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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The perfect limited-gate highsec mission boat

Next week there won't be business Thursday post, because the week will have a series of connecting posts, so this week there are two business posts!

If you have a combat mission to complete, you just drive a battleship into it and it's done. But some missions and complexes have gates that don't let battleships in. The COSMOS missions, with their hoards of faction reputation are such. Now add that you aren't really skilled into combat ships because you are a trader. Or you are skilled into ships that don't fit the damage profile of the rats inside. Anyway, you have a bunch of missions to do with no proper ship to do them. If only there would be a ship that can fire any damage profile, tank any damage profile, fit into acceleration gates, have enough DPS and tank without month-long skill training, have large cargohold, cap-stable while MWD-ing ... And if we are dreaming, why not be bold: this dream ship should be in our hangar for free instead of being a billion-ISK faction-fit T3 to buy. One can dream, right?

And sometimes, dreams just come true:
This is an EM/Explo tanking and dealing fit, but you can tank and deal any damage profile by replacing hardeners and changing weaponry. The ship is in your hangar without paying as it's an anniversary gift, but it's not for free, as you can sell it for 200M currently. However that's still much less than a T3 would be. If you are low-skilled, it's even better as you can fit anything that you can use. If you are only skilled with missiles, fit it with missiles, the damage won't be perfect but will be adequate. The drone bay can hold a flight of medium and light drones, so you can always cleanse those pesky frigrats. The hold is large enough for having enough cap boosters to keep that ancillary shield booster running.

Unless you bling it or its price going over a billion (when you'll sell it anyway), you can fly it safely in highsec. Don't forget buffer-tank, being gankable by a pair of Catalysts is plain stupid, along with flying under wardec and other things you shouldn't do anyway.


Anonymous said...

PVE ships should never require Cap Booster Charges

this wont allow you to do level 4 missions, the tank is ridiculous.

third: autocannons have a range problem in missions

forth: mwd is not allowed to be used in quite a few missions.

bottom line:
useless fit.

Gevlon said...

First: cap booster is cheaper than your time.

Second: why would anyone do a L4 in it? That's what battleships for. This is for limited gate, L2, L3 (cosmos and storyline missions)

Third: Barrage ammo gives 25km falloff

Forth: if the mission don't let MWD, swap it for AB. If you don't know if the mission let it or not, you did not do your homework.

bottom line: read the post before commenting

Kobeathris said...

I don't believe there are any missions left that don't allow a MWD to be used. That was changed years ago.

Anonymous said...

you mention in your opening paragraph "Now add that you aren't really skilled into combat ships because you are a trader."

and then post a fit for all level V skills.

How does it pan out with a char not skilled to V?

Gevlon said...

The same way as any ship: meta instead of T2, lower DPS, weaker tank, slower, but you will still be able to sit in it and shoot. The targets are L3 mission rats and not PL.

Shalcker said...

I think if it's active tank, general idea is that you don't fit shield extenders, you fit shield boost amplifiers.

Same for rigs - you could use resists, cap regen, or shield boost cycle rigs instead of field extenders.

Gevlon said...

Active tank won't help you with gankers. Gnosis is not a battleship, even with extenders you barely have 50K. Also, it has to survive reloading the ABS if things go bad.

Anonymous said...

Cosmos missions are not balanced at all. Either they have a ton of fast spawning/respawning rats, in which case your ship will die in a fire due to lack of endrance, or the rats are such pushovers you could do it in a cruiser.

I know this ship is "free" but ISK is ISK. Why would you fly this thing when a moderately skilled t1 drake would work just as well for less?