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Monday, April 15, 2013

All I want to say is ne-ne-ne-ne-ne!

The TEST drama is now all over the EVE-related sites. If you missed the main points are:
  1. A corporation, Kaesong Kosmonauts (NORK.) left TEST alliance on good terms. The TEST leader gave them a nice farewell.
  2. It turns out that the good terms were one-sided, as soon as they were neut, they started camping jump bridges. It turns out that camping jump bridges with supercapitals is bad idea.
  3. Upon losing the Aeon, they go full retard on forums, trolling left and right, celebrating (and maybe contributing to) some TEST super losses
  4. They get banned from the forums, mostly for messing with IT service authorizations
  5. The prominent members of the corp get accepted to a Pandemic Legion corp
  6. Now, as blues, they keep shooting TEST
  7. TEST resets PL and according to the comments I've seen they stay neutral until NORK guys are not kicked from PL
Why is it interesting (for me, for you it's probably just a stupid drama)?
Check out the names in the center of the scandal: Richter Enderas, Araello, Madlof Chev, Dysphonia Fera and so on. They were exactly my haters. Of course others disagreed with me often, but these were commenting hate on anything I've posted, including totally technical, neutral stuff.

It wasn't always like that. I was just another commenter, gaining support and critique according to my posts originally. There was an event when these fine individuals turned on me, creating a 20 pages long collection of death threats and "nigger faggot" class insults. Only after that I became the public enemy. It happened when their leader, Richter Enderas wanted my full API and I refused because I believed they want it to awox my highsec assets. While I was accepted to Dreddit, the common opinion was that I was very wrong accusing these "bros" and while most of the people didn't jump on the "shut the fuck up publord" bandwagon, neither they opposed it. Now, when the awoxing and insulting posts of these "bros" threatens the PL-TEST relations, I hope the irony burns those who supported them.


Anonymous said...

...welcome to EVE?

Sounds like some guys just enjoying their safari.

Frying Doom said...

Is that Richter as in, could he be any more racist Richter?

Anonymous said...

point 2 and 7 are outright wrong.

instead of doing some basic research (suchj as visiting you are relying on EN24 articles that were already outdated the moment they were posted.

Anonymous said...

Can it get any more social than gloating over this drama?

This screams "hurt feelings by being kicked" and now getting some "revenge", even if just by an "I told you so" article.

Always rational person? Sure...

Gevlon said...

@Anonymous: why, pointing out a mistake of other people is not rational? Or just because I was involved in it, I'm not authorized to point it out?

TEST people made a mistake of tolerating horrible jerks being horrible just because they were ready to do some busywork. They allowed them to silence anyone with bully and when someone refused to be silenced, they used administrative power to remove him.

This is bad practice and now they must see it. I hope they learn from it and when the next wannabe Richter Enderas shows up, they will handle him properly.

Unknown said...

@Last anon: What I want to know is when rational started meaning "void of all emotion"?

Stabs said...

Point 2 is correct. Dude called Dadmomcat camped cyno beacons with his super. Killed one one day then despite Richter telling him not to, went hunting the next day got baited and lost his Aeon.

Point 7 is more complex. PL and Test are now neutral but that's a game mechanic thing, they're blue(ish) in spirit and Shadoo and Sort are still running the show. This was seen as better than being blue in game mechanics but kinda snarly and bitey if ticked off. The standings are being used as a way of saying don't mess with us to the line members of an ally.

Anonymous said...

@Anon - no such thing as "blue in spirit"... if the game mechanics will let pilot_x shoot at pilot_y, ships are going to a'splode regardless of politics.

Especially now that there's blood in the waters, so to speak.

Anonymous said...

@Stabs PL and Test are not neutral.
PL and Test are blue.
Nobody was kicked from PL.

Your post is bullshit.

I even linked the f***ing standings page which is auto-updated from API.

Here's a screenshot if you are still too daft to understand:

Evil Grath Telkin himself (who sanctioned/ordered the blue-shooting) blue to TEST on this very moment.

PL hasn't been neutral to TEST for DAYS.

Point #2 is bullshit as there were no one-sided good terms - bridges had been thoroughly on the higher levels burned long before NORK had announced their departure and the shit-flinging - from both sides - started in AD/CD pretty much the moment it became public.

Is it so hard to get an account into TEST to do some basic fact-checking? I heard enli is recruiting.-..

Anonymous said...

If you want an actual story to write about then write about zulu.

That's some *big* conceptual change in the way EVE is played in 0.0 that will have repercussions for the next years.

cloaksquad will be next.

Anonymous said...

Pointing out the mistake is not irrational, dancing around with your fingers waving however, is not rational, unless you are in a playground :)

Although, with rationality, the glass houses thinking always applies.

Kainotomiu Ronuken said...

Because people don't seem to know, PL and TEST have +10 standings. The reset lasted for a day and cost three ships, all of which were reimbursed.

"Or just because I was involved in it, I'm not authorized to point it out?"

I don't understand, Gevlon, how you can constantly keep connecting yourself to changes in TEST. You left, what, five months ago, and you're claiming responsibility for the moderation changes and now because you were once in Kaesong Kosmonauts this is to do with you as well?

Anonymous said...

Richter Enderas wanted my full API and I refused because I believed they want it to awox my highsec assets

Can you explain this? How would knowledge of an asset allow them to take it?

Gevlon said...

My business is based on moving goods between hubs. The full API of the trader character would reveal the names and schedule of the transport pilots, providing targets for ganks.

Stabs said...

I stand corrected PL and Test are indeed currently blue.

I do think though they're positioning for a reset as soon as they can extricate themselves smoothly. And that they'll be politically aligned even though not blue.