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Friday, October 12, 2012

My first kill report (and I'm not even on it)

This isn't the real post, that was at 7:00.

Remember the first kill where you meaninfully participated? Not the ones where you just tagged along with the pros, but the first where your actions mattered.

It started by a drakefleet was called for to escort supers to reinforce a station on 25S-6P. You can guess not many shown up for that "boring" job. You can also guess that I did. And off we went to clear the system from randoms and cyno in the supers. They put the station into armor reinforce fast, no hostiles shown up.
By the way the station has some really idiot name:

Then I noticed that we are just next to 6BPS-T, the system I use to AFK cloak. I told that there are always bubbles on the gate but also some really brave ratters/bots who no longer warp to the safe because they trust their bubbles so much. There are of course some casual ratters who warp in when I log in, but the core just links stealth bomber kills and lols. It seems they were known by others too and some scouts went in. They noticed a ship outside the POS shield. It was probably gaining cap. We gathered on the gate, and discussed. The POS is a death star and we were low on logis. It could be a trap. But hey, we can only lose drakes, so let's go! When tackle was called by the scout, jumped, MWD-ed out of the bubble and warped. The job was to bump the target away from the shields. And here I am bumping:
Well, it's not exactly a T1 cruiser or frig that most people killed first in lowsec. It's a 3.7B Thanatos (the in-game kills shown more cargo).

The "bad" thing is that I'm not on the kill report as I fly a Scimi. Why do I consider this my really first kill? Look up the system on the killboard sites and count the dead HBC drakes today. There are none. Not a single one was lost. The POS was shooting like hell, but our reps held. There is a killboard for logis: the one with friendlies. And when there are none on the list, we did good.

After the fleet was called, I logged to the AFK cloaker and chatted with the locals. They warped now. I hope I could convince them to quit AAA citizens and rent in Fountain instead.


Anonymous said...

As a fellow TEST scimi/guardian pilot, I'm glad you see past the killboards and look at what really matters; saving our bros. And that goes to ALL logi pilots.

Trebron Znieh said...

You dont have EECM drones on your Scimi?

Migui said...

I was there in my drake and the Thanny was more than 6 billion but eve-kill doesn't show the corp hangar at all :)

In the KB of TEST it is shown however. Was a nice kill though.

Some moar screenshots: