Greedy Goblin

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

November character report

Here is my character report, I hope my plans help you make yours and that your comments help me refine mine. If not, move along, nothing to see here. I try to use a simple format that can be copy-pasted and updated. First an overview table, then detailed description of characters. Unused characters are ignored.

Char# Personal data Account# Implants October SP Nov. SP Remap Last month focus
1 Gevlon Goblin 1 5 10.05 11.79 I8-M6 Ship support skills
2 Hek trader 1 3 2.10 2.10 C10-M4 Nothing
3 Scout/cyno pilot 1 3 2.67 2.91 I10-M4 Ship support skills
4 Amarr trader 2 4 4.31 5.87 M10-I4 Ship support skills
5 Dodixie trader 2 4 3.43 3.43 C8-W6 Nothing
6 Rens trader 2 4 4.43 4.73 C8-W6 Mixed
7 Titania Goblin 3 5 12.10 14.02 P10-W4 All cruiser, BC, dest 4
8 Rorqual pilot 4 5 8.41 10.39 C10-W4 Trade, PI
9 Ragnarok pilot 5 5 7.98 10.02 I10-M4 Support+JDC5
10 Nyx pilot for sale 6 5 7.60 8.76 I10-M4 Support skills
11 Moros pilot 7 5 7.25 9.28 I10-M4 Support skills
12 Girlfriends' character 8 4 13.57 15.57 P10-W4 BC5, Dest 5
  1. My main, Gevlon Goblin, the perfect example why one shouldn't remap before knowing what he is doing. Finally my tribulations are over, learned all the ships I ever want to fly. Now I learn some support skills and then focus on research and industry. I'll forever live in Jita and trade.
  2. This pilot practically never leaves Hek - Boundless Creations Factory and does only trading, barely gets any SP.
  3. As busy member of TEST, she is my first nullsec pilot. Her job is to scout for the other pilots and open cyno if needed. Since we cleared up most of the SoCo resistence, there isn't much to be AFK-cloaked.
  4. She trades in Amarr and finally can fly a Buzzard to go to lowsec planets to start research. The queue is much shorter there. She also learned most of the needed research skills.
  5. She trades in Dodixie and practically does nothing else.
  6. She trades in Rens and has a few planets. They aren't much of an income (about 0.35B/month), rather a hobby and testing field for null PI. She now gets command center 5.
  7. Titania Goblin is a regular fleet member of HoneyBadger Coalition fleets. She is flying Scimitar and Guardian with Logi 5, sticking to the "only stratops, no roams" oath. The training for carriers was interrupted to learn all cruisers to 4, destroyers and battlecruisers to 4 too to get the free racial destroyer and BC skills to 4. Faster to learn now than later one by one and I'll need them to learn all faction carriers.
  8. My main focus in null is still industry, so my Rorqual alt has born. The Rorqual plans are on hold as now I'm working on some serious PI scheme in Delve.
  9. This pilot has long way before flying anything but a shuttle. Still months in Int/Mem and Int/Perc support skills. Then leadership skills. A lot. That will take some time. But at the end, I'll have a fleet booster Ragnarok for sig-tanking fleets. Don't even try to talk out of it! One must have wild dreams.
  10. To experiment with Character Bazaar, I started training a Nyx pilot. We'll see how much profit this sale will provide. Still in support skill phase, and suffered some delay due to sharing the account with a 1 week hero business helper.
  11. He also started out as titan pilot, but my "20B/month" combined with the decreased income because of FW limited my budget to one titan. So I'll have a structure shooting dreadnought. One day. After lot of EFT-ing I gave up my exotic plans and just go for a Moros. Some rare cases you just have to accept that what other people do is right.
  12. On the top of my own accounts, I give a PLEX a month to my girlfriend, as it would be stupid to pay for it with real money. She plays even less than before and I'm not sure she'll ever get to like the game. But she keeps training so the chance of return is always there. As a combat pilot, she now does the obligatory "all cruisers 3, BC+Dest 5 routine.

Tuesday morning report: 178.8B (8.6 spent on main accounts, 7.1 spent on Logi/Carrier, 3.8 on Ragnarok, 5.5 on Rorqual, 3.4 on Nyx, 3.4 on Dread, 57.4 sent as gift)


Foo said...

On the girlfriend playing component; you previously mentioned that part of the problem is that the corp is the actor rather than the individual.

That may certainly be true in null, but wormhole space is a different game; still deadly, but a C2 system is a small group environment; with portals to other parts of eve. Even the existence of those portals are somewhat under the control of the inhabitants.

The skills and actions of the individual matter in wormhole space; as opposed null where the skills and actions of the collective matter much more.

Anonymous said...

It's actually the "compulsory all cruisers to 3, BC & Destroyer 5".

Belloche said...

Your statement,
"As a combat pilot, she now does the obligatory "all cruisers 4, BC+Dest 5 routine." is incorrect. You only need FRIGATE 4, cruiser 3 to get the benefits of destroyer V and battle cruiser V. I am not sure if you were aware of that.

Gevlon said...

Cruiser 4 fixed. I still learn them as they are still prerequisites of BS

Anonymous said...


If you want meaningful input on your PvP pilots we need to see your character sheet. Here is a website that will allow you to display your characters' skills:

Obviously, if you feel this information should be kept private then ignore this post. We can't really meaningfully comment on your plan without details. If you don't want a bunch of randoms to look at your skill set up, it may behoove you to find someone decent in your corporation to look at your PvP characters for you.

Anonymous said...

Eveboard does allow for password protected character sheets, but I'm hesitant in using it for myself.