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Monday, November 18, 2013

My big problem with EVE

While there are thousands of different activities you can do in EVE, they be can safely classified into three groups:
  1. Farming ISK
  2. Killing random people
  3. Changing the big picture
By making 40B+/month, consistently for more than a year, I more or less won the first group. I'm not saying that there couldn't be players with higher income, or that I couldn't increase my number, but that wouldn't be much of a difference, because the numbers are already stupid and way beyond the needs of anyone in the game. If you want to earn money, the old posts about trading are still available.

By having 130B+/month kills for two months, with constant weekly increase and no signs of decline, neither a single comment predicting decline for any other reason than me getting bored, I probably set the record on multibox PvP. But even if I didn't (and someone from Marmite did), I doubt that further improvement would be meaningful. I mean if I'd kill 1/5 as much as whole Goonswarm instead of 1/10, would that be any different?

I simply can't do anything but changing a big picture without simply repeating myself, underperforming my previous results or getting meaningless improvements. That is even more of an obstacle front of trying out WH. I mean if I could get the trust of a non-fail WH corp, then what? I'd run sites for 10-15% income of what I could have in highsec and then roll holes to find someone to gank, getting 2-3% of the kills I could get in highsec. Wonderful perspective. Same with incursions, ghost sites, intelligent usage of the new structures or anything that came into my mind or was suggested in comments.

The only thing ahead of me in EVE is changing the big picture, but doing that is harder than saying. At first, it's not something that I can just join to. While I'm sure there are many who aren't satisfied by a big wallet and stupid amount of kills, they keep their goal secret to avoid public failure. Nothing was more downturning about the new South conflict than NC. announcing their escape plan (that stupid Northern Army thing) before the first shot was fired. When they got wind about a war coming, their first move was finding a way to lose without losing their face. Yes, I'm sooo motivated to join them (joining their enemies is impossible as they are Russian speaking except for BL who is officially just "helping out to get fights" and don't plan to hold sov). Oh, I almost forgot CFC who announced to join... as a third party for having fun.

And nullsec is the best part. WHs are the same mess as always, with a "don't evict PvP corps" agreement in effect to actively prevent anything worth mentioning from happening. No, ganking that blinged Moros running sites isn't worth mentioning and no one mentions it, not even the ALOD writers. Lowsec is officially a place for running around as headless chicken and killing anything that is dumb enough to not use cloak or jump drive. FW-low could be interesting if there would be sides instead of a bunch of people having farmalts in all militias, using them according to LP prices.

Highsec is place for solo play, POCOs are interesting but it seems everyone and his mother are preparing to take them, so whatever worth doing there will be done without me.

I don't deny that I feel stuck. I reached the limits of competitive play, I have enough ISK for the rest of my life and more kills that an average "PvP-er" will ever have in his lifetime, but I have no idea how to do something meaningful. So if you are up to something meaningful, something that has a chance to change New Eden, feel free to throw me an eve-mail.

PS: idiots who comment "just go and have fun" will of course be deleted. I'm maybe desperate, but not that desperate.


Anonymous said...

Not trolling, but you need to identify what you enjoy most. Then exploit the crap out of it until you don't enjoy it anymore.

You make a "big difference" by doing what you are good at and you enjoy. Do you think The Mittani *hates* politics? no way. The guy was born to do it. He loves it. He loves the metagame. He became awesome at it and made a difference.

You think Shadoo doesn't like FC'ing? no. He's a leader. He's a thinker. He was born to lead and he loves it. He became awesome at it and made a difference.

You seem to "enjoy" the financial side of things. It is the only thing in eve you have tried that you are objectively good at (you are not good at spite of padding the hell out of your killboard with cheap ganks) - THAT is where you should make a difference.

Make money and then use the money to bend things to your will. Don't do it publically.. do it quietly. Influence from the shadows... money talks. Money is what makes eve work. If you can corner the economy you __can__ make a difference

Von Keigai said...

I probably set the record on multibox PvP.

No. You (maybe) set the record on multibox ganking. Ganking is PVP, but PVP is not only ganking, and ganking is not a respected form. As such, you still have a lot to do. Get a real PVPer to respect you. Win a frigate battle. Just one would be a start.

Then two. Yeah. Then three. Get a killboard that people must respect because it is awesome. That's your challenge. Get PVPers to respect you.

POCOs are interesting but it seems everyone and his mother are preparing to take them, so whatever worth doing there will be done without me.

You are afraid. Yes. You should be. It is risky, no doubt. You might lose billions of ISK. What's the minimum entry fee here? A fleet of 40 battleships times five. But I think someone will come up a big winner. Why not you? You have the bankroll to at least attempt what needs to be done to win. You don't have the PVP chops, it's true. You cannot lead a fleet and nobody would follow you. But I expect you can hire someone to do that for you. It is going to take two things. A lot of ISK -- massive fleets of BBs for throwing down. And really good PVP fleet leadership.

Anonymous said...

There doesn't need to be evictions in WH space for anything interesting to happen. Often the most interesting things involve seeding, then fighting, then leaving.

Nobody likes doing evictions. The sheer amount of damage required to overcome a well fortified PvP entity would take months of capital seeding (that is, rolling the static, finding your target, putting a couple of ships through, logging them off and continuing over and over again). Leaving people's primary PvP toons logged off in someone elses system for 3 months or more isn't really compelling gameplay.

But big fights happen, all the time. And these have an impact. WH entities are constantly upgrading some of the most novel (and expensive) fleet doctrines in the game in an arms race to prove who has PvP supremacy. More and more WH corps are running harassment operations in null sec space. And occasionally, yes, a grudge will form big enough to warrant an eviction.

You are as ever wrong about WH space. That isn't a suggestion you join it. Nobody in their right mind would have you. You simply are not a team player and that is what counts in WH space.

Anonymous said...

You could run for CSM and reshape the game in your own image.

Unknown said...

Well you said, null sec is where the real game is. Either start your own corp and work from there, or join one of the coalitions and build yourself up. It is tough, hard and challenging, but that is what it makes is so sweet right?

maxim said...

Change cannot be a goal in itself. Unless you are the "forever alone" guy, but we all know how this ends up :D

First you need to decide on what exactly you want to change. You are obviously not happy with ISK-driven goal-averting Eve, but what kind of Eve would you be happy with?

This is not the hardest part, but it is the biggest stumbling block for most people.

The hardest part comes after you decided, and it involves gathering the required resources (both tangible and intangible) and personnel (because as your ganking project has hopefully demonstrated it is near impossible to make any real change solo).

Ultimately, any change worth making would have to involve a group of people for whom that change is good. Given your stance on social interactions (which just doesn't happen without a lol or two) and altruism (effective partnership pretty much requires mutual altruism), it is not surprising you are struggling to identify changes worth making :(

As for where to go from here... A while ago you blogged about a person who is happily supplying a low-sec region with goods and is genuinely happy when (s)he achieves even the most minute of price drops. This was pretty much the first time i saw you approve of anyone, ever :D

One thing you could do is try to find more such people and see if maybe they have some problems that you could help with?

Think of it as building a "New Eden Trade Guild (highsec branch)".

Anonymous said...

LOL that was cute: "just have fun" "I am not that desperate". So change the big picture, hire all the mercs you can and wage a one person war? Slowly accrete them to you and turn it inot a sov destroying force, only once you flip them find some small corp and give them the space. I think it would be funny to find the eve map with nothing but small corps owning 90% of non npc null. With a massive merc army flying around smacking down any corps which try and join forces outside of free passage agreements.

Anonymous said...

You pretty much tossed out almost all activities in eve and games in general with that PS. So the question should be if you want to play eve at all (or even games). I honestly think you would be happier in theme park games which offer concrete metrics you could grind. People have been giving you options but you rule them all out. If there's nothing you like to do, why do you waste your time here?
PS. You didn't set any record on pvp, because you didn't do any pvp, but ganking. A challenge would be keeping this efficiency with real targets. But you will decline that also.

Anonymous said...

pay mercs to take and hold

turn it into a free port / kill goon zone.

Gevlon said...

@Anonymous: I already tried that with TEST and it failed. They still collapsed. You can't give money to a lolpvper and expect him to do anything else than pvp for fun.

@Von Keigai: the respect thing will get its own post.

In case of POCOs I'm both in doubt that it will be such a big income source and also that anything I'd do would be relevant to read about. I mean it looks pretty straightforward to do and many plan to do it. They will probably write about it on EN24 or TMC. I'm simply not needed in the POCO theater.

@Anonymous: seeding and "fighting" is nothing but a stupid gank. Except I could get 10-20x more kills from the same manpower by killing AFK rets.

@Next anonymous: because CSM has changed anything. Ever.

@Maxim: good point and will think about what kind of EVE community I want.


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Anonymous said...

Topple the most powerful player group that has been around New Eden for quite some time now. That would precisely meet your criteria of making a big difference.

Anonymous said...

"making 40B+/month" With isk like that I would own WH space or at least try to. I don't mean I'd put up POSs. I'd just have a roving fleet of battleships or T3s and try to wipe everyone out. Maybe it's been tried or it'd be too hard, but imagine if all those WH carebears weren't making piles of isk anymore and you were the reason. Scorched earth? If I can't have it no one can? You could be the devil and WH space could be your hell.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous: I already tried that with TEST and it failed. They still collapsed. You can't give money to a lolpvper and expect him to do anything else than pvp for fun.

No, you didn't try. You concluded that your way would work, it didn't and you gave up.

Money can and DOES influence people. You need to accept that people "lolpvp" because they are having fun and that is an objective goal in itself. Enjoyment of a game. That is what it is all about.

Figure out a way to use your financial capabilities to leverage the "lol pvpers". Let them lolpvp...use the lolpvp to your own ends. Whatever those ends are.

Don't just join an alliance, then start sperging on their forums about how they "should" work. Fund them to work the way they DO currently work, then slowly, subtly, sensibly and methodically bend them to your will. You absolutely did not do this with TEST and that is why you failed (although chosing TEST was your first mistake, especially the second time around, they were an alliance that was in the throws of a fail cascade).

You want to keep a *low* profile. Don't be the guy that everyone hates. Don't rock the boat. Don't be a jerk. A few well placed suggestions here, a few subtle "lets try this and see if it works" there.. you'd be suprised how much more effective that is when compared to a "you should work this way look i'm rich and i know everything" attitude. The fact is a lot of those "lolpvpers" have a lot more experience in the game than you. You could stand to learn a bit from them.

New Market Hub said...

There seem to be a problem and that problem is you.

You are right when you say: the bombless bomber pilot doesn't change anything. He won't be mentioned anywhere. He is just waiting until his leaders tell him where to fly and what to shoot.
His leaders make a change.

If you want to change something, you have to become a leader. But leaders don't ask what to do, they already have a plan, a vision, a dream.

Jita 4-4 wasn't always the main trade hub of New Eden. I don't know if you played EvE while Yulai has been #1 trade hub?
After CCP removed the highway gates leading to sov-null, players decided to shut down the market and find a new place.
Players made Jita the main trade hub. One started to stock the market, others followed.
That was a major change in the game, but do we know names?
And why Jita?
Rens -> Jita is a pain in the ass while Amarr -> Jita is only a short trip.
That's why Amarr is the second largest main trade hub and Rens will stay the smallest main trade hub.
I'm not 100% sure but I guess it is safe to say: CFC is interested in keeping Jita #1 while they wouldn't be interested in making Rens #1. Or any other system.

It would be nice to see, if players can make a change.

Find a new place to create a hub. Find players willing to work with you (say: player A will keep an eye on weapons, player B on armor, player C on shield, player D on ships and so on).
Everyone is making his own money, needs to establish social networks to manufacturers, miners, pvp-corporations,...
No corporation assets, no corporation wallet, no awox.

If I got it right most of your visitors come because of "trade, isk" - I guess there would be quite a few willing to try it.

308waynag said...

did you read kata komba's comment a week or so ago?
maybe you should read again.

keep on writing guides about eve.
keep on exploring different sides of the game.
going wh, or incursions, or fw or whatever shouldn't be for you to farm isk and kills, but to explore the game, exploit it's mechanics, and write about.
you yourself said that your main purpose is to blog.

find stuff to blog about.

anyway, minmatar fw missions, atm it's possible to earn 600m/h - there's a forum post at euni about it.

E'dyn said...

As said before, try creating your own corp in something you want to see changed. Make a WH corporation and become big, evecting others.
Make a Null-corp and start from the bottem, working your way up as you gain more and more followers.

And, in myself being a bit selfish, teach me how you did that 40b/month thing.

Anonymous said...

"Farming isk" does not have to be a goal, it is a side effect of anything you do in eve. So you found it unsatisfying...then do something that is going to get you known (Not famous, anyone with an ALOD can get that). Be the guy who is the one you go to for something.

The problem with this is, many plans in eve take 6 months+ to come close to fruition.

You say you can consistently, month on month, earn 40b. So..use that 40b/month to be known for something. There are people in eve who when you see something happening, the response is "Oh, that is X doing that"
Be the guy keeping the price of something where it is....there is for example, 1 guy who has kept the price of a certain T2 market group below build cost for a few years now, because he has a few of the BPOs, so is still making plenty of profit, but keeping the inventors out.
There is a very small group of guys who pump out 100b/month of production in highsec (2-3 guys).
There are guys who move the price, because they can...not with ISK as the primary motivator, that comes secondary, by the bucket load.

There are guys who manage others producing shit tons of moonpoo, and make sure the market stays stable.

It seems to me that even 2 years in, you are still having problems with the "do what you want" in eve.

The problem is wanting the can have that, but you cannot grab it and point it at yourself and yell that others must acknowledge it. Prestige comes from others, not yourself. You can, for example, yell about being trustworthy and say you should be a trusted 3rd party all you like, but, that happens because someone convos you and asks if you will broker a deal, or resell their goods for them without asking for the ISK up front. You can say you are the best FC and know all the tactics, but, until you are asked to do it, you are just a voice in the crowd.
You can shout and say you are the biggest high sec industrialist, but until others come to you because they heard you can pump out X/day and need supply, then your industry is just one among many.

The point is, the most powerful guys in eve are not the ones with the megaphones (with some obvious exceptions). They are the ones moving things behind the scenes, as in real life.

Stop looking for quick fixes, and remember how many months you spent hauling with 4 chars non-stop between trade hubs in your indies with implants and skillbooks.

Bankroll something in eve, you say you pull in 40b/month, then bankroll the poco fleets. You say you cannot take part...why? competition doesn't put you off does it? If you don't have the knowledge to run the fleets, then hire someone who does. Do your research, approach a group who show potential, but look like they could use some angel investor help..make them into the best pvp group, then move on to the next.

Anonymous said...

Be the first guy to run an eve-bank that is not a scam ^^...although, most of them were burnouts rather than scams, so I doubt the burnout factor is avoidable.

Hivemind said...

@Gevlon: "I already tried that with TEST and it failed. They still collapsed. You can't give money to a lolpvper and expect him to do anything else than pvp for fun."

TEST was basically screwed anyway due to the sheer number of enemies against them. I'm not saying they made the best possible use of your ISK, but no amount of ISK would have saved them from having the collective weight of the CFC coming after them with no worthwhile allies on their side.

More importantly, that's a very restrictive attitude to take; there are more than a few non-lolpvpers who openly work as mercenaries, probably more who'd do so for covert bribes. Don't pay the lolpvpers themselves, pay the people who can organise them and get them to achieve objectives while lolling about pvp.

The sov null powers are built on vast armies of F1 drones and lolpvpers who show up to fight because it'll be "fun" while other players handle the actual logistics of forming and leading the fleets, arranging bridges, coordinating subcaps, caps and supercaps etc etc. Either go for the non-lolpvpers who actually make the fleets happen (and get them to make fleets happen to your whim) or go for the overall alliances or corps that contain it all.

Purely as an example, if you had sufficient ISK you could likely bribe BL or PL to either leave the RUS/N3 war or switch sides - both have worked as mercenaries in the past and taken payments to join or leave ongoing sov wars. At the very least that would throw a major spanner in the works for the faction that finds its Legion gone and you could have significant influence over the metagame with something like this.

You can also use swarms of lolpvpers as a blunt instrument - they can't be relied upon to take specific objectives, but you can certainly use them for harassment and generally making one or both side's lives more difficult. Imagine sponsoring RvB Ganked roams on the condition that they go through territory held by one side, or take place so the lolpvp fleet shows up in time for a fight over a sov timer.

If you wanted to enact change you could use this kind of proxy warfare to favour a particular coalition that you approve of, or you could simply act as a spoiler intervening in null conflict because you can - the change there being that "Which side is Gevlon going to support" would become a serious question for nullsec conflicts.

Anonymous said...

Well sounds like MMO burnout.
how about you take a break?

EVE isn't wow, where every 3 months new gear MUST be grinded.

you want to change the picture. but bash the "established" politics and sov power houses that create a significant part of that picture. You dismiss to crush them all. so no big picture.

socials and slackers talk, from you :(
I don't deny that I feel stuck. I reached the limits of competitive play, I have enough ISK for the rest of my life and more kills that an average "PvP-er" will ever have in his lifetime, but I have no idea how to do something meaningful. So if you are up to something meaningful, something that has a chance to change New Eden, feel free to throw me an eve-mail.

what is meaningful?
to breath air every so seconds?
drink watter daily?
eat at humans worst weekly?
live about ~80 years on the spacecraft "solar system" and die in a meaningful death?
hmm? sounds like a boring grind to me.

some play boardgames to better them self, at least they claim that. Monks give the reason to confront defeat and win with a spiritual perspective. As kids we grind our skills trough repetative play. As adults we watch cat pictures and post kpop girl band pictures everywhere.

Anonymous said...

It's observable that:
A) significant solo endeavors are unrealistically difficult to achieve, thus requiring a group, and
B) most players don't live up to the level of competence you seek.

So no matter what you're doing, it's likely you will end up trying to 'train' others. Otherwise, you're depending on stumbling on the means, instead of pro-actively pursuing it.

Combine this with your disinterest in leadership, and you're forced to rely on someone else to be your charismatic figurehead. In such a case, compromise and flexibility in your goals and desires will be essential. If you can't do that, then you're going to be searching for a long time.

The last option that occurs to me is to find a new, provable system of financial benefit that changes the way people play, essentially starting a cartel of some kind. If you can generate an original, golden idea like that, then that would be very impressive in itself.

Von Keigai said...

I can hardly wait for your thoughts on respect. Please keep in mind, as you write this, that people respect ganking in highsec almost not at all. You don't seem to get this. You're like a rich man who has just discovered prostitution: "wow, I can have sex with any woman I want! I'm a winner!". "No, you can't, and you aren't".

I am divided about whether highsec POCOs will be a big income source or not. What is clear is that collectively they have a lot of income, and that if you monopolize them you have a fair amount of pricing power. It's also fairly clear that killing POCOs will not pay enough to make it economical in ISK terms. What I don't know is how much people will wardec a hypothetical monopoly owner simply for killboard padding or other non-ISK-gain reasons. Will highseccers routinely pay 500m ISK to get in a war in which they destroy 1b ISK but get no loot? I don't know.

As for you being "relevant", you are in the sense that you have the cash to fund an attempt at winning the prize. You are not relevant, of course, if you do not actually enter the fight.

Denethal said...

Could I suggest trying to overtake the corps running hisec areas like Jita? (CVA, I believe they are called, runs Jita?)

That would probably leave a mark in Eve worth noting, as you could then start directing the fate of trade-hubs themselves.

And that would not be a goal people would be able to toss aside with indignance.

Anonymous said...


4. Having fun (it's a game after all)

40b profit per month on 300b NAV (?) is not good, unless the kind of effort you were putting in was equal to researching BPOs for 1 month at a time.

130b of kills means nothing when the quality of most of the kills is nil.

I'm not sure about the PvP multiboxing record in Eve, how many characters were you using?

Weren't there comments about WH cap escalations making 1b/hour on a previous post of yours? How much are you making per hour in high sec (via trading I assume)?

Competitive play? I don't think so, other than when you were trading what did you do that was competitive?

It seems "just go and have fun" really is the sensible option now, because what is the point in increasing all of these arbitrary numbers in a lolvideogame instead of increasing arbitrary numbers in real life that will likely still be around in 20 years.

"@Anonymous: I already tried that with TEST and it failed. They still collapsed. You can't give money to a lolpvper and expect him to do anything else than pvp for fun."

TEST scammed you, plain and simple.

"@Anonymous: seeding and "fighting" is nothing but a stupid gank. Except I could get 10-20x more kills from the same manpower by killing AFK rets."

Again, quality not quantity.

Anonymous said...

Eve is a sandbox MMO. Everything in Eve that doesn't involve building sandcastles or kicking them down with other players is going to ultimately feel hollow and pointless. The end game is pretty much Sov null.

Teach yourself how to FC and theorycraft doctrines. Bankroll a bunch of fleet bears and go conquer Providence just to see if you can.

You probably won't get a lot of outside interference while this war is going on. The Russians won't stop until they hit cobalt edge so you have probably have 3 months at least.

There are a lot of out of work Nullsec F1 pushers floating around due to recent wars sending several alliances back to empire. If you could afford to reimburse out of pocket you could raise sufficient numbers pretty quick. Lots of good lowsec staging systems to JF in war materials. I'd recommend focusing on EU tz pilots.

Kate 'On said...

Still mad about the TEST thing. You basically gave a system where they had income the level of CFC in their moongoo heyday, but 'culture' won out over success in the end.

Have you considered PVPing the market? No one has been able to say they have manipulate tritanium for profit. CFC still has you beat on market manipulation. I'm not even thinking the OTEC, but their FW LP exploit was netting trillions, and had they kept their mouth shut, would have probably walked away with that.

Trading is also as complex as you want it, Vahrokh turns it into NASDAQ level stuff, it's pretty complex, and it works pretty well. I've only just wrapped my head around the candlestick graph points.

As far as paying for PVP, I agree TEST may not have been the best avenue. As much as people crap on RPers, TEST is basically a social RP group, just with a different culture than what CCP put out there.

I would suggest taking it to the next level. you just have to change your metric. Sure, you can look at is as just a 1tn vs 2tn wallet metric, or speculative trading and market manipulation as being a way of doing it where people truly have no idea how it happened, and would need multiple posts to wrap their head around how you did it.

I can hide a rabbit myself, but a magician can make it happen while blowing people away.

Anonymous said...

"Oh, I almost forgot CFC who announced to join... as a third party for having fun."

What kind of person would just tell lies on the internet?
especially for such a lowly purpose as annoying his enemies with never-ceasing "We are a honourable 3rd party and here for the good fights only" spam when they know perfectly well that you are neither a 3rd party not here for the "good fights".
Also The Mittani has never ever used the word "honourable" in a sarcastic fashion before.

Anonymous said...

#3 is the interesting item. The misfit is that it requires skills you don't want to use. #3 needs a very social person; someone who would enjoy a career path of politician or charismatic leader - in game and in real life. No judgements but that seems like something you would not find enjoyable.

Acting social and altruistic for two years for eventual success is not altruistic. But I can't see it providing much blog material. (Nor would I find the payoff near worth it and doubt you would either.)

So the first question you need to ask is that in a very social game, are you willing to do all the social things to participate and compete in that arena? I just can't see how one could accomplish #3 without being a frequent participant in chat, probably voice as well. Some pleasantness, humor and altruism might not be required but would be helpful. Are you will to do that?

If so, then you can make a plan. If you are not willing to compete on social things, I am not sure what is left in EVE for you with #1 and #2 completed.

Ofc we readers would see the most from an Atlas Shrugged sort of approach. Make even more ISK and use it to fund the destabilization of the EVE orthodoxy. But I just don't see you being able to overcome the inertia of so many socials.

Paul Dejean said...

These "smart manipulators" manage to convince "lolpvpers" to do everything from grind down a structure in bomberless bombers to suicide gank freighters in highsec to make the alliance money to reinforce POSs with dreads.

They're also able to change the big picture. When The Mittani, arguably the smartest and most manipulative manipulator there is, makes an announcement, it usually changes the big picture.

So you've already admitted to yourself that smart manipulators can change the big picture, so why not become one yourself? You might think you don't have the ability to because you lack social skills or something. However if you show off your multiple titans, then people will respect that and follow you because of it. That gives you a place to start.

Anonymous said...
seems like your prayers have been answered.
This is something truely new and will definiately be noticed in the EVE universe. If you want to do something extraordinary and leave a mark on EVE's history this might be your chance. Assamble a group of likeminded (and probably filthy rich) people and be the first one to build one of these gates (or wathever they'll be exactly). Just pay the 'lowly alliance grunts' for the parts they find running sides and undermine the alliances efforts. I'm fully aware that it might be near impossible to beat them but well you asked for a challenge didn't you? Besides I'm pretty sure a lot of ppl would consider selling parts/info (instead of donating them to the alliance leadership) if the price is right.

nightgerbil said...

Gevlon why dont you consider rounding out your skill set in game a bit while you figure it out? Join eve uni and learn to FC effectively. Being able to command your own fleets is a player skill that might open up options for you later. Remember when you lead the pugs RBGs? its not that you CANT lead, nor that people WONT follow you. So learn how to do it well in this game like you learned how to gank and how to trade.

Anonymous said...

if I were you I would try to run a good renting corp.

All you'd need to do is buy a system from the cfc, then maybe hire some mercenaries to harass some NC/PL renters (some of them will follow the money)

take a cut from the corp wallet every month (in exchange for your management abilities)

grow as big as you can, become the most powerful man in all of nullsec.

Senri Sinulf said...

Hi Gevlon,

Well, if you want to change things, why don't you make contact with E-UNI and see if you can become a teacher ?
You have an in-depth knowledge of many aspects of the game and could teach a lot to new and not so new players.
Many of your articles show that you are good at explaining and demonstrating.
And by teaching you would have a small but real chance to change the way people think about the game.

My 2 cents.

Btw, thank you for your blog. As a newbie, I enjoy reading your articles and learn a lot from them.

Julian said...

CSM bro, I am sure many of your readers would support you if you run for it! Change EVE so it has a goal for you.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blog and you have a lot of knowledge, but building and leading a team seems to be a growth opportunity for you.

What about learning to become an accomplished FC? Do you have experience with fleet battles?

What about fighting other hi-sec gankers and teaching miners how to meet violence with violence - not just how to turtle up?

Anonymous said...

Just so you know, -A- is mostly English speaking players.-A- is pretty much the English arm of -DD-.

Anonymous said...

Im a new guy and thats what im planning for the yars to come.

1- Getting 1 Tri Isk (you have done)
2- Hold my own high-sec system. (maybe you have done)
3- Be the most famous and richiest guy in high/low-sec. (maybe you close to that)
4- Create my own trade hub in low-sec.
5- Somehow get real money from this space coins. (maybe you have done)

Nice blog keep this going Mr. Goblin.

Kate 'On said...

lol not the richest by any means. the eUNI market trading guy has 2.8tn at the moment, and there are a lot like him. old guard traders had a lot of expoitable ISK opportunities over the years to make an amazing nest egg.

which is why a lot of the newer guys like goblin make such huge gains, they learned in an easier era, and nowadays it's moderate efford

Stabs said...

I think your time in TEST demonstrated that you will have difficulty fitting in to someone else's organisation (me too to some extent Booda hated "armchair leadership" so much that I resorted in posting quite well thought out plans straight to the Fiery Cesspit).

So make your own corp.

Now what to do with it?

Well the obvious thing would be to conquer the universe. Take all the sov, as people think Mittani is secretly planning to do.

Anonymous said...

If you are back in some nullsec alliance, why not build an outpost per month? Pave nullsec with outposts. Want to be trolly about it? Then build Gallente (lots of offices). Me, I'd put Minmatarr in every system - it is the only racial one with built in reprocessing (to add reprocessing to any other racial outpost costs a lot of isk).

Anonymous said...

From reading Tiger Ears, you could try to make a place home. Or dominate a low or null sec area, some market products, transport routes? The high-sec POCO mechanics should allow for a lot of new strategies to be developed.

Anonymous said...

I honestly think EvE is limited.

The design and the engine is fundamentally the same as SWTOR or WoW.

Stuff hanging around for you to collect, process, sell.

Random bots to kill.

Some big battles with other players..

But its all static.

EvE needs to be more dynamic, players need to be able to change the environment at will in order to be different from all the countless clones out there.

Sure our market system is really close to real world, setting up an efficient PI with all its daisy chining is fun, and I love the POS moon mining line for its manufacturing complexity.. but its just fluff.

After a while you recogise that the complexity doesnt have depth to it.

It doesnt make a difference to the world of EvE if you are a master manufacturer or PIer or Ganker.

The Devs at CCP have to realise this or lose eventually.

I cant really remember consistently how many pilots are logging in on average every night but I opened up the launcher (after a 1 year stop) and the feel was..

Gee 15k players only? (This was Wednesday 25.7.14 at 8pm [GMT+8])

I sort of remember 25k players on weekdays and 45k players on weekends.

The is the second comment with a similar line of thinking.. sorry Gev, but I think we need to get CCP to see this.

EvE will die, because we are not different from the other MMORPGs.

Read Michael Porter.