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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Lemming SOTA

The SOTA below was sent in alliance mail to everyone, I copy it here for the wide audience to hear the One True Gospel:

SOTA : Darwins Lemmings
From: General Lemming
Sent: 2014.03.15 12:27
To: Darwins Lemmings, - 450 Lemmings and counting. - Our enemies sacrificing their ships to the great Lemmings. - Just cuz I look good.

Time for new HERO’s and united Lemmings!

Hello my fellow Lemmings,

Since you can’t be taken seriously without a public State of The Alliance it seems, I thought it was time to write one for Lemmings. Things have been going well since we started on the 10th of january 2014. More and more players are seeing why this has to be done. Fuck the blue donut and the poco deal Goonies have with RvB! I really like what RvB stands for and it is a great addition to Eve Online, but the poco deal with Goonies, lead by The Banani …… bad, evil, stupid, etc. For the RvB players reading this and who agree with me, contact your alliance leaders and tell them to end it today. I understand RvB needs an income to keep things running. If all high sec Goonies poco’s were owned by RvB, there would be no war with Lemmings/RvB and they could all go back from boring purple fleets to red/blue fun.

We have been growing rapidly up to 450 players (48 corps) and are still growing strong. The plan is to have 2000 Lemmings at the end of this year. These 2000 players will be a mix of fanatic newbro’s and experienced pvp players. So recruit your friends and we might get to 2000 even sooner. When we reached 400 players, we started to create the basic fits for our alliance. They are mainly small and midsize ships, which suites our way of fighting well. We move fast and deadly in small groups avoiding cliffs. The main reason why we do this, is to make spies irrelevant (hide your fleet location in adverts). I can hear you think, spies in Lemmings, no way m8! But you never know. Big fleet fights we avoid for now, unless we are part of another group with a common goal. We are feeding the spies with info, we want them to leak to their masters. And that has worked out fine a few times already.

A good solid base, setup step by step, is what we'll be building from.

The funny Goonies and their CFC friends are being slaughtered everywhere in space. Not much they can do about it, its just the natural evolution of how the weak get eaten by the strong. I am trying to care less about our killboard, but it’s just to much fun looking at all these CFC losses. You are part of a strong alliance and it’s great to have you here in Lemmings!

As long as we are building the alliance, the number of low sec and 0.0 fleets will probably be low, but feel free to setup fleets to go into VFK if you wish. We aren't stopping you there. Do not wait for things you could have setup yourself. This creates a problem. Most CFC alliance have seen what Lemmings can do to them and are avoiding high sec. Less CFC alliances in high sec, means less targets to shoot at. RvB helps us a lot with targets by staying on the wars, but don’t tell them I said so, they might leave. The puppet master will try to avoid that. Starting Sunday we will be focusing for 80% on the CFC alliances and 20% on other wars. We will have to be careful with the 20%, as we do not want to piss off our future friends and our main focus should stay on the CFC alliances. If someone is helping a CFC alliance, they will become part of the 80% for a long time. Feel free to send me suggestions for wars. You do have to pay the dec fees yourself for now.

I want to make something very clear to Lemmings and our enemies. There is only one alliance CEO (General Lemming) and one Co-CEO (Doc Know) which are running this alliance. Gevlon Goblin has been supporting this alliance with a lot of isks, fun blogs, forum posts and we also have great other donators who are helping us a lot. Donations should be send to the wallet of the exec corp 'Darwins Lemmings Holding'. All isks you send will be used for alliance only. Rellik Noog, delamath93 and 5ufy are no longer alliance ceo's. I would like to thank them for all the work they have done.

Keep up the good work and kill them all,

General Lemming aka 'The Puppet Master'
Doc Know aka 'The man with an evil plan'

Some fun kills: Goons are known to be the nightmare of "carebear pubbie shitlords". What can be more "carebear shitlord" than a highsec retriever miner who is AFK enough to lose his expensive pod.

Marmites took on a horribly outnumbering SMA fleet and won, despite SMA was flying a doctrine that fit their nature very well. But the moron of the week is without doubt this renter.

Noir was busy too: two more Goon POCOs fell. And look! The masters themselves had to form up in Perimeter. Cat took your slaves Goons? Are you having fun?


Professor Clio said...

It seems like morale is pretty low in lemmings these days. They took an hour to form up a dozen guys today, then gave up on their op and the FC sent an angry mail about mandatory CTAs

I mean I get it, shooting structures while not knowing if RvB will drop a fleet on yours and kill it must get frustrating. It was pretty funny all the raging about spies that happened when we dropped on their safe last night during their form up. Of course we in RvB have been dealing with the problems of open recruitment for years so we learned to deal with the inevitable spies a while ago. I'm sure lemmings will too, if lack of participation in fleets doesn't make them failcascade first.

Gevlon said...

I don't know if he sent that mail as a troll or did he have a bad moment, because there are clearly no CTAs in Lemmings and everyone is free to ignore POCO fleets.

Also: why are you here? You should have protected the 2 lost POCOs of your master instead of commenting!

Provi Miner said...

Great Sota thats how it should kill kill and then kill some more. Want something to die form a fleet and get it done. Want to make sure something dies hire noir. At all times have fun.

Arrendis said...

Actually, yes, we were having a lot of fun. Remember that bit where you said that you'd forgotten that some people actually enjoy socializing?

We spent a lot of that time laughing at the idea that you're spending 40b a month to get Marmites to kill fewers CFC pilots than they did before you started, actually.

Arrendis said...

Also, you're crowing about 'outnumbered' Marmites in T3s and battleships... killing Ventures. Really.

I would say that's some amazing snark, but you've made it clear that sarcasm is one of those things you don't understand...

Professor Clio said...

Gevlon, talk to you esteemed employee, that mail is 100% legit. Doc know is making the lemmings join CTAs "or else". And they're not actually listening to him, that's a bad sign for lemmings morale. You don't have to believe me, ask him.

Gevlon said...

@Professor Clio: I already fixed that issue. Instead of Lemmings morale, you should care your own. You failed to protect 2 Goon POCOs and the one on the screenshot must have been protected by the masters themselves. You are doing horrible job, pet!

@Arrendis: it's obvious that SMA had an idiot-roam, I even mentioned that the doctrine fits them well. If you want to know exactly how many CFC Marmite killed before, send me 500M, because that's what I pay for a dataset that large. I get the 2013 Marmite killboard downloaded and analyze it for you.

Runeme Shilter said...

Again those 2 pocos were privately owned by a membercorp, not owned by the Alliance and certainly not part of the RvBee agreement. Only POCOs that are owned by CONDI are nationalized.

Runeme Shilter said...

Correction to my last comment:

It should of course say ...owned by Goonwaffe (GEWNS)...

I was confusing alliance and corp ticker.

Gevlon said...

The "treaty" is between GSF an RvB (and not GEWNS and RvB). Of course I accept that this Goon corp was dumb not to summon the pets, but they were still GSF POCOs.

Also, the screenshot shows a GEWNS POCO repped by GEWNS and no RvB showing up.

Professor Clio said...

Why would we show up gevlon? Have you seen that screenshot? Goons had more than enough there. We only show up if theres live enemies around, which there weren't. Here's how rvb operates: we have a large network of neutral alts all through the forge. During wartime we use these to find the enemy and we only form up if we see some.

I'll repeat my invitation: put an alt in rvb And join a few fleets, call it a social experiment. You'll better understand how we operate. Surely gaining a better understanding of your enemy is in your best interest, no?

Also our treaty is in fact only valid for the centralized poco (ie the gewns ones). We couldn't care less about those chevLier de l'ordre pocos. Good on noir for finding and killing them though. That way they fulfill their contract with no risk.

Gevlon said...

I understand you well enough from the killboard data I gathered. I get some more because there are some interesting spots. There is nothing I could get from actually being there (beside nausea).

You will only protect GEWNS during Burn Jita, the rest of GSF is fair game?

Professor Clio said...

Human intelligence is just as important as any statistics you might gather. KB stats only tell one side of the story.

As for burn jita we didn't actually "protect" anyone, they were there get blown up by concord anyway, weren't they? We opened up our pool of targets to all of GSF (once they went suspect) and all of their deccers. We're not huge fans of marmite and that allowed us to spoil a bit of their fun too so that was truly win/win. See this is what I mean about humint. You see KB numbers and draw a conclusion but because you don't understand the humans behind the ships you draw the wrong one.

Gevlon said...

Sure, that lie was OK until I took the effort to check the killboard: and found that you killed Marmite only during burn Jita. Goon kills were sporadic and random. You protected Goons and will try again this year. You'll fail though horribly.

Arrendis said...

I believe you miss his point there, Gevlon. Why waste ammo on Goons during Burn Jita if Goons are about to get CONCORDOKKEN? As you yourself are fond of pointing out, time is limited, and thus valuable. It's an opportunity lost to be shooting someone else who needs it.

And yes, as far as I know, all Nationalized POCOs belong to GEWNS.

As for the 500M option - thanks, but really, I know how to do a spreadsheet all on my own. ;)

And you may have implied it wasn't a serious SMA fleet, but the first part of the statement 'Marmites took on a horribly outnumbering SMA fleet and won' implies just as strongly that you want the casual reader to take away a sense that this was some accomplishment.

By the way, lovely overview screenshot. Amazingly misleading - it tells the tale of 1 moment on 1 grid. Did you know the courageous pilot who took that dropped corp as soon as he landed on-grid, so he'd be safe?

BRAVE, yer boys ain't.

Professor Clio said...

Marmite has decced us (or an alt corp of ours which we then defended)a good half a dozen times in the past (that's without counting the times we assisted goons). There's a reason that marmite's own KB campaign against us starts in 2012, long before we entered into an agreement with goons over pocos.

Gevlon said...

@Arrendis: You can stop a ganker from ganking by ECM-ing him, or by catching him on the undock/safe.

I don't think you can drop corp in space.

@Professor Clio: and why does a "for fun" organization needs altcorps to defend? Especially altcorps having Sov in Goon space?

Alekseyev Karrde said...

"By the way, lovely overview screenshot. Amazingly misleading - it tells the tale of 1 moment on 1 grid. Did you know the courageous pilot who took that dropped corp as soon as he landed on-grid, so he'd be safe?"

Actually it tells the tail of a couple nights this week GSF has had to burn jump clones for highsec assets.

Also the photographer never left corp due to the magic of Cloaking VI, a mandatory skill requirement for Noir.

Arrendis said...


Fair enough, I'd assumed it most likely to have been the ex-Lemming who was on-field in the thrasher. My mistake.

As for 'burning' jump clones... actually, I took the opportunity to install one. I was on-field in the cloki I'd driven out in. I'll assume (though it's gotten me in trouble once today already!) you meant Cloaking IV. Cloaking VI would be quite a bit of magic, indeed!

Alekseyev Karrde said...

No, definitely Cloaking VI. We take hiding to the next level XD