Greedy Goblin

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

How to earn several billions with words?

Gaining billions with words? It must be scamming!
True, and it is a very immoral kind. You must make fellow people believe an atrocious lie: that EVE Online is a good game.

If you are ready to damn your immortal soul and lure unsuspecting people into the land of ganks, scams and AFK ice mining, log in the account management and choose "Buddy program". Click on the big green button and it creates a link which you can publish on your blog or Facebook, Twitter or whatever service you use to waste time with imaginary friends. My link is on my "try out EVE Online" page.

When your victims fall for your scam, they subscribe EVE and the evil Icelandic demons give you your 30 silver coins that you need to first claim on the "Buddy program/past invites" link:

I claimed some game time for my main account, the rest in PLEX. These became redeemable. Be careful, not to redeem them on a pilot who is in deep nullsec, select your Jita alt:

Note: none of these "buddies" were my alts, or anyone I know, just people clicking on my link on the blog.


Yaggle said...

Haha well, I am going to say something very social: congratulations, Gevlon! You could look at it as a reward for how hard you work on your blog, even if that was not the reward you were seeking. I can't believe you actually feel guilty, do you?

Oska Rus said...

It seems that it is possible to spread eve online curse even in antisocial way. Must try it too.