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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Grr Goonswarm!

As I had to accept that C1 wormholes won't be full of ISK-seeking, adventurous players and I recognized that there is no ideology or purpose in the participants of the nullsec war that would make me want to join, yet again I was without purpose in EVE. Actually the situation is worse than before, because previously I assumed that the actual project failed and I should do better, I now know that all my possible projects would fail, as they can provide objective results, while most EVE players are seeking imaginary friendship and imaginary domination of other players (represented in killing their few-million worth frigs). They don't care about ISK, killboard results, system ownership, just feeling good. I wonder why do they play EVE instead of just getting drunk and masturbating.

Anyway, I noticed that there several Goonwaffe owned POCOs near Jita. While most POCOs are taken by Red vs Blue, Goons also picked a lot. I also noticed that only Marmite Collective (the alliance of Freight Club) is in war with Goons, but they are at war with practically every nullsec entity as they are ganking freighters. So Goons operate in safety in highsec. This must not stand!

So I made a corp "Grr Goonswarm", wardecced Goons and went on taking down their POCO. The plan was to move the shooting-capable pilots from the wormhole corp into this, but I forgot 1 day role-dropping stasis (why did CCP implement this?) so I had only one Talos for the job. Anyway, I went on shooting it for hours, AFK of course. I put on shield buffer tank, to live long enough to alt-tab back and save the pod if Goons drop. Later I figured that I have a Ragnarok pilot in training who can use large projectiles, so I put in Minimatar battlecruiser skill, after learning lvl 1, I bought a meta autocannon Tornado and joined the corp. My luck was wonderful, just when I entered warp to the POCO, a Goon arrived to the Talos. The Talos warped off, the Tornado landed. Directly into the POCO, which bounced him off, directly into the Goon. Tornado died. The Goon was so happy that he linked that kill in local like a dozen times.

Then other Goons arrived and started to repair the POCO. I had no idea why they bothered as it has pretty good shield regen, but they even commanded some pet to join, who had to go suspect as he wasn't in the owner corp. More than an hour later I checked on the POCO and found them still repping it (they were in the cheapest possible ships) and a Goon frig sitting AFK. So I dropped a ganky catalyst on it. Except it wasn't AFK, it speed tanked the cata and killed it. Yet again, they were happy and celebrated the awesome kill by linking it several times. They all commented on it, with different grammar and tone, so it wasn't one multiboxing Goon, 4 different people were at the keyboard, 3 of them watching reppers on a POCO, the fourth just idling and probably spamming dscan. The opportunity cost of their activity is way over 300M, which is nice compared to my 40M loss (hulls were max insured, I hit war targets, didn't go GCC).

I wondered why they bothered since I couldn't kill the POCO, only reinforce it. This is why I started with only an AFK Talos, I didn't expect anyone to care. I thought they might come when it leaves reinforcement, but not now. But then the dumb Goon just told it on local: these near-Jita POCOs are printing money and I already knew that you can't access the POCO while reinforced. So they must prevent it from being reinforced, or they lose not only the one day tax, but probably the disgruntled customers will move their factory colonies to other POCOs. The other thing I noticed is how bad the Goon was in PvP. If my ship was even remotely fit for PvP and I had the slightest clue what to do, I could win. I fit that way because I expected devastatingly overpowered enemy that will kill anything in seconds, so I might get podded before alt-tabbing back, not a lone punk in some frig sized thing. Of course it doesn't mean I will PvP with them. If the fight went the other way, I would have some trivial killmail and he'd just reship, and his 2 buddies + pet were already on their way so I couldn't reinforce the POCO anyway. I could only kill his frigs again which is probably the worst ISK destroyed/hour ever.

However, other people find it fun. I can't imagine how can someone enjoy this, but I don't have to. But then they should attack Goon POCOs, it guarantees small scale fights! Why don't they do it? Because the war has costs. 0.5B/week, about 2.2B/month. That's trivial sum to me, but not to someone who enjoys frigate PvP. So I got a much better idea than playing hide-and-seek myself. I find a highsec PvP corp that wishes to spearhead the slaughter of bees. I ask them to start an alliance. It just costs 1B at the start and 2M/month/corporation. They should accept any corp to join which has killboard activity in highsec and not obvious Goon friend. There must be no other filter, or code of conduct or whatever. Everyone who can and want to shoot Goons should be welcomed. The alliance of course will be in perma-war with Goonswarm Federation. All costs on me.

How will this foreverwar end? There is no need to guess, because it happened already: Goons decided to silence the poster Jade Constantine, wardeccing his corp and declaring that they will keep the war until Jade is removed. Instead of crying over the obvious bully, Jade made the war mutual and requested allies. The result: awful lot of people dogpiling on the wardec and Goons losing billions, while Jade losing nothing. Then Goons went to cry on the forums for CCP to save them. They did, because the system was unfair. They probably fixed it so fast because of the imminent danger of the Goon tears rising the sea levels and washing away Iceland, but they would have fixed anyway later. But there is nothing to fix on the alliance system. Its purpose is indeed to allow corporations to gather up for a common goal. So I'll to bring back the Jade Constantine forever-war against Goons, where anyone can join and pop Goons. Remember: shooting POCOs guarantees fights!

One question remains: why do I hate Goons so much that I abandoned the WH I really liked (keeping it would let Goons evict me, run locators on my pilots if you think I'm bluffing)? There are two reasons:
  • They hated me first. They hated me before I've known who they are. They hated me before I could figure out how to fire my civilian railgun in the rookie mission. They hated me, because I was in highsec and wanted to take part in the game economy. These made me a "pubbie carebear shitlord" in their eyes. They made grief campaigns to slaughter people like me. Of course I am the last person with moral right to criticize highsec ganking, but they didn't just kill ships. They communicated that it's not about shooting ships, it's about making the despicable highsec carebears to suffer and preferably leave.
  • Many other alliances don't like "carebears" or me. I doubt if I'm popular among Pandemic Legion pilots. But I have a chance to fix that. If I'd come to the conclusion that PL was right and I was wrong, change my behavior accordingly, learn all the stuff PL finds worthy of learning in Waffles, I could join PL. It would obviously be a long and hard road, similarly like getting a new diploma for turning into a lawyer. But it would be doable, and if I'd fail in this road, I could only blame myself. I'm judged for my actions there. But there is absolutely nothing I could do in game to join Goonwaffe. No matter how deep I'd crawl in the rear of The Mittani, no matter how many hours I'd waste in bombless bombers, no matter how much I'd turn into a parrot of Goon propaganda, I could only be a pet. A member of a corp or alliance which has no word deciding the course of CFC, constantly judged and disciplined by the Goons for crimes like claiming to be more than pets or being industrial-minded. On the other hand those who born as a Goon in the game, need to do nothing to stay that way. Even if they fly in no fleets, even if they run missions in highsec, being the very carebear that GSF hates, they could remain in Goonwaffe by their birthright. This is either feudal caste system or racism. Something awful.
As soon as I find a highsec PvP corp to be the core of the forever-war alliance, it will start! Find me in-game if interested. Unlike the previous projects, I can't get bored of it, as it demands me nothing, but to send a paltry sum to the executor every month. I promise I won't get bored of that 10 clicks a month.

Update: official forum thread.

War Update: once again the members of Grr Goonswarm (all me of course) formed up and went to glorious battle against the Goons:
As you can see, the Goons formed again to defend it, but they failed to, probably because of their unorthodox fleet doctrine. After their defeat, they declared that they will form up a 60-man fleet to rep it:
Well, "opportunity cost" is still lost on the bees. But that's secondary to the fact that - again - they are promising fights. Jita undock campers, wardeccers and other highsec mayhem-causers, what are you waiting for? Go to the official forum above and let's form the Goon-bashing alliance. Money on me, PvP on you! Obviously, Grr Goonswarm will be there on the timer (0:35 Saturday) and give Goons what they deserve!

War Update 2: Goon tears (if you have doubts about the identity of the tearful little bee, see the term "randian" in his text and the comment on my blog):

PS: If you are doing Sov grind, you must read the post tomorrow. Seriously. No ideology, project or opinion, just tested, screenshotted fits and tactics to eliminate the structures faster and safer than ever before!


Powers said...

Except we don't lose any money when they are reffed. And there would be no way for you to kill that enyo. I was dual-boxing a scythe and you still got dunked.

Tabletop Teacher said...

That's kind of interesting. I didn't expect the Goons to be hanging around high sec waiting for their POCOs to be attacked.

The scientist in me wants to start experimenting. How many busy little bees are they willing to put on this task? All it would take it a stabbed up Oracle to fly around shooting little chunks of POCO shields at a time.

Admittedly they'd set to hunting you later, but then you just dock up, and log off for a bit, fueling their frustration.

Just kind of interesting. It's something you can do solo, and would take an awful lot of resources to stop you.

Gevlon said...

@Powers: Scythe? That's shield logi. On the local chat you claimed that your Enyo was dual-repped armor and the 3 POCO repper logies didn't help you. I knew it was 4v1.

Anonymous said...

So, a forever-war against goons, in empire. One problem- We're in nullsec.

Arrendis said...

Right. The Scythe's shield logi, and the Enyo's kinetic/thermal resists as an assault frigate, even on its shields, would've meant the scythe probably would've been fine to keep it alive long enough to kill a Catalyst.

And the armor drones wouldn't have hurt, either. Scythes, in fact, are amazingly handy w/armor drones, because they get a 100% bonus to the reps given by all logistics drones, not just shield bots (Exequrors do, too). So a Scythe carrying 4 medium armor bots and 1 light (all Tech 1) is delivering 270 points of armor per cycle, or roughly 1.5x a single medium remote armor repairer (or 2/3 of a large). Which, again, isn't a lot, but it's enough, again, to ensure the Enyo can kill the Catalyst - especially when you put both of those together.

Gevlon said...

Sure, that's why 3 Goons and a pet formed up to save a highsec POCO.

Anonymous said...

Steel H.
“They don't care about ISK, killboard results, system ownership, just feeling good. I wonder why do they play EVE instead of just getting drunk and masturbating.”

Have you ever stopped to think that maybe you aren’t actually a virtual world MMO player, and that eventually this isn’t the genre for you? You are clearly needing game-y metrics, charts and performance, and seem to be going crazy trying to fit a square peg into a triangular hole. The main purpose of a virtual world (Bartle term) is to just be in it, run around, and have weird&wonderful virtual interactions with other people. This stimulates some brain paths in some people – different ones that just getting drunk and masturbating - we do those too, don’t worry. If you fail to get stimulated by that, well, you just go your own way, don’t go nuts trying to understand why people do what they do. The best thing to happen to my personal life was to stop wondering why people do what they do (more exactly “why did she do that”). Maybe you should too unless your real paying job is to actually study human psychology.

If you’re still wondering why people do what they do, and haven’t yet read the book I told you to, then here’s why: it’s all high-speed, pattern matching, automated, instinctive, intuitive brain processes. It’s called System 1, or ‘the elephant. You will almost never be able to understand/influence another person’s intuition if it’s different from yours, especially by arguing and reasoning, because the rational language thought process (System 2) is not the one making decisions and its main job is not to be convinced and drive your intuition. That’s how all brains work (yours included).

Your fear&loathing of goons is completely irrational (intuitive). Your elephant just decided it doesn’t like goons, in a fraction of a second (it’s that fast). Here are some futile attempts from me to try arguing with you by listing some facts. No one is kicked from the CFC for being a carebear. When I was in the CFC, after the Branch war the Mittani sent out a SOTG telling everyone to go ratting because they just upgraded another 10 systems, and set up PI because Dek has some of the best planets – hell, that’s when I first started looking into doing PI! Oh, and everyone that can BUILD as many Maelstroms as possible, to throw at tracking titans and enemy tengufleets. You get kicked from the CFC for not being in strategic op fleets (because you’re busy carebearing), and for not being culturally compatible to the point where the alliance becomes dysfunctional. It’s how every organization has been run, since ever, due to Darwinian laws. How much cultural diversity have you allowed in any of your organizations you started in MMos? Plus there’s also natural law: there’s no law that says you have to be a goon pet, and that you are entitled to have your own identity in Internet Douchebagerson e-fraternity. Changed your mind?

Samsung Tsurpalen said...

"If I'd come to the conclusion that PL was right and I was wrong, change my behavior accordingly, learn all the stuff PL finds worthy of learning in Waffles, I could join PL. It would obviously be a long and hard road, similarly like getting a new diploma for turning into a lawyer. But it would be doable, and if I'd fail in this road, I could only blame myself. I'm judged for my actions there."

I think this passage does a good job at illustrating a pretty big misconception you seem to have about a lot of things.

you absolutely have the "skills" to fly in a PL cap fleet, you've moved cap ships around safely, you know how to orbit the anchor and do the shooty/healy stuff.

The way you would get into PL is making internet spaceship friends with people who are in PL and then bothering them to let you into PL (you could get into goonswarm the same way (oh hey that gives me an idea why not get Lucas to sponsor you, you should be friends with Lucas he takes time out of his day to write to you, you two are already more than half way to friendship) you wouldn't have to give up any of your ruggedly individualistic principles at all).

EVE alliances are communities (there is also a very small community of people who've formed around you, while you do maintain this comments section fairly well I'd argue that you ignore them more than you have any right to) more than anything else. I'm pretty sure you know this but what you seem to ignore is that you HAVE to do the same things they do if you want to be "succsessful" when compared to them The "skills" that you would need to learn to be the leader of PL aren't "knowing how to use d-scan" and "being able to get proper transversal"

They're "good humor" and "not being so judgmental", now it would obviously be a long and hard road to achieve those things but I believe in you Gevlon I believe in every poorly photo shopped pixel of your goblin icon, I know that big toothy goblin grin can represent a man who does great things, I know that goblin business suit can represent a man of un-paralleled character I know that one day people will be green with envy of that green visage because it represents a man who is admired by a small subset of the EVE online community.

Anonymous said...

"They hated me, because I was in highsec and wanted to take part in the game economy. These made me a "pubbie carebear shitlord" in their eyes. They made grief campaigns to slaughter people like me"

Well, unless you are not telling us something about your highsec career, I do not think they made grief campaigns to slaughter people shipping items non-stop between the four trade hubs, any more than any other high sec ganker does.

Do goons hate traders, which you claim to be? I certainly don't think so. You think all however many thousand Goons are the same?

What do you think their highsec arm does? Do you think they do not trade? Do you think they only explode people for the lols? Please do not tell me you have fallen for the "Grrr gewns" trap, which is usually fueled at least a little bit by jealousy.

For the record, I am a permadocked panda in highsec, and I do not think Goons have anything against me, nor do I have anything against them, but then, I am not trying to get clickbait to a blog and aiming for the lowest common denominator.

Gevlon said...

@Anonymous: obviously the individual Goons differ. They do variety of things. I don't think that members of Goonwaffe, GSF or CFC are some devilspawns.

However Goonswarm officially announce grief campaigns and claim that they gank just because of pissing people off. Of course there is more market manipulation in it, but the average highsec person can't learn "tank your ship properly and read news", because Goons don't tell him "we killed you because you had 5B in a freighter", they tell "we owned your ass publord"

Lucas Kell said...

"Scythe? That's shield logi. On the local chat you claimed that your Enyo was dual-repped armor and the 3 POCO repper logies didn't help you. I knew it was 4v1."
When he says dual boxing scythe, are you sure he means on grid? Chances are the whole group was in yet another 10% tidi fight (thanks CCP) and those characters you ran into were alts being used to pass the time. If you are running logi in 10% tidi, you can get a lot done between cycles.

Unknown said...

I too think frig is lame, for some reason 2 mill merlins doesn't do it for me.

The difference between you and me is I don't go on a rant insulting everyone that does frig pvp. I understand that is this world there is difference people with different opinions on subjective matters.

Yes I know that sometimes people are not consistent with their logic or their own tastes or views for that matter, such as the miner that mines to keep his account so he can mine some more. Or the miner that sells his manufactured ships for below cost, because the minerals he miner are free. But the way you generalize and fail to admit that any other view, taste or opinion other than yours (that is most of time based on whim) is even valid, it is just mind boggling.

What I find funny (I wanted to use "amusing" but I always felt that word was a little pretentious)You are now spending your time like most other EVE players, shooting other players for fabricated reasons so they can have fun creating pixelated explosions in virtual space.

Unknown said...

I am sorry to double post, but I forgot to mention this.

So now you are going to shoot goons because you think they are racist? I thought people in null had funny reasons to go war, but this is just pure gold.

Gevlon said...

@Dado R: of course "SA reader" is not a race. But if you define racism as "hating people for irrelevant things that they cannot even change", then yes, Goons are racist and deserved to be shot.

Arrendis said...

But see, Gevlon, the goons don't hate you because you're a carebear pubbie shitlord. The goons prey upon you because you're a carebear pubbie shitlord, but they certainly don't hate you for it.

The goons hate you because you repeatedly insist on pontificating about things you clearly don't understand - for example, and quite often: the goons.

Let's look at your analysis of the fight w/Powers...

No, I'm not going to go over the 'you screwed up with the tornado' or 'I could have killed the frigate if I'd been even remotely PVP fit'. No, I'm talking about this line, right here:

"The opportunity cost of their activity is way over 300M, which is nice compared to my 40M loss".

'The opportunity cost' you're talking about ascribes motives to them beyond what's in evidence. You're looking at that time as time taken away from making ISK, and you calculate that 4 pilots in that time could have made 300M. But as you note, 3 of the 4 were just repping the POCO, which means the majority of their attention could have been on something else, perhaps making money.

Or, even more heretical an assertion - the isk could be meaningless to them.

You opined: "They don't care about ISK, killboard results, system ownership, just feeling good. I wonder why do they play EVE instead of just getting drunk and masturbating."

Well, let me point out: killing you made them feel good. They achieved their goals by killing you and laughing about it afterwards: they had fun, and did so in a way that included social interaction with others of their social circle who were also having fun.

You repeatedly said during Fountain this past summer that 'having fun' isn't a goal, that 'fun' isn't a measurable thing to achieve. And repeatedly, people pointed out to you that participation numbers over time are a direct measure of how much 'fun' a group is having. Well, here's another one:

They were laughing about killing you. That's a pretty measurable 'they had fun'.

And having fun is why they play the game. During Fountain, when you made those assertions, I asked you a question. I'll ask it again here:

'Fun' is a feeling of enjoyment and satisfaction gained from undertaking an activity. That activity doesn't have to be frivolous. It can even be the accruing of wealth and assets, the achievement of designated goals, or attainment of pre-determined rankingings.

With that in mind, why do you play EVE, if not to have fun?

kukems said...

I think the most important part of this game is GAME itself. This is just a game it should be fun to play. If one find fun in being poor PvP frig pilot I support that. OTOH if you find fun in shuffling market orders I support that. The most important thing is to have fun this is just a game folks.

daniel said...

"because previously I assumed that the actual project failed and I should do better,"

it failed because of your anti-social nature.

"They don't care about ISK, killboard results, system ownership, just feeling good."

They do, but they do not take it as seriously as you do.

"I wonder why do they play EVE instead of just getting drunk and masturbating."

one doesn't contradict the other.

"They hated me first."

remember that time than you were accused of being a kid ?

"This is either feudal caste system or racism."

nice adaption of my comment.

But the idea of an forever war on highsec.poco.goons is nice.
I hope you won't give up so soon this time.
Though it is said to see that you (though being creative) don't want to think up a scheme to do this more efficient - maybe combine it with your ganking project. i mean, the ganker is flagged anyway. aganking ally, with the benefit of being in highsec war, could be attractive to some ppl.

Anonymous said...

"They don't care about ISK, killboard results, system ownership, just feeling good. I wonder why do they play EVE instead of just getting drunk and masturbating."

Maybe because EVE does not have any "ladder" or "ranking" or "league" ingame and therefore is one of the few games where you are not forced to be competetive.
A 10year old charakter can be below 10M skillpoints, he can be super space rich or very poor. Without external sources I'm not able to judge him right.
So if I want to be competetive I choose other games.
I'm wondering why a competitive an metric guy like you plays EVE instead of just quitting it and playing a game with rankings?

You say you are not a social guy, still you run a blog. What is a blog if not social interaction?
Why did you explain market mechanics to other players ("ISK guide for newbies")?
Where is your "profit" with that?
You didn't do it "just for fun", otherwise you would have just got drunk and masturbated.

It is hard to follow your arguments, maybe becuase I do have children. Last weekend my 4 year old daughter wanted to play chess - you would have won for sure, because "winning" is important. I lost the game on purpose, because spending time with my daughter and seeing her laughing is much more important than winning.
Helping some friends to shoot Interbus offices during christmas holidays and new years eve is much more important (to me) than updating my sellorders in Jita.
Ok, maybe beeing afk while shooting the offices was a reason, too.

I like your "new idea", not because it is against "Goons", but because it sounds like fun.
First thing that came to my mind: "When TEST left nullsec they promised to fight the renters of their old home with small gangs, making stealth operations deep in nullsec just to annoy the Goons and beeing a pain in the ass."
I've never heard anything about that...
Your perma-war corporation should be very interesting to other nullsec corporations to find new players willing to fight the Goons (and maybe later move to nullsec to stand against them).
Since ice interdiction I still have the CFC on -5 standing and always wondered, why they move free all around highsec. Freighters, Jumpfreighters, Battleships, Frigates, T1 Industrial... lot of targets.

Foo said...

To drop corp immediatly : right click on your pilot name in any chat window and quit corp.

You are immedieatly booted to an npc corp and can rejoin new corp immediately.

This applies even if both old an new corp are under wardec.

Anonymous said...

"[the project] failed because of your anti-social nature."

Care to back that up? Gevlon has a history of other group projects running successfully over quite some time, despite, or even due to his anti-social nature. So you can't claim that causation "because it's obvious". I.e. being anti-social doesn't prevent getting a group to together for a common goal.

If I needed to come up with reasons for failure, I would point to his unwillingness to lead himself (his successful group efforts he was effectively leading, even if others could replace him). And the fact that it gets to get excited into his ideas when he amasses projects that he dropped after a month or two.

But I think the real cause is rather that the EVE population is too small for his excentric ideas. In WoW he had 20 times as much people to recruit from... with 20 times as much people, his gank project easily would have reach critical mass to still strive.

Anonymous said...

uhm marmite collective, privateers and a few others are corps that you can pay pretty small sums to, and they will keep a wardec running, and shoot at every decced guy around jita

mynnna said...

I'd like to correct a misconception here. Goons don't hate you, we think you're the most adorable misguided little randian in the game!

daniel said...

""[the project] failed because of your anti-social nature."

Care to back that up?"

i think you just answered your question.

*deleting a wall of txt*

long story short, he's been working hard to be disliked by just anybody.
he's been working hard to make himself impossible to play with.

read his blog, esp those posts around and after his test adventures...

why would i (or anyone in his right mind) work with him?
why would i play/work with someone who tells me on and on that everything that i do is wrong, and that i suck, and that he is the one who knows better?

I like him, i have a friend who's a bit like him (characterwise), i like his ideas, i appreciate that he is developing income schemes that i am too lazy to think of myself.
his writing skills are a pleasure to read.

but 90% of his opinions are pure ... well... i don't want to wash my mouth with soap ...

anyway, the remaining 10% are pure gold, and that's why i am keeping on reading this blog.

i never played wow, have absolutely no idea what it is/was like, neither do i understand what his achievments in wow were.
how was he looked at by the wow community? by his followers? by the eliteplayers? were there critique to his playstyle?
did anyone on another server even care about him and his projects?
why does he think that just because he was big in wow that he would be big in eve from the very first day?

when i was young i was pretty good in F1-race for the old gameboy, but i sucked at tetris.

allmost everybody coming to this game stays humble and understands that learning this game is a matter of years, many years, and that mastering this game, or at least some parts of it is a lifetime project - but from his very first days he roleplayed a snobbish doush.

other anom:
"I'm wondering why a competitive an metric guy like you plays EVE instead of just quitting it and playing a game with rankings?"

because, and he states so himself (read his posts about wot and lol) he sucks at those kind of games.

and if i may quote from my memory, he left wow endgame cause muscle memorization and fast reflexes are not his thing, if you find that quote, you'll also find him saying that he is aiming for holding sov one day.

Anonymous said...

Make a corp as part of this alliance that alts can join and I will join in this siege on goons.

Kate 'On said...

All those comments, and not one of them about the idea of forever war in highsec.

Considering everyone worth anything in nul is constantly wardecced by lots of griefer corps, I think the idea of saving the money of the wardec every month has to be appealing to a lot of them.

GG, if you were to plan this right, do more than just a post or two... you should really start engaging the griefer corps that do this. since RVB kind of has a NAP, wouldn't be able to recruit them to take out goon POCOS, but I'm sure eveUni might be interested in having a go at it.

at this point, you shouldn't be shooting structures, you should be engaging as many people as possible to do so. So what if they are only 50% as good as your perfect metric? Just get 10 of them, and voila, all of a sudden they are way more deadly, in absolute numbers anyways.

And how many PVE mission runners want a chance to shoot pocos? It's the easiest PVP around, and yuou've giving it away for free

*vlad* said...

Funny how all these EVE players who think themselves so superior and also think Gevlon is just an annoying nobody still bother to post on his blog.

Anonymous said...

"because, and he states so himself (read his posts about wot and lol) he sucks at those kind of games."

Still he is trying to measure everything he does in EVE with metrics. ISK/h, liquid ISK, DPS, kills/h, kills/charakter compared to kills/alliance, donations/player...

EVE doesn't give these metrics.
With production I'm making >3b ISK/h playtime (3h/month to buy and sell and make hauling contracts, 30day-runs).
Achievement unlocked?
I don't think so...

I hope and pray he won't fall for mathematic analysis of this "kick goons out of highsec or at least show 'em we have teeth"... like "undock of goons in Jita/h before/while/after war" or "ISK destroyed per day/week/month"...

Rubicon - there is no turning back. CCP is slowly reducing empire safety and started with highsec POCO.
I remember the slaughtering on the public event introducing ghost sites *g*
Maybe it is just the right time to gather us lazy highsecers and start the military education in fights against a large corporation.
Maybe I'll reactivate my combat account for it...

Shiz said...


I played WoW on another server and I cared about his projects. I don't agree with everything he says but I can truthfully say he has had more impact on the way I approach gaming than anyone else has.

It is this reason I still read his posts despite NOT playing Eve and still playing WoW.

daniel said...

@ vlad:
nobody calls him a nobody

read his blog to understand the criticism towards him.

"EVE doesn't give these metrics."
that's what his readers are trying to tell him.

cause the idea is good.
it's just that it's a matter of time before he will give up (again), so his readers do not bother any longer :-)

Phelps said...

At the end of the day, Gevlon's projects in Eve fail because Eve is a shitty game/toy with no purpose, played by people who are Bad At Games But Hiding It.

Gevlon's major error is that he has been assuming that a "game" that has a significant amount of people playing it are doing it because there is some goal. The only goal of Eve is "play on Eve so I can brag to people that I play Eve."

daniel said...

so you do not understand what is so terrible about his approach towards eve?!

that's exactly it.
though he also fails cause he's not putting too much work into his projects and gives up way too soon.

the ganking one was really good.

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like Gevlon's new purpose is to shoot Goon POCO's near Jita. To me that sounds fun as hell. I want to join up.

Interested said...

Reading the forum is a good laughter :D

Lucas claiming that POCO don't print money. If that is true Goonswarm won't defend them (why defend worthless crap? Just to make sure highsec puppies can do PI with low taxes?)

"Problem" is: What do you do if you manage to kill that POCO? If you place one by yourself it will be reinforced in no time. You'll need a neutral corporation to fill the gap you made (otherwise RvB will take it and Goonswarm will still receive tax money).

The RF timer is pretty bad for me... but I'll do my best to watch it in a covops and take some pictures :D
(and maybe drop some MTU nearby)

Lucas Kell said...

" If that is true Goonswarm won't defend them (why defend worthless crap? Just to make sure highsec puppies can do PI with low taxes?)"
Even been in a max tidi fight?
Some people that are about will likely dual box a POCO defense just to prevent themselves slowly dying as they wait between cycles.

Anonymous said...

I'll only be able to watch the timer(fight), too. Decided to switch my next manufacturing alt to a grr goons program, therefore looking forward to the post about structure-bash fits. Once the little toon has the skills, I hope there will be a way to join the poco fun ;)

Anonymous said...

I am not sure why you are such sure that commenter and person from screen is the same only because of "randian" term. Maybe Ayn Rand is just much more popular among Goons than you think? You know, not every goon came to EVE directly from cave.

By the way, I would say "randian" is a compliment (maybe not intended, but still). And I see some similarities between randian hero and you after reading this blog for more than year.

Druur Monakh said...

@Interested "Lucas claiming that POCO don't print money. If that is true Goonswarm won't defend them (why defend worthless crap? Just to make sure highsec puppies can do PI with low taxes?)"

I can think of a few reasons:
- to give their own members resp. their out-of-swarm alts fair PI opportunities in Hi-Sec.
- to deny their hostiles access to those planets (PI as well as owning the POCO).
- because it annoys people in general who now can't have those planets.
- and lastly because even the 3M/month POCOs are still providing some hands-off income.

Sugar Kyle said...

Of all the things in Eve to do you picked the Goonswarm bandwagon to step onto. I'm not puzzled about why you did it. It is to bad that this is the course of action you have chosen.

I expect your comment section to be lively for the course of this projects lifespan.

Anonymous said...

> I wonder why do they play EVE instead of just getting drunk and masturbating.
wow. And I wonder do you really think that?

don't look for a rhyme scheme in a cookbook.
just don't.

Also. You are feeding the troll (this time goon scum). don't do it.
trolls love it. trolls love to grief. you know it!
please be careful engaging with the careless.
have a plan that has some better riskassessment than betting 9m isk that the goon frig is afk after 90mins bait.

Anonymous said...

The Grr Goons name is inspired, and I'll definitely join any corp that will have me, that joins your alliance. My suggestion for the alliance name "High sec pubbie shitlords" :-)

This is literally the most interesting thing to happen in eve for a long time.

Powers said...

@gevlon The scythe was for the poco. My dual rep enyo was 70km away from the scythe, and therefore out of range of reps. You really don't understand this stuff.

*vlad* said...

@Daniel: I have been reading and posting on this blog for a long time, so yes I do know Gevlon. I've slagged him off in this comments section plenty of times myself.

His view of the world and mine are poles apart, but still, I love the way he is stirring up Eve, a game that I otherwise have no interest in whatsoever.