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Monday, January 7, 2013

New Eden ice bot lottery!

Update: the lottery is cancelled due to lack of interest

I want to give more support to the New Order than ganking bots and AFK-leeches myself (flashy red when less than a week old) and seeding the market of the HQs. I've already donated ISK and could more, but you might noticed that I'm rather fan of business solutions than bureaucratic.

So I hereby announce the New Eden ice bot lottery! Every Sunday one billion ISK will be randomly distributed. To enter the lottery for the one billion prize you have to do the following:

Gank a Code violating (bot or AFK leech) miner in the ice belt. To verify that he was in the ice belt, he must have ice in the cargohold on the kill report. We don't have the numbers to cover every belt and grav site, we must focus our efforts to one zone and now that's ice. Also, Ice mining has the most bots. If he just started mining and is empty, you are out of luck. T1 barges are ineligible, an Orca or Ice-hauling freighter worth 3 tickets (if they have ice in them).

Find the kill on If it's not there, then no one loaded it up. Go and bug the guy with the killing blow to add his limited API to If it's done, the kill will be uploaded.

Copy and paste the following to an eve-mail:
Dear former owner of the following items,
[shipkill zkillboard link], [podkill zkillboard link if any]

You were terminated because you violated the New Halaima Code of Conduct

The New Order is fighting against botting and AFK leeching and NOT to grief people. We are for the betterment of miners. Less bots/leeches: higher prices for active players!

Also please look up your kill reports on the zkillboard link and see how many other Code violators were slain by us. We are mighty and will continue pursue inappropriate behavior. Please read the linked posts and think about your mining future!

Send this EVE-mail to the target and Botslayer Goblin. This is needed to verify that the letter actually reached the target.

I will collect these mails and do a Sunday extra post of the ganks of the week. People don't really read my blog on weekends so it's a good place for the kills. After that I'll make a random roll and select the winner. I'll figure out how to use the dice of Chribba.

To encourage people do the smart thing and fit for T2 or high meta (see tomorrows post), the distribution of the 1B: everyone on the kill report receives the money directly from me, 8M for every % damage they caused. The better you are, the more money. The remaining 200M is given to the guy who first sent me the kill. 100M for his extra efforts of submitting the mail and 100M with the instruction to forward it to the scout of the gank! If I'm on the kill, still do the same, I won't process it automatically. If the winner kill includes me, I won't get a share.

PS: Sugar wrote a great post how a mining op should look like. Hint: not with AFK-leeching Macks. Feel free to recommend it to miners.


Anonymous said...

Seriously just use Chribba dice like everyone else????

Foo said...

How do you confirm that the gankee was in fact AFK mining?

Anonymous said... or stfu

Anonymous said...

Midnight what time zone? EVE's or else?

Gevlon said...

@Foo: the Code demands them to verifty not AFK mining by responding in local. It also demands them to buy a permit and change their bio in signal that they accepted and understood the Code.

So we can actually make error on the safe side (overlook a permit-holder who is AFK-ing). Non-AFK but non-permit holders can prevent the gank by keeping their eyes open: if our scout stands on top of them, it's probably a time to warp off.

Gevlon said...


Read the Update of the post!

Anonymous said...

I see what you did there. Create an incentive for more bot killing, better fitting of catalysts, and informing botters of the code!

Gevlon said...

Due to a mistake a draft of later post was published for a few minutes. Sorry.

Bobbins said...

Possible solution to the New Order?
Since it is impossible to counter people ganking miners in eve perhaps the obvious counter to the New Order would be to target miners who have succumbed. These miners are obvious by the sticker in their Bio and should be treated like the 'scabs' they are.

Gevlon said...

@Bobbins: the New Order compatible miners are active. Active miners are much harder to gank than non-active. For example an active miner can overheat. Also, he can use a Skiff, since a smaller Ore hold is not much of a problem to him as he don't plan to go AFK.

Anonymous said...

Not having local open = AFK?

Damn, when we used to issue mining permits, we used to use convos or eve-mails for those (like me) who have auto-reject conversation on.

Anonymous said...

@last Anonymous
Why would you close local, the free intel channel of Eve? If you mean "use a different tab than local" then just set it to blink when someone chats in local, then check it when it does. If your ATK (as you say you are) then its trivial to check local when it blinks, say Hi to the new order agent(s) then hop back to whatever channel your chatting in.

Anonymous said...

Are you promoting social behaviour and having fun? What the hell happened to you?

Bobbins said...

the New Order compatible miners are active.

Question : What exactly are these 'active' ice miners doing?

Gevlon said...

The "perfect" miner is in an Orca boosted group in a properly tanked ship, maybe even with some ECM escort and overheating when hostiles land on him.

The actual "active" miner is somewhere between the perfect and the AFK.