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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Goons didn't want these regions anyway!

Ladies and gentlemen. The GRR project was started in early January. Our short term goal was to kill as many Goons as possible, with a long-term goal in mind: to destroy Goon POCOs in highsec. Mercenaries and "everyone invited" Lemmings took on the task to evict the largest alliance of New Eden from Lonetrek, The Citadel and The Forge. It turned out, the task was bigger than we expected, as they have an extra CFC member: RvB, doing their bidding in highsec.

Endless trolling came with "and how many POCOs did you take", when Lemmings were fighting 100 vs 18000. After the first POCOs were taken, the trolling silenced. Since then I regularly place a PS to my posts with bee POCOs taken. I'm afraid, these two POCOs are among the very last ones we'll kill. We can't destroy more Goon POCOs.

Because there is none left!

Go out and see it yourself! The Goon POCO empire is gone! To avoid the shame of daily defeats on POCO timers, they transferred them to an altcorp and removed the altcorp from GSF, so further POCO losses won't be under GSF banner. I told two weeks ago that Goons will be mopped up, though I expected them to put up a last stand. Instead they opted "we didn't want these regions anyway" and ran!

They are desperate to prevent the killboard from testifying their complete defeat in highsec. They couldn't transfer reinforced POCOs:
So in Sobaseki, they kill-stole their own POCO with no killboard API pilots while distracting Noir with a suicide ganking Lachesis and RvB ninja-dropped a POCO.

I guess there are still odd Goon POCOs in highsec, but this phase of the war is won! The statues of Evil in highsec are gone! Do you still have doubts in the cooperation of mercs and rich PvE players?

Creation in January; Lonetrek, Citadel, Forge by March; Deklein by December! Join! Lemmings are recruiting everyone over 3M SP, Noir and Marmites are recruiting good PvP-ers and there is also money needed for this war, pick mini-goals and hire them to do it. Your money, combined with the PvP skills of the mercs will break the evil legion of F1-spamming griefers!

One question remains: will they dare to have a "Burn Jita" this year, or will they have "better things to do"? I hope they are dumb enough to try it. We planned so much to "provide them content", I'd hate that effort to be in vain.

PS: some hilarity kills: dumb, dumb, dumb, jackpod, dumbest, dumb.

Don't forget! Tomorrow comes the data that will reveal a pretty evil conspiracy!


Arrendis said...

Yup. That's exactly it. Has nothing to do with how little the POCOs are making. That's why they're being transferred. Exactly what's going on is something that will be abundantly obvious in the next few days.

I'd say it should be now, but apparently, Gevlon, you've once again masterfully taken 2, added 2, and come up with 7,305,256.

Deklein by December, huh?

Please, do come out and play.

Powers said...

Haha, boy goober, you never cease to please. I offered a stand/fight/whatever for every Waffe timer in the forge / the citadel. Zero Challenge was provided.

I declared the war won, and I am going to move on to actual challenges, because timing and defending pocos was way too easy. We strengthened our relationship with RVB and had a lot more fun than you did spending 30+B/month on a cheeseball vendetta.

Gevlon said...

It NEVER had to with how little they make.

They were placed "just to piss off pubbies". They were monuments of Goons.

They are gone!

Anonymous said...

I don't really care what the Goons say - this is just hilarious.

I've only just started playing EVE and the thing that was attractive was to see what people would do where there were no real-world consequences.

Damn me if you didn't introduce consequences for being the school bully in hisec.

The more denials there are - the more it proves the case from the Goonies.

Well done fella - makes me want to make a lot of ISK just to help fund the war!

mynnna said...

Oh how very far off you are. "Didn't want them anyway" is the furthest thing from the truth. What good is creating a highsec organization to protect our interests if we make it difficult to use? These twentyish pocos will be transferred into RvB so that miniluv can shift their attention to more relevant & interesting things and, given that our alts are leadership, we'll add their incomes to the income we've been receiving from the rest of them the entire time.

Unknown said...

@Arrendis ... "Challenge Accepted!"


In all truth, you guys do make yourselves out to be asset hiding by moving them out of Goonwaffe. You almost prove Gevlon's point when you say they are being transfered because of how little they were making was the point - unless the grammer of your sentance was a goblin like mistake?

His math may be off... but he does know how to make the money just out of 2 + 2.

But in all seriousness: I don't blame Goonwaffe from transfering the Pocos: they cost you more than they were worth in time and isk. And if isk spent is a demarker of fun, then perhaps GG had the most fun of any of you the past few months.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if setting an example of RVB would perhaps stop others from suckling at the Goon teat.

Kill RVBs new Goon sponsored POCOs as lesson to others never to work with Goons. I mean you have said that RVB is near to breaking. If they fail cascade because they helped Goons it would be a good example.

Anonymous said...


I hate goons. I have hated goons long before I joined eve (having met their destructive culture in other games before).

I really like what you (gevlon) are doing, at least one person who acts rather than the majority, which seems to prefer to whine.

That said, I don't get how you celebrate this as a victory? Goons managed to pull targets out of your reach, by using a strategy that almost all poco holding alliances I'm lowsec use.

I hate to say this, I really do, but in my book this is a temporary victory for them, not for you. It's them who gained something here.

Catalyst XI said...

you shouldn't take what gelvon says at face value, rvb is not near breaking point. We've literally have been in a constant state of war with ourselves and other entities since day 1. that's the point of rvb. these scattered attempts to bring down some of our 350+ pocos is a minor distraction at best. We thrive on the chaos of war and have become masters of focused aggression. the veteran core of rvb is made up of some of the most skilled and experienced pvpers in the game, and under their leadership and guidance, rvb is more then capable of fighting every HS 'merc' and jita camper in eve for an indefinite period of time. Thats what you sign up for when you join rvb. Constant war, constant chaos. Anybody who doesn't know that when they join soon finds out, and either comes to love it, or they leave.

Gelvon spins, if nothing else, an interesting narrative. But much of the narrative ignores facts. Even the most basic research would have found that activity levels are actually UP since the start of this whole GRR thing. You see, we sometimes grow tired of fighting ourselves, and so when the chance comes to fight somebody else and pull out all the stops, we jump on it, like a pack of hungry wolves. Gelvons antagonizing of rvb only served to invigorate our rank and file members, so really we should thank gelvon for giving us this compelling if not factual narrative to follow and act on.

C.F. said...

Hey! We got that pod!

I thought it had docked.

Gevlon said...

@Anonymous: the POCOs were primarily symbols. Statues of Goon power.

Did this have any military value:

Basil said...

What prevents you from reinforcing the POCOs from their new owners? Assuming it's still a goon POCO that is in some way benefiting them?

Babar said...

Grats on removing all Goonwaffe pocos. You came further than many, myself included though.

That being said, and correct me if I'm wrong here, I thought the main goal here was to defeat Goons in high-sec with "pubbies" (ie Lemmings), as this would kill the whole Goon mentality that they're somehow better.

So you've removed their pocos, but you used no less than 3 mercenary alliances. Doesn't this defeat your point a little? I don't think this will shatter any Goon confidence, if anything it'll strengthen it, since they held on for so long, even with only a tiny high-sec presence like Miniluv. The forces they held against for so long outnumbered them greatly.

Anonymous said...

To be fair to Gevlon I left RvB because I see them as goon pets these days, I did this before you started pointing it out to the general community.

I gave a billion isk to the cause I hope chaos and hilarity will continue to ensue.

Regardless of the goon spin machine I think Gevlon at least puts his isk (literallly) on the line, hence why i gave some myself, I can't let you finance all the fun alone. lol

keep it up gevlon I think you make more of an impact than a lot of people want to believe.

Anonymous said...


As far as I can tell Noir. is the only group hitting poco's. The rest of the GRR project has been hitting morons in trade systems/pipes and a few smaller fights with RVB. To say Miniluv stood up to no less than 3 mercenaries is a huge overstatement.

Argue what you will but it looks like Noir. took most(if not all) poco's single handily with 10-15 in fleet.

Gevlon said...

The first 3 POCOs were taken by Lemmings. But Goons kept hoping that they'll get bored. Noir took non-Goonwaffe POCOs away from Jita, and reinforced (but couldn't take) Goonwaffe POCOs near Jita. But Goons couldn't hope that Noir "gets bored".

Alekseyev Karrde said...

Guess GSF decided they had better things to do that repair POCO's every night while still losing some they couldnt get to. Their reasoning vs Goblin's reasoning aside, I'm pretty sure that was the end effect Goblin had in mind at least when hiring Noir.

Contract success.

Babar said...

So what exactly has been proved here then? It's not really an economic hit to GSF, as POCO income is so low. It's not a blow to the Goon identity, since you needed to hire mercenaries to accomplish it.

I'm having problems seeing what has been accomplished here is all. I don't even remember the whole point of the "Goons biggest asset" post, but I don't think this really does what you set out to accomplish.

Now that there are no more Goon POCOs, what now?

Louis Robichaud said...

This is interesting.

The goon pocos are being transferred to RvB. I guess in a way that would count as a "win" for you (although one at a ridiculous cost... rational cost consideration would call a loss, but whatever).

Aaanyway, now what I'm curious is how you are going to view this. See, those POCOs the goons transferred to us. Are they still goon POCOs? If RvB is a "slave of the goons" as you like to claim, when they are still goon POCOs... but then there never was any point not having all POCOs belong to RvB in the first place!

You could say the point of having Goon Pocos was to thumb their noses at high-sec players (and I suspect that was part of the plan to be honest), then why not have *all* the POCOs be Goon Pocos?

If they are now RvB POCOs (which they are) it means that RvB is independent... which we tried to explain all along.

Aaaanyway, I'm sort of happy you had your "victory" because it means you can now either try to attack CFC target that actually matter... or you know, declare victory and move on to a project that is better suited to your abilities.

Anonymous said...

Quote: "the POCOs were primarily symbols. Statues of Goon power.

Did this have any military value:"

You are aware, that the toppling of this statue was only possible because Bagdad was under US control by then, right? This event was meaningful, because it marked the fall of Husseins regime.

You can start comparing your actions to this event once you flip VFK Station which I am delighted to hear you actually intend to do.

As it stands however, you did at best topple a lawn gnome in the goons frontyard while The Mittani probably still doesn't even know who you are. It took you longer than the whole Iraq War lasted too, despite you harnessing the power of a 400 man alliance and a bunch of mercenaries against just a few bored highsec pilots.

And that's just provided that goons actually lost their POCOs to you, which I am not convinced they did, considering they just transferred them to an RvB holding corp.