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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Business Thursday: Shuttle+ and Hek standings

Two simple business tips for today. The first is a replacement for shuttle. Shuttles are good for one thing: autopiloting yourself from one place to another. Since you have no cargo, no one has a reason to shoot you in highsec.

Well, no reason doesn't mean they don't do it. Yesterday I was suicide ganked while I was providing warpin on an AFK mining barge for suicide gankers. EVE needs to be safer I tell you! So, let me introduce the "business class shuttle", that let you autopilot in highsec without being ganked by bored randoms. Please note that it cannot protect you from non-randoms, if you expect targeted attacks, don't autopilot and travel in a 600K EHP Tengu.
I calculated with Shield upgrades 4 (with 5 you can fit 2x T2 extenders) and Shield compensation 4s (200 more EHP if 5). I assumed Caldari frigate 5 as you probably have it anyway for a Buzzard (700 less EHP on 4). It's almost as fast as a shuttle.

The second tip is for traders in Hek, a simple and effortless way to increase standings: learn the skills necessary to start working with an R&D agent. Science 5, Mechanics 5, Mechanical engineering 1 is enough. Then start working with the L2 agent in the station. Every day she'll give you a trivial mission (1-2 jump courier with a shuttle or to give her a trivial amount of trit). They give 0.08 and 0.32% standings alternating and after every 16 mission you get an L2 storyline for 1-2% faction standing. It's very low, but it's practically free. Since Boundless Creations has no highsec storyline agent, this is as good as you can get to increase standings.


Anonymous said...

One of the safest ships to travel in is actually your pod.

Because of the massive standings hit for podding, people wont generally do it unless they are out getting pods.

Don't do it if you are in a known and wealthy wormhole corp where they expect your clone to be full to the brim of shiney things

Anonymous said...

"Because of the massive standings hit for podding, people wont generally do it unless they are out getting pods."

in other words "people won't pod you unless they want to"

Draco said...

Losing your pod can be very painful, heck if your a industry guy it can be worth around the billon mark.

I rather use a frigate or shuttle.

Anonymous said...

Moron of the week?

Kristophr said...

I suggest more stealth.

A good ship for fingering AFK miners is a Procurer with a a ship scanner in a middle slot, and no James 315 bumper sticker.

Something like this ...

NoizyGamer said...

I didn't think about using the R&D agents to increase my standings. Thanks for the tip.

I am a bit surprised you're not doing courier missions in low. The level 3s will make the grind go faster. I know you can fly a blockade runner. Just fit for maximum agility and speed.