry), and DJ FunkyBacon as he's got a wealth of experience and both the ability and desire to communicate well with the community.

Funnily enough that puts 2 low sec candidates on my list, which is amusing to me as out of the whole game, low sec players are who I get on with least.