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Thursday, September 20, 2012

EVE Character report - September

Here is my character report, I hope my plans help you make yours and that your comments help me refine mine. If not, move along, nothing to see here. I try to use a simple format that can be copy-pasted and updated. First an overview table, then detailed description of characters. Unused characters are ignored.
Char# Personal data Account# Implants August SP Sept. SP Remap Last month focus
1 Gevlon Goblin 1 4 7.39 8.29 P7-W7 Caldari Industrial 5
2 Hek trader 1 3 1.15 2.10 C10-M4 Accounting 5
3 Scout/cyno pilot 1 3 2.66 2.67 I10-M4 Not much
4 Amarr trader 2 4 2.76 3.53 M10-I4 Industry
5 Dodixie trader 2 4 2.79 3.43 C8-W6 Wholesale 5
6 Rens trader 2 4 3.29 3.67 C8-W6 Wholesale 5
7 Logi/Triage pilot 3 5 8.40 10.29 P10-W4 Logistics 5
8 Rorqual pilot 4 5 4.68 6.60 I10-M4 Support skills
9 Ragnarok pilot 5 5 4.10 6.11 I10-M4 Support skills
10 Nyx pilot for sale 6 5 3.76 5.73 I10-M4 Support skills
11 Dread pilot 7 5 3.38 5.38 I10-M4 Support skills
12 Girlfriends' character 8 4 9.82 11.76 P10-W4 "Rokh 5"
  1. My main, Gevlon Goblin, still in P-W remap, but this month he dominated the account, progressing towards his end ship, the freighter. My future is clear: Jita will be my home and Science and Trade Institution my corp till the end of days. I'll make ISK for nullsec ventures. After I finished the ships, I'll remap for more trade and industry skills.
  2. This pilot practically never leaves Hek - Boundless Creations Factory and does only trading. Finished Accounting 5, the last important trading skill, the rest can wait.
  3. As proud member of TEST, she is my first nullsec pilot. Her job is to scout for the other pilots, do exploration and open cyno if needed.
  4. She trades in Amarr and practically does nothing else. Finished trading skills, working on industry. She'll eat the skillpoints on this account.
  5. She trades in Dodixie and practically does nothing else. Training is more or less complete.
  6. She trades in Rens and practically does nothing else. Training is more or less complete.
  7. She trains for logistics and triage carrier. Can fly a Scimitar with Logi 5. Now learns some drones, Guardian, and then train for Nidhoggur. This pilot will participate in fleet actions.
  8. While I'll fly in null, I won't stop being an industrialist there. So my Rorqual alt has born. Still in newbie phase, learning support skills. Will remap to Cha/Will to learn Mining Director and Wing command to be able to boost a mining fleet. Finally remap P-W for my ships: the Rorqual, a freighter and a jump freighter. It is followed by industrial skills, needed to compress ore.
  9. This pilot has long way before flying anything but a shuttle. Still months in Int/Mem and Int/Perc support skills. His later future is unknown. He was planned to fly my Ragnarok, but I canceled my titan plans for donation plan. He'll probably end up simple offgrid booster, but his hope of the great beast will never die.
  10. To experiment with Character Bazaar, I started training a Nyx pilot. We'll see how much profit this sale will provide
  11. He also started out as titan pilot. As I'm interested only in structure-involving battles, I'll have a dreadnought pilot too.
  12. On the top of my own accounts, I give a PLEX a month to my girlfriend, as it would be stupid to pay for it with real money. She is still extremely casual, though starts to show signs of getting a clue about the game. She has two ships now, got a Noctis for looting/salvaging, but everything else is done by her Rokh. That ship improved a lot. She did some Cosmos missions to finally get standings for L4s.

Thursday morning report: 154.0B (5.5 spent on main accounts, 3.6+0.2 spent on Logi/Carrier, 3.2 on Ragnarok, 2.6 on Rorqual, 2.4 on Nyx, 2.8 on Dread, 17.4 sent as gift)

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