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Sunday, December 30, 2012

First gank

I've ran a strange course in EVE. People usually have their first kill on a highsec target before on a supercarrier. And people usually kill something before they get 9 months old. Anyway, better late then never, an AFK-leeching Retreiver died:

Yes, I know I suck, this was the first and the ganker alt it just 1 days old. More will come! Do you remember Alterac Valley where half of your team was AFK-leech or bot? Here in EVE you can inflict them damage that cost as much as several weeks of game subscription! Unlike taking systems on the Sov map, it's pretty newbie friendly. Come and try it. Death to all the bots!

By the way one of the botgankers made this video how it happens!


Sugar Kyle said...

Applause. Good for doing what you say you are going to do and following through with it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, look. It only took you nearly a year to figure out that you don't need Sov, Titans or other bling to change something in EVE.

Because someone has to clean the Sandbox, and CCP ain't gonna do it. So by every single Bot you take out you change the end results. It may not be as obvious as having a mark on a Map to brag to others about, but you'll know how many you have killed, and you will se the effects ripple.

Bothunting may not be a shiny mark of pride on some pixel map, but it's one of the most core parts to change EVE.

Pres said...


I like what you're doing for the poor miners out there in their quest against botting, but there is one question i just have to ask:
How did you manage to get t2 blasters on a 1 day toon? :D

Greetings, Pres.

Gevlon said...

What T2 blasters? I had metas of course, never claimed otherwise.

Anonymous said...

if someone is botting, you hit "report as bot" if you want to do the right thing.

you can call yourself anti-bot all day, with what you do, you don't change much about bots.

If you report them ccp can study them and find ways to detect and ban all using the same bot.

Gevlon said...

Most of them don't run bot software, just a keyboard macro. They are rather AFK leeches than bots.

Anonymous said...

Keyboard macros equals botting in a game like WoW. They're also easily detectable.

Anonymous said...

Hey Gevlon,
I am fairly new to this game but am interested in joining the New Order's crusade - but i am unsure what will happen after sec status falls below -5? Will i get attacked by faction police/station guns upon undocking from station with a new catalyst to warp to icefields to gank? If so how does one go around it without getting blown up before getting to the target?


Gevlon said...

After -5 sec status the faction police will attack you. So you have to move quick between bookmarks.

Have a dedicated ganker alt who does nothing else as you won't be able to do anything else.

Camo said...

This marks a sad day, you joining the ranks of the brutes.

Yes, there is a noble goal in removing bots and I can see why you want to achieve it as you briefly highlighted in Fridays post, but in my eyes it is the wrong way.

Minerbumping is not build around enlightning miners, but around extracting a profit from them.
The "control" they claim to have, is just an illusion.
Are they controlling who can mine?
No, they can only control who can not.
Why is this difference important?
Because it is the basis of their extortion scheme. Paying them can not prevent that anyone else shows up to gank or bump you, preventing you from mining.

Imagine yourself, using their "perfect democracy/election" gimmick, to proclaim yourself some kind of ruler of highsec, put up a new page on this blog stating some rules and how every miner in highsec now has to pay you.
Maybe 20m. Per month. If not, you bump or gank them.
What will the High Order do?
Gank your suicide ships to protect their paying "customers"?
In fact you don't even need to have a flashy title or rules or anything. That is just fluff to impress and deceive.

Why not open up your own "protection" service, punishing bots and AFK'ers?

Druur Monakh said...

@Gevlon: Most of them don't run bot software, just a keyboard macro.

That is a big difference: multiboxing input splitters and macro-capable keyboards are legal, as long as any action is ultimately triggered by the player: .

Not that you'd care about subtleties like that on your holy crusade against perceived AFK leeches - whether they are actually AFK or not.

All of which is ironic because trading is the ultimate AFK game activity - for the most of the time you don't even have to be logged in (and I remember you bragging about it). How'd you feel if your market orders were only visible and active while you were logged in? "AFK miners" play the game more than you do.

Speaking of playing the game: man up, accept the consequences for your actions, and stop hiding behind NPC corps and alts.

Anonymous said...

Hello Gevlon,

I see thank you :)
Do you know how much time you roughly have before you must jump to the next bookmark?

If not i guess i can use a cheap rookie ship to test out the faction police response time first. Losing the destroyer before melting any afk miners would be embarrassing!

Gevlon said...

@Anonymous: I'll write a post this week to explain minerbumping in a more clear way.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!
Would be great if some tips on how to bump orbiting miners are included too :)

Druur Monakh said...

To elaborate on my previous post, because I think I could have expressed myself better:

As a marketing maven, you, Gevlon, use all the game mechanics at your disposal to optimize your profit over your effort (time) and risk: market orders which work even when your offline, NPC corps, alts, and freighter services. And as you'd probably say, you'd be a bad goblin not to.

The problem is that miners do the _exact same thing_. They take the game mechanics as they are - long mining cycles, large ore bays - and use them such that their profit/effort balance is optimized, despite being disrespected by some of their peers for it. And optimizing in this case means doing something else in parallel, because there is _literally_ nothing to do when mining ice.

Of all the people, you, Gevlon, should be the first to defend such miners, because even though they aren't playing the market, they are otherwise exhibiting the very goblinish traits you claim for yourself.

By attacking them, you are either ignorant, or applying double standards.

And if you really want to fight bots and AFK mining: report bots using the bot reporting tool (to prevent new botting players from being created in the first place); and champion a new mining mechanic with CCO which rewards attentiveness instead of punishing it. Anything else is just ineffectual grandstanding.

Anonymous said...

You seem to have missed a major part of suicide alts...

Every single person you gank or stand -over can put bounties on all of your characters. You stand out like dogs balls.

Good luck m8 0707070707070707

Anonymous said...

it's unfortunate that james treats all high sec miners as trash, not just bots.