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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Living in interesting times

TEST leaving the HBC is an unprecedented move in EVE. Of course groups left bigger groups before but only when they were forced. N2S jumping out of SoCo was such. Corps leaving -A- for PL too. Jumping the sinking ship isn't heroic, but a good practice. TEST left HBC on its peak of power. It has never lost a war before. They gave up their position of the unstoppable war machine. Now they sit on two wanted regions with no means to defend them.

People tend to describe TEST as a bunch of trolls who do crazy stunts for no reason. But being crazy doesn't ensure survival. Actually, it often causes the opposite. It is likely that TEST just opted for losing its Sov.

The times aren't interesting for being the first when someone made a call that leads to its "doom". These times are interesting because I don't think TEST is heading for its doom. I think they are heading for FW-lowsec and into growth. You know, many TEST members already abandoned Sov-null and joined FW, "for fun". However "fun" doesn't keep you in ships, ISK does. According the canon, TEST should go bankrupt. Actually the alliance update says "We will defend our home with ... every last god damned ISK in our wallets."

The big thing is that I don't think it would come to this. I think they will never run out of ISK and they can continue to grow. Such growth of TEST would be the ultimate proof that nullsec is broken, you don't need Sov: the largest and strongest sov-holder willingly losing it and gaining more players on this transition. I think it would force CCP to redesign nullsec economy more than anything else, before others would follow TEST, leaving only botters in sov-null.

An even more interesting outcome would be if TEST would not lose its regions. Currently only large block members can hold land in the Sov map. Most of them would obviously not be able to hold it on its own and just gained it via block membership. I remember when Montolio was dumpster diving to find various obscure things to live in the regions we conquered. They weren't pets in the sense of following our command, they were rather maintenance guys hired as janitors of those constellations. Obviously without the might of the HBC they couldn't own a C1 wormhole on their own.

Now, since TEST thrown away the HBC shelter, it should lose its land. If it doesn't, it means that the large players have recognized that land doesn't worth having in excess. It would herald a new age where practically anyone can claim Sov in regions where no one else wants to. I mean if TEST can do it, you can too!

Welcome to the interesting times in EVE Online!


Anonymous said...

Who would take test's space from them?

Did you miss test remaining blue to TRIBE and RDN (and KILL)?

The remainder of the HBC will have a very hard time dealing the DD, nevermind scheming to invade Delve.

Relationships with the CFC are better than they have been in at least half a year (the only outstanding issue is RDN).

Gevlon said...

Obviously not the remaining HBC (is there a remaining HBC?)

RDN is not the only outstanding issue with CFC, there is FA too. Also, The Mittani could issue a "join us or burn" ultimatum.

Other people interested: Russians evicted from East. PL to rent out more space. N3 coalition.

Anonymous said...

FA hasn't been much of an issue, ever since Zagdul stepped down.

TEST and PL are still on friendly terms, and neither the russians nor N3 would be able to take on the TEST/TRIBE/RDN without significant allies (and who are those allies?).

Booda has used very war-like rhetoric but the fact of the matter is that his decision to leave the HBC has brought us at least another war oif peacetime (as opposed to a war against N3).

Anonymous said...

I am seeing a bunch of ccp tools capable of reducing the power of mega coaltions.

1. improved 0 sec industrie (ore and POS'es)
2. tech nerf
3. Power projection & logistics nerf (ice)
4. low sec PI upgrade (dust514)

If Eve game designers succeed it wont be enough in the future to have 20 clever people managing tech economics, 20 clever people managing POS'es and logistics and 20 clever people FC'ing to build an 1000+ member alliance.

If Eve game designer fail HBC will be back soon.

Anonymous said...

BoodaBooda: "As an addition, from a diplomatic standpoint -

Raiden has recently gone through a leadership change of their own (within the last few days). I spoke briefly with them about our relationship, and was caught just a little off guard. Basically, they are not interested in a mutual defense agreement - shooting HBC remnants if they come to us, maybe... but not a defensive pact. We'll continue being blue to them for now, but they may be going off to do something independently, with no concern for what happens to their space.

We're not looking to reset anyone without talking it out first, I just wanted to let you guys know that Raiden's new direction might take them out of the Orbit of Brodom. "

seems like this outstanding issue will be resolved soonish