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Friday, December 6, 2013

WTS Nyx/Aeon pilots

My supercapital pilots for sale have reached maturation and put on the character bazaar.

They are clones, except for the race, 2 are for Nyx, 2 are for Aeon. They have OK support skills, fighter-bomber 5, JDC5 and learning carrier 5 as we speak. All together 23M SP. Their main selling point is their totally clean history. They have never left the station.

I put them out for sale for 13B bidding, 20B buyout. I don't expect anyone to buy them out. Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if no one would bid for them. My cost with one came from 12+2PLEX, a set of +5 implants and 1B for skillbooks, all together 10B, giving 3B profit over a sale, which isn't bad for logging in a few times a week. Training supercapital pilots is the highest ISK/keyboard time activity without question, over 1B/hour. However it has one of the lowest ISK/day and ISK/investment. For this reason I'm not sure I'm going to train more pilots if the current ones finish.

What happens if they don't sell for 13B? Nothing. I keep them for a few more months, finish Carrier 5, remap to Int/mem again and fill some more support skills, selling them again, this time for 14-15B. Why would their price increase? Because they will be more "perfect" pilots. People are ready to pay premium for minimal upgrades. This is why a deadspace item that is a few % better than the T2 is 1000x more expensive. The longer I keep them, the bigger the profit, but of course the later I get my money back. There is a limit though, you can't teach them after they are perfect for their job. But that's not something that will happen in a few days.

Finally, my costs has fixed (transfer cost, skillbooks, implants) part and variable part (the monthly PLEX). I have to invest the fixed part even when I have zero SP. Since buyers pay for SP, the same fixed cost has smaller weight in a 2 years long training than it would be in a 1 year old training.


daniel said...

eveboard pwd isn't working for me, plus you probably aren't doing the sale any good by connecting it to your person - you have been working hard to be disliked by the majority of eve's nullsec ppl (the potential customers of such an offer).

Also, i don't understand much about superpiloting, but as an extra bonus, you should give them hic skills - though not needed by most, that would make them look more desirable.

Anonymous said...

When training characters for sale, not ever SP is created equal - sometimes for good reasons, and sometimes for irrational ones (people tend to overpay for certain things and not for others).

For instance, not all of those skills needed to be trained to V. You'll find that you can sell pilots without it (as people either ignore the supports, or figure they can still use the character while training them up).

Take a look at the long term trends on the character bazaar and you'll see what I mean.

Suffice to say you can make a lot more if you target certain things.

Anonymous said...

"I offer 12b for Anita, expecting she has the same skills as Orna, but amarr carrier instead of gallente."

Can these people not read plain English?

Unknown said...

What will you do if they keep not selling?
At some point you'll have to lower the price, so how low will you go?

Gevlon said...

I have no doubt they'll sell well and I have time. People do the "I offer 12B" thing because they expect the seller to be desperate.

Lucas Kell said...

I think people are saying 12b because that's what they are willing to pay. I'd not pay above 10 for a pilot with these skills. It's an OK super pilot but that's literally all it is. It can't really do much beyond that, and doesn't excel in that field. Because it's never been used, it's not built up the other skills that you would normally accrue through being a regular carrier pilot and a subcap pilot.

Don't get me wrong, it's great if all you want it to do is sit in a super, but it's not really much beyond that, so your market is really restrictive, which will bring it's price down, especially since you are selling 4 of them.

Most people though, by the time they've been in an alliance long enough to even be allowed in the super groups, have skilled across to supers if that was their goal. It's only a year or so from a newbie char. From an already combat ready subcap pilot it's usually only a couple of months at most.

Gevlon said...

@Lucas: but if something is for sale 13B, than your options are:
- paying 13B
- ignoring it

While it's indeed just one year to train a pilot like this (otherwise they wouldn't exist), don't forget that they have no wasted skills, like gunnery and they learned with perfect remap.

Also, if you want a super AND not just a super, you need a new pilot as the super pilot is locked into the super.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious why you didn't train the support skills right the first time?

Capacitor Management or the Armor Compensation skills are so essential that any buyer has to train them asap anyways. And any (non-ratting) supercap you look at will have a capital armor repairer and energy transfer, these ships spider-tank.

Personally I don't like buying a character and then having to spend months on training skills that the original owner knew to be essential and which he could just have trained without forcing me to spend extra remaps.

Lucas Kell said...

"While it's indeed just one year to train a pilot like this (otherwise they wouldn't exist), don't forget that they have no wasted skills, like gunnery and they learned with perfect remap."
What you call wasted skills, I call usability while training. And If I wanted another super pilot for example, I have many an alt which could skill up in a month, but be useful while training. So the plex spent on time is not spent on just the skills.
Even if I were to roll a character from new, I'd spend a couple of days on PI skills first, then make a plex worth of isk from PI each month. Basically though, what a character cost is not what a character is worth.

"Also, if you want a super AND not just a super, you need a new pilot as the super pilot is locked into the super."
Sure if you don't make a 100 day holding alt, but like I say, this means you are looking for buyers who have access to supers, have the reason to use them, a high enough rank to use them and don't have a regular carrier pilot ready to skill up. That's a really small market to be selling to.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, you are flooding a small market and making it harder on yourself.

Sell one at a time, you'll probably make a bit more.

Also "bidding starts at" is always considered a guide. Always. Attacking people for low-balling isn't going to get you customers. In a property auction if there are no bids at the starting price the starting price is lowered until there is, or the property is passed in.

Starting a bidding war at 12bn and having people actual bid is better than starting one at 13bn and not getting any bites. People will go up in 500m increments or more, and if they really want your toons they will pay what you are asking in the end .. all you need is 2 people vying for them.

But because you have 4 pilots for sale the attitude is "if i can't have one, i'll get the other". And because you are acting like a dick to people in the thread and not being the least bit friendly when they "offend" you by lowballing by 1bn isk, I don't hold out much hope for you making your desired profits

Anonymous said...

This is the least off the mark thing you've ever done. My congratulations. You should get at least 14b for them. Also if you'd made them using power of twos you'd have saved yourself a bunch of plex. Just a tip from a guy with several hundred accounts doing this.

Anonymous said...

Is the industry allready to that point that those alts maybe needed for super-garage? "Always Build and stash" mantra.