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Tuesday, December 17, 2013


I mentioned that there is a not really friendly neighbor in the wormhole system I'm in. When I moved in, the system didn't have a single PvE kill in the last month. The sites were despawning, and I found only 3 colonies on the planets (you can right-click in planet view and select "show other character colonies"). The tower belonged to a corporation with no killboard data besides a few random PvE losses. So I had every reason to believe that the hole is abandoned by the tower owner and belongs to a dead corp.

Seems I was both right and wrong. The owner didn't came back to do any visible activity (ratting, mining, sites, PI) in the system, nor his corporation contacts responded to my mail. But he started to replace the NPC customs offices with his own, locking me out, clearly for no other reason than locking me out as no colonies were planted. While there was no attempt on his side for PvP, making my PI impossible was more than enough to make peaceful coexistence impossible.

Then, one day, he convoed me. Below you can read the whole thing, or you can skip it and read the summary. Unfortunately it's incomplete, I forgot to screenshot at the start and couldn't scroll higher. It starts with him stating that he reads the blog and realized that he is the neighbor and is upset that I was seeking mercenaries. I mentioned him that he seemed totally inactive:

So, his point was that we aren't really in competition and he sees no real reason to hurt me, yet he did, because the way I entered his system was disrespectful and unhonrable. He lived here for years and I should have honored it despite he clearly doesn't live here anymore. My only way to enter a system is to find or buy an abandoned one, that's the rule. His tone was patronizing and dismissive, he spoke clearly from the position of power and bothered to do so only when he realized that I'm not just some random noob, but someone with a name in the community. So he was nice enough to give me some "insights", referring to the noble act that he cared to educate me about the moral rules of WH space.

To show how much I learned, and my gratitude to the "pro" to educate me, I named a ship "Insights":

Tomorrow comes the report with much hilarity. Let's just say that his 17:21:57 statement wasn't entirely accurate. While I took my part in idiotic mistakes, I clearly seen a new side of EVE.

PS: yesterday I wrote how I predicted and invested in the Omegafleet 9 months before it happened. Now I'm investing into its hard counter, I'll write a post about it next week.

PS2: miners always say that gankers are little kids. Actually, the evidence agrees.


Foo said...

Full chat logs can be found on a windows based system in something like \Eve\logs\chatlogs, though there that will say 'screen shots or it did not happen'.

Gevlon said...

Except when you have "log chat to file" switched off since "that's just making junk files for nothing".

Dumb mistake.

maxim said...

That's one bored guy.

If I had eve-income anywhere near the scale at which displayed behaviour would be even somewhat appropriate, i'd have way better things to do with my time than messing with a WH newbie.

Maybe i'd even offer him a partnership deal of some sorts. F/ex "you transfer to me X mill ISK a week, i don't annihilate you".

Raziel Walker said...

Did he know who you were when he dropped those poco's?

First thing I thought of was you going to try and prove a point by reinforcing/destroying his poco's and pointing out that talking to you first to offer a reasonable tax rate might have been more profitable for him.

Anonymous said...

Moving into a system without being blue with the locals is not related to an "WH honor code" it is custom throughout all of non-highsec. Moving in without having done the diplomacy is an aggressive act.

I mean, in rl you don't simply put a 3 patch on your back, with a claim to some random area - except if you are looking for trouble.

That's kind of common sense..

Anonymous said...

It's in the interests of solo-wormholers to get everyone else to abide by their rules. It is a cartel protecting their interests. Some people will say it offers a path into wormholing so that more cautious people can get involved in relative safety but I just think it is a barrier to entry, increasing the start-up costs and blocking day-trippers from switching in when they see a potentially interesting hole.

Gevlon said...

@Anonymous: Their corp looked dead. No killboard activity, but I sent mail, offering tax money if they open the pocos. No answer. The guy later confirmed that his corp contacts are inactive.

Anyway, read the post tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

WH honor code then. He pissed you off, kick him.

WH ownership is done with occupation (ie being active, exploiting resources, scanning new statics, pi management).

If the corp didn't do anything before, they have no valid reason to bitch now.

Defending an hole is done by striking first and hard. Don't let an enemy establish a beach head.

In your case, you are hostile (not blue, then hostile). Take off the glove, build some firepower (dread / bs / anything else) or recruit someone to kick him hard.

If you will be there long term, you will easily recover any isk sink in an eviction process.

And this update your security level by a notch or two (less trafic outgoing).

When they are out, prepare traps (using CT) to kill anyone logged off at their POS when they are reconnecting.

You can recoup the cost by doing some reactions in these pos. They will at least pay for their fuel cost.

WH approach is roman approach. They want to talk ? OK. They want to play hard ? Can do. Cf Carthage.

E Dyn said...

*shakes fist* Darn you for making us wait until tomorrow to find out more :D

I'm hoping that you're going to put his POCO's in reinforced, like Raziel said, that's the correct reaction in a WH isn't it

Gevlon said...

Those who know the continuation of the story, please don't comment it. It will come tomorrow.

Lucas Kell said...

I know :D
I'm interested in seeing which way you spin it though.

You'll have to let us know what your continuing plans are however, or have you not yet set yourself a new goal?

mugg said...

You sold your first Naglfar BPOs too late and too cheap, people went crazy over them just after the patch. People are also going crazy over them again.