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Friday, October 5, 2012

My first PvP in EVE

This is an extra post, the real post for today is here. Who would have thought, but the day has came in EVE when I flown out in null to get things blown up. Like everyone told, one has to start in a frig.

In the dreams of poor people maybe:

Fleet PvP isn't that complicated: you are fleet warped, jump with the others, orbit the anchor ship, turn up your MWD and fly with insane speed:
I've managed to fit a 1MN MWD on my Scimi. Wonderful. Luckily, the enemy did not show up, otherwise it would end fast for me. This way I had time to fix my overview. And keep my implants because I forgot to clone jump and was in a full +5 clone.

OK, this was enough comedy for this day right? Well, add what kind of fleet it was:

Now the good stuff: GQ2S-8 station taken. 0SUF-3 IHUB:

The above fleet was at restart time. The main fleet action was 2 hours later. We had unbelievable rumors spreading: -A- actually undocked! So we gathered:
There were 4 fleets, Navy Apocalypses, Drakes, Instacanes and bombers. This time I was prepared (sort of). Overview ready, jumped in a cheap combat clone (read: +4P/W), 10MD MWD on ship (since I missed some support skills it needed some "creative" fitting, but I had 3 large reppers, shield extender and MWD), and what mattered most, I learned that there is a "no chatter" channel on the fleet Mumble, where I only hear the FC. So I joined the Drakes and found 4!!! other Scimis with me. Later they managed to get 3 more. Not really encouraging, but I found courage in the fact that they are just Drakes, if my transport interceptor had died when I was 3 months old, that would have been a larger kill than the annihilation of this fleet.

So off we went. Jumped to Paragon Soul and after some warping up and down we jumped in a gate with the enemy fleet beyond. Waited for grid load and the missile barrage started. Sent my drones on the logi anchor before I was jammed for three cycles with several other logis. We lost 2 logis and several drakes while stay aligned. Finally my jam was over and could start repping, catching some Drakes and a command ship from popping, not catching some more drakes. This phase last for about a minute when we fleet warped away from them because our bombers arrived and thrown their gifts to the unsuspecting SoCo. We warped back, caught some survivors of the bombing run, made the rest run. If you click on the battle timeline of the report, you can see very well what happened.

After that there wasn't much to rep. The enemy was locked into a POS shield while we destroyed the Cyno jammer, the guns and other services:
While orbiting the anchor I updated some orders alt-tabbed. One important thing to null fleets is to always have something else to do while in it.

Finally all fleets gathered up at the station:

Using the "look at" button on a randomly selected blue created the final screenshot of the day, an inspirational one, saying "this will be me in 2 weeks":

Since I wanted to finish the transportation packages of the day, I choose to utilize the newly captured space: docked in the station of GQ2S-8.


Anonymous said...

Congratz, after months of you talking about things that you knew nothing about, you finally took the guts to go there and do it.

I'll be humble about it and say that I was wrong, I though you would never do it and would become one more of those annoying carebears vomiting wisdom from HS.

When you get a little more experience, I would recommend go back to your old posts to see why there was always a flood of people saying you were wrong.

Good luck in you future endeavours.

Kristophr said...

Not bad. Glad to see you out here beyond the perimeter.

You might want to turn brackets off in your overview, and go to very low graphics settings.

Really large battles can get very laggy if you don't.

Anonymous said...


Modern computers can handle some brackets. I have a custom overview that shows only enemy ships (no drones or fighterbombers) which seems to work well.

Even with 1000 people on grid I can still get 20+ fps which is enough for eve.