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Friday, March 21, 2014

Business post: pilot training

Note: damnit, I wanted to publish a huge post, but there were errors with the killboard data download and the magnitude of this result need rock solid data, even 1-2 buggy kills are unacceptable. So it will come on Monday. I guarantee that your jaws will drop. Let's just say that one of the largest alliances is the total opposite of what it claims to be!

A quick business tip: just because reprocessing will need RX-804 implants, please don't join the morons who buy it for 2-300M. This implant isn't a rare drop, it comes from simple LP stores, so as soon as missioners figure it out, the market will be flooded with it.

I've trained 4 supercapital pilots and sold them recently. The result is mixed and I'm not going to train new pilots (I still have one in training).

The main reason for my decision is the hard-to-predict prices. I've sold identically skilled Nyx and Aeon pilots each having 28.6M SP. One was sold 2 months ago, so I simply added 2 PLEX-es to his price to bring it in line. The two Aeon pilots sold for 20B. The two Nyx pilots sold for 16 and 15B. They were plexed for 15 months, had +5 implants and all necessary skillbooks. So the costs were around 12B. This isn't a bad profit for a few logins, I've made good money even on the worst sale. But the non-standardized bazaar is annoying and the large spread gives no guarantee that a next pilot would sell just as well.

But the main reason I bug out is low liquidity. When I started the GRR project, I needed quick cash and I didn't have it. I had to wait for the trainings to complete (buyers pay for "complete" pilots well). I remember the first weeks of GRR project with only 3-4B/week costs. It wasn't fun. I wanted my 10B/week income back and I couldn't do it as my capital was locked down. Trading with only 120B liquid isn't fun. Since these pilots (and some of my other illiquid investments, the dread BPOs) sold, I can breath much easier and my income is back on the levels I need to keep the GRR project funded.

So unless you are very-very-very sure that you won't need your money, I wouldn't advise character training. If you have no projects on the other hand, just want to finance your play, it's not a bad passive income. Especially if your account is "free", meaning you play on that account, but no longer train your main and can direct the training to an alt.

Goon slaves shouldn't mission in highsec.
They shouldn't come to Jita either, but at least they should warp out their pod
The same is true for this Goon slave.

Two more Goonswarm POCOs fell in Ibura.
After taking these, Noir picked a POCO literally on the doorstep of the Goons. Will they come out or keep going with the "owner corp did not ask for help" excuse?

In Perimiter the Goon slaves where nowhere to be found, the masters themselves had to form up:

Finally they went to nullsec and to slay two pretty expensive true Goons who were busy defending EXE space from the evil Guristas!


Anonymous said...

It is impossible to have a super capital pilot character with 28.6M sp. Even with perfect focus, which I trust you can do, you end up with a better holding character, and holding characters are bad.
Probably you'd end up with a better price for a fully trained character. (that wouldn't fix the liquidity problem though)

Gevlon said...

Wrong: the pilots had in-game mastery 4 for their ship + JDC5, FB5, racial carrier 5

Andreas Moog said...

Well, the Poco in Torrinos isn't covered by RvBee (because it's not a Goonwaffe poco) and I don't think Miniluv cares about private Pocos anyway - as you can see with the Ibura pocos that were destroyed.

Those 2 PvE ships killed were on the way to the Incursion 1 jump from R-2, not killing Guristas (judging from the fits) - good job to Noir for finding them!

And finally, there were, what 5 Pocos reinforced and Marmite/Lemmings managed to kill how many? Zero.

Anonymous said...

It does sound kinda low. My super focused super character (that really can fly nothing other than a super, doesn't have any gunnery skills, skills for regular drones, ...) is currently at 37m SP and that's with FB V but without Carrier V and some support skills (Armor Rigging V, Capital Capacitor Emission Systems V, Capital Remote Armor Repair Systems V).

Go ahead and show me the waste:

Powers said...

Implying GSF has never formed to save nationalized pocos at any time in the last 5 months would be a disservice, not to mention a lie, to the 30-50 goons that form up several times a week to rep pocos. Unless, of course, you're abandoning your old narrative of wasting goons time.