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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Business Thursday: Blinged Tengu taking gates and prepare for the new alphafleet

Like in most weeks an especially expensive missioner ship was destroyed. Let's not get into the discussion of blinging, let's just focus on the issue at hand. This one wasn't defeated by an especially good group of specialized pirates. According to the story he was AFK on a gate, probably on its way home.

I also have an expensive Tengu that suffers the same problem: if it's AFK, it loses most of its tank, so it must be piloted actively, even if it does nothing but coming home empty. So let me share with you my solution to this problem: Put 4 large shield extender IIs, 2 EM ward amplifiers (the passive modules) and one explosive amplifer to mid slots. If you don't have powergrid for it, put the highs offline. You can put on nanofibers to low for faster autopiloting. Also replace the defensive subsystem to supplemental screening and you have 130K EHP with perfect skills assuming you only have one core defense field rig like the ALOD (and not 3 CDFE2s like me). Put the real fittings to the cargohold, maybe have a small container for this purpose.

Clearly still killable, but not by a single Tornado, it needs about 10, so it can protect your not-so-blinged ship. Of course the same trick works on other ships. Don't be afraid to double-tank autopiloting ships, like a Vargur.

Let's say that for some reason you have a very expensive missioning ship that you want to use. Here is how can you keep it safe: replace the shield boost amplifier, shield booster, propulsion, tracking with Shield extenders. Keep the active hardeners up and running. Get a damage control to low. Take the gates actively with hardeners on until the mission system. Dock in a station with a safe undock (where you can instantly redock). Refit normal fittings. Undock. If you see lot of Tornados outside, redock. If not, warp to the mission. Upon completing the mission, dock, fit extenders, travel to agents. Don't take gates with something that cost billions and have less than 100K EHP.

What you see in the picture?
The correct answer is a badly fit bad dreadnought.
What will you see in the picture after the summer rebalance?
A ship that can alpha 92K damage for 350M fitting cost and full insurability. The rebalanced Naglfar will be the new alpha ship, the counter of slowcats, supercarriers and even titans. 40 of these can alpha down a carrier, a fleet full of these can do the same to supercarriers. Put the amount of F1-bashers as CFC and HBC has into Naglfars and you can volley down Titans every gun cycle. Dreadnoughts are currently barely used in capital warfare due to having to siege to do damage and being unable to receive repairs. While the DPS of supercarriers are about the same, they can receive reps. The ability of alpha the enemy down can equalize the repair advantage. The new Naglfar will alpha 2.3x higher than the Moros and won't be bound to Therm/Kin damage. The midslot fit is intentional, if you deploy them in capital battles, no local rep can withstand being primaried. Having maximum buffer helps slowing the dread loss. The very point of dread fleets is insurance, a max insured dread cost about 1B if you can loot the dropped fitting, while the supers it pop can't be insured.

Where is the business tip in this? Here:

Warning: researched supercarrier blueprints sell under unresearched NPC blueprint prices, since people bought and researched too many. Investing into Naglfar blueprints is risky, proceed with caution.


Anonymous said...


Your post about blinged tengus made me wonder - why aren't people ganking incursion ships? Some incursion fits have billions of ISK worth in faction modules - just look at all these stupidly pimp nightmares/machariels/vindicators worth 10 billion when a ship a fifth of the cost does the job about 90% as well.

The FCs whine about the dying incursion community, when in fact their stupid leet fleet prerequisites that require t2 guns, faction battleships and faction mods on every fit are setting too high a barrier for new players to get into incursions. Heck, in my time I've seen a passive shield nighthawk in an armor fleet take aggro for 3 waves and survive. Also had mallers and stabber fleet issues in armor fleets that didnt go down after taking aggro. I think a little pruning of the insanely pimp FC's ships would make them reconsider their views on this.

Anonymous said...

Incursion ships are high-damage absurdly omni-tanked boats. The only thing different from a shiny pvp ship is the lack of points. No ganker can survive that.

Crow said...

Additionally Incursions work with Logis, not selfrep, so Incursionfits normally go for high omniresist buffer.
That makes them very hard to gank.

Anonymous said...

Not if they are sitting on a station waiting for a fleet invite, with none of their hardeners on. Not if a bunch of alpha tornadoes hit them at the same time. Having the logistics jammed in-site also causes bad things to happen, I hear.

Anonymous said...

4 large shield extenders... your Tengu has a sig the size of a small moon.

Anonymous said...

I've travelled with a couple bil of blueprints on auto, and only got a little scorched. A vulture fit full-passive is almost invulnerable. On lows, double-tank with 1600+passives. I also like the damnation, but the vulture has mirrored resists in armor and shield and if set well, the damage that most easily gets through one will stop at the other.
Yes, its slow. But the cost of blowing one up is huge.
If you want a little more agility, a devoter or onyx will get you through. Bitchin' hard ships.