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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Moron of the week

I have a looter pilot, Kelly. Her job is to salvage and loot the destroyed ships, miners and catalysts alike. While this activity can make her go suspect, her security status is not negative and she isn't in a wardeccable corporation. There aren't any kill rights against her, so the only way to kill her is to catch her while being a suspect - or suicide gank.

tk1n, a brave white knight with an insightful name was camping the station trying to catch my ganker pilots undocking. He didn't have any luck, probably never heard of insta undock and insta-dock bookmarks. Meanwhile I've found a target and first undocked Kelly so her fat cruiser get far enough from the station to avoid bumping into it. I was busy fitting my ganker when I heard combat sounds. Switched back to Kelly and found that the brave knight attacked her instead of the gankers. CONCORD handled his ship and I got a kill right:

Dumb! - I thought and carried on with the gank preparation. Undocked and saw his flashy red pod sitting at the undock, 2000 meters from my Catalyst. Locked and popped it, then warped to the insta-undock and killed the miner a minute later. After redocking and looting the miner I checked his pod. 640M.

I don't know which was dumber: going to PvP with that pod? Having safety on red without the clear intention to suicide gank? Not warping out his pod after losing his ship? I leave the decision to the readers, but his moron status cannot be disputed.

My miner guide page was updated with a chart showing how many T2 or lowbie Catalys needed to destroy various mining ships:
"Yield" fit means T2 miners in highs, mining upgrades in lows and tanking modules in mids and rigs. "Tanked" means also Damage Control module in one of the lows. "Idiot" means not even tanking modules in mids and rigs.


Kendas said...

I've been wondering concerning the ganking times - wouldn't it be beneficial to a mining party to just have one of their guys get in a noobship and spawn a group of CONCORD in the belt? As I understand it, that group is now tied to that player and since he won't gank again anywhere else (except perhaps in the next belt/anomaly) the concord squad won't leave any time soon.

I've always found that to be kinda stupid. You could even have a disposable alt to do it if your security status is as precious to you as The Ring. Just biomass it when police starts giving you trouble.

Anonymous said...

Hey Gevlon. Thanks for your info and your work dispelling the "fear" in Eve. After over a year of playing, I still bought into the hype and bullying until I started reading your blog.

I was wondering if I am looking at this the right way, or if you intended to use the word "corp" in place of "faction." On your miner's gank page, one can find this statement.

You can get a new pod by installing a jump clone. You need 8.0 faction standings to do that.

From what I know, one needs an 8.0 standing with a corp that also offers a medical facility. Faction standings may also play a part, but I am unaware of that aspect.

karma said...

Other than the fact that bio-massing a too due to negative concord standing is a ban, one of which ccp actually looks for.

Anonymous said...

Pulling Concord is okay, but not really useful. If you pull two fleets, solo gankers might have a bit of delay to pull them away, not more.

Biomassing and recycling the alt because of sec standing on the other hand, is an Exploit.

Anonymous said...

Jump Clones can be gotten from any of the mostly free Jump Clone Services out there. It is what Rorquals are used for.

Most Services only require you to pay the Clone cost to CCP (100.000 ISK).

Anonymous said...

Finaly a post where you are actually right about something - the guy was indeed an idiot. It's good that concord freed his ship from him.

NoizyGamer said...

Have you thought about having Kelly shoot at white knights with a festival launcher? I'd just love to see a kill mail with a festival launcher on it and I haven't managed it yet.

Gevlon said...

@Noizy: Kelly has his highs full of salvagers and she needs to.