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Friday, April 5, 2013

Voting for the economy on the CSM election

The elephant in the china shop is the totally messed up economy of EVE: in a game that is marketed as dark and harsh every loss can be replaced in total safety, while AFK.

Yet there are practically no CSM candidate who tries to change that. It's not a mistake and not only the product of a - probably Goon - scam. Most players are pretty happy with the current situation: they can engage in risk-free PvP while boosting their ego with the "I'm standing my ground in the most hardcore game existing". Yes, it's so hardcore. Not even Cute Pandas Online allows AFK farming.

Not having any direct candidate doesn't mean we are powerless to vote for a change. We can support those who are useful or at least neutral to us! The first rule is don't vote for any nullsec candidates. They are the kings of the hill at the moment, so they could only lose by any change. Their interest is to not change EVE in any way, besides bugfixes, UI improvements, minor ship tweaks. Each and every one of them will oppose any significant game change as it could cause new powers to emerge and take their positions. Please note that it doesn't need one to be an official block candidate, any members of nullsec are interested in keeping the status quo.

There are 31 candidates, the "say no to Null" rule filters the list well:
  1. Ripard Teg: Rote Kapelle (NPC Null is null too, he was ready to grind structures just to evacuate those deemed "carebears" from Syndicate. What could be more Null-ish?)
  2. Mangala Solaris: RvB
  3. Malcanis: The Initiative
  4. Kaleb Rysode: GSF
  5. ProGodLegend: Nulli Secunda
  6. Banlish: TEST
  7. Chitsa Jason: Exhale (Wormhole)
  8. Sort Dragon: PL, HBC
  9. Nathan Jameson: Talocan United (Wormhole)
  10. James Arget: Sleeper Social Club (Wormhole)
  11. Greene Lee: AAA (Do they still exist?)
  12. Trebor Daehdoow: Dirt Nap Squad. (Who the hell are they?)
  13. Ayeson: Hard Knocks Inc. (Wormhole)
  14. Ali Aras: Of Sound Mind (Providence, and I know she should be discarded for it, she is an exception)
  15. Mynnna: GSF
  16. Psychotic Monk: NPC corp
  17. Travis Musgrat: NC.
  18. Sala Cameron: PL
  19. Kesper North: Gentlemen's Agreement (CFC)
  20. Unforgiven Storm: GSF
  21. Awol Aurix: TEST
  22. CoreBloodBrothers: The Volition Cult (Providence)
  23. Riverini: NC.
  24. Mike Azariah: Some random corp
  25. Cipreh: Existential Anxiety (Wormhole)
  26. Korvin: Some random corp
  27. Artctura: Fatal Ascension
  28. Steve Ronuken: Some random corp
  29. Roc Weiler: FW militia
  30. DaeHan Minhyok: Li3 Federation
  31. PsychoBitch: Some random corp
14 left, one as an exception. Is it a coincidence? Now let's find those who go to the top positions to our list by evaluating the remaining candidates:
  • Mangala Solaris: RvB is a highsec-based lolPvP group. "lolPvP" is to be understood as no consequence, no risk PvP. You might noticed that I hate lolPvP. However RvB does it in highsec. It is a good thing for the game to keep the lolPvP-ers as subscribers, they have a place under the Sun, but not as a main feature. If the economy changes drive lolPvPers out of null, they must go somewhere. An RvB candidate could promote features which would help CCP create a "lolPvPer refugee camp" in highsec where they can do their nonsense without interfering with the universe. So he wouldn't be bad for us (nor really good).
  • Chitsa Jason, Nathan Jameson, James Arget, Ayeson, Cipreh: the Wormhole bunch. I've never lived in WHs and don't really plan to change that. However Wormholers live the way Nullseccers should: they earn their money where they live. Our enemies claim that if people couldn't earn ISK while AFK, everyone would quit the game. Every single wormhole resident is a living proof that earning ISK outside highsec is possible, the game won't die if it starts being dark instead of looking dark.
  • Trebor Daehdoow: the last remnant of the disaster called CSM7, with only one purpose: help CCP earn more money. I doubt he is aware that CSM works for the players against CCP.
  • Ali Aras: the exception from the above list. Providence is the least nullish part of null and her platform has nothing to do with Providence: it's newbie experience and teaching (making them able to compete as opposed to nerfing competition). I support her for the same reason as the WH-residents. The game needs new players to decrease risk-aversion of CCP. Currently they are in the position of "these are our players, we must cater to them as we get no replacement if any leaves." She is a new (returning) player, not a bittervet who uses the newbie card for extra voters while can't care less. She also has limited support to our cause.
  • Psychotic Monk: he goes for highsec aggression increase. That would serve as a fix to risk vs reward. However he can't care less about the economic aspect and increasing risk in highsec is the direct opposite of what CCP is been doing. He could be useful us in a limited way.
  • Mike Azariah: his official page says "Every style, Every group, EVERY PLAYER has a place and a right to be represented." probably the lamest beg for votes ever.
  • Korvin: solo-player content is his platform. Not hostile, neither useful to us.
  • Steve Ronuken: "A casual manufacturer in High sec shouldn't be priced entirely out of the market." MINION OF HELL, BY FIRE BE PURGED!
  • Roc Weiler: "I do not have an agenda for any one item, or even a group of items. The views of every player are valid to me." He just beaten Mike Azariah!
  • PsychoBitch: comedy candidate
I suggest to place Ali Aras on top and the 5 WH candidates in any order you wish (my list is Nathan Jameson, James Arget, Chitsa Jason, Ayeson, Cipreh). Follow them with Mangala Solaris, Psychotic Monk, and Korvin.

Please remember that in STV your vote don't expire until it elects a candidate, if your first and second get elected without you, your 3. 4. 5th don't get enough support from others, but your 6th does, he gets your vote, if you put his name on the ballot. Actually you should fill out all 14 slots, pick those who are least harmful for our cause! Unforgiven Storm (GSF) has an industrialist platform, Riverini (NC.) never supported AFK farming on his site, Ripard had some industry posts and he is not AFK-leeching/L4 farming, Malcanis has a bullet point "people should farm in sov-null". I'm totally out of ideas after this point. Please don't be lazy, click-click-click, on all your accounts!


Unknown said...

maybe worth mentioning for new players, that you can vote with all your accounts.

Anonymous said...

Should also check out the Crossing Zebra, VandV intervies with each candidate and the candidate debates coming up this weekend.

The VandV 4-way discussion with Sort Dragon was particularly enlightening

Anti said...

from treebor's CSM7 campaign post

"I have been playing EVE for a little over 4 years now, and in that time I've lived in hisec, lowsec, nullsec (npc and sov) and wormholes. In addition, I have written several private API tools to help me trade and manage production pipelines, as well as the EViE browser-based skill training monitor (for iPhone and all major desktop browsers)."

basically knows industry inside and out. it would be nice to have someone like him suggesting ways to make Nullsec or lowsec industry more relevant.

i'm going to put him higher than the nullsec block. (I have a plan. more below)

Anti said...

ok here is the plan. if you accept the below candidate list I will begin promoting it as the "highsec block how to vote ticket"

I was originally going to suggest linking back to your blog. but it might be better, get more carebear votes, if I just advertise it as the "VOTE NO TO NULLSEC"

what do you think?

1 - Ali Aras
2 - Nathan Jameson
3 - James Arget
4 - Chitsa Jason
5 - Ayeson
6 - Cipreh
7 - Mangala Solaris
8 - Psychotic Monk
9 - Trebor Daehdoow
10 - Korvin
11 - Ripard Teg
12 - Malcanis
13 - Riverini
14 - Unforgiven Storm

I had to put CFC last even if it is the industrial CFC bloke. only one I think you'll perhaps question is where to put Trebor. it would be nice if there were more options.

i'll give more details on my advertising once you give me an approved list.

Anti said...

jester has a post with details on making the voting process easier. best make it as easy as possible for the VOTE NO NULLSEC sympathisers.

if someone has time it would be helpful to edit his java script code for "our" ticket. else i'll do it tomorrow.

here is the details.

Easy mode for multiple account holders:

Make sure your bookmark bar is visible.
Create a bookmark in your bookmark bar called "Vote Button".
Copy-paste the code below as the address for this bookmark.
Log in to the voting page, .
Press the Vote Button in your bookmark bar.
Make sure the vote list is okay.
Hit Submit Vote.
Repeat the steps four through seven for every account you have.
You can delete the bookmark when you're done.
javascript: (function () {$('.candidate[candidate="626711141"]').insertBefore('.ui-state-placeholder:first-child'); /* Ripard Teg */
$('.candidate[candidate="301445721"]').insertAfter('.candidate[candidate="626711141"]'); /* Malcanis */
$('.candidate[candidate="1036406382"]').insertAfter('.candidate[candidate="301445721"]'); /* Trebor Daehdoow */
$('.candidate[candidate="1869635534"]').insertAfter('.candidate[candidate="1036406382"]'); /* Ali Aras */
$('.candidate[candidate="425176718"]').insertAfter('.candidate[candidate="1869635534"]'); /* Mangala Solaris */
$('.candidate[candidate="1080071942"]').insertAfter('.candidate[candidate="425176718"]'); /* Nathan Jameson */
$('.candidate[candidate="1059081514"]').insertAfter('.candidate[candidate="1080071942"]'); /* Korvin */
$('.candidate[candidate="1260698623"]').insertAfter('.candidate[candidate="1059081514"]'); /* corebloodbrothers */
$('.candidate[candidate="1042704015"]').insertAfter('.candidate[candidate="1260698623"]'); /* riverini */
$('.candidate[candidate="661699191"]').insertAfter('.candidate[candidate="1042704015"]'); /* Roc Weiler */
$('.candidate[candidate="572292891"]').insertAfter('.candidate[candidate="661699191"]'); /* Psychotic Monk */ $('.candidate[candidate="318491604"]').insertAfter('.candidate[candidate="572292891"]'); /* James Arget */
$('.candidate[candidate="514630444"]').insertAfter('.candidate[candidate="318491604"]'); /* Unforgiven Storm */
$('.candidate[candidate="317012339"]').insertAfter('.candidate[candidate="514630444"]'); /* progodlegend */
ccp.csmElections.init(); }());

hope the JS is accepted by comment system

Anti said...

my advertising scheme involves people reading a characters bio for further information.

there is a limit to the amount of information that can be posted in a bio.

it would be helpful if you can create a VOTE NO TO NULLSEC page I can link directly to.

perhaps consider a well crafted propaganda post rather than the one detailing your actual motives. more carebears will vote against nullsec if they don't know the full nerf highsec agenda.

also if it could include details of the jester method of easy voting spelled out in detail to make things as simple as possible to lazy peons.

Anti said...

ok some time ago while running a scam I created a fairly effective advertising method.

you park an afk alt in jita with the correct name and many people read your bio. for little effort you get your message to a surprising number of people.

sure the last time my alts name was "000FREE ISK SeeBio000" so the offer of free isk may have inflated the numbers visits. but hopefully the new name is similarly attractive to our target market.

I have just created a new alt to park in jita when i'm not logged in to my main. the name is "000-CSM-Vote-NO NULLSEC PleaseSeeBio" note that the leading three zero's are enough to put you at the top of the list of both local and station guests.

if you have a look at the bio of that toon you can see the current message. if you want me to edit the message bare in mind its right at the character limit of the bio atm.

if others want to help with their currently empty alt slots pick a different trade hub to sit in.

Anonymous said...

Dirt Nap Squad are Black Ops specialists that operate in Null.