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Friday, July 5, 2013

Fuel station Auguror

In its infinite wisdom, CCP games gave the T1 cruisers Auguror and Osprey a role bonus of +1000% energy transfer array and +200% energy transfer amount. You have it without any skills. What can we cook from this ship? For example a petrol station:
It takes about 2 weeks to learn this ship (energy grid upgrades 5 needed for the reactor controls). What is it good for? Well, it has a cyno, so you can cyno in your capital ship. The capital aligns out to a safe and warps if anyone lands. The Auguror remote sensor boost the capital to make it lock the Auguror faster. A non-triaged carrier can lock a cruiser in 20 seconds, but it can be decreased to 4 by the sensor links. As soon as the Auguror is locked, the capital starts a capital energy transfer array on it. In turn, the Auguror starts the 4 large energy transfers on the capital.

The capital will gain 820 cap/second from the Auguror and spends only 135 running the capital transfer array, so its net gain is around 700/sec. Even if the capital has no energy generation on its own (it surely has some, even on full combat fit), the fuel station Auguror can fill a carrier to 75% from zero in 70 seconds. If the capital has a T1 MWD to decrease cap size, the time needed goes down to 50 seconds. This ship is designed for the solo pilot moving his capital around and wants to do so fast.

Without the cyno, the fuel station Auguror can support POS repping carriers too. The carrier exits triage with no cap left, and can re-enter triage with full cap in a minute. There can be other uses like orbiting a nontriaged ratting carrier that reps/caps ratting battleships and keeping it on full cap. Of course it will need to downgrade on the transfers a bit to be able to fit some tank against random rat damage. Since it can throw cap to 107km, it can even have PvP uses, supporting a cap-intensive forward ship from behind (like smartbombing Rokhs from the other side of the bubble).

Anyway, if you are in need of cap, the T1 logistics cruisers are the ships for you.


Alkarasu said...

Too bad it can't activate any modules while cyno is on. So it's better to have something else for cyno.

Anonymous said...

Of course you can - you are just stationary, you can activate anything - including offensive modules.