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Friday, June 15, 2012

Blogging my profit away #2

Well, if you expected some wonderful tip to make a billion a day, you'll be disappointed. Despite my income increased significantly since the last blogging my profit away post, made 30B in the last 30 days, I have nothing great to tell you, besides the fact that with 480M/plex and these prices, I made E1100 in a month which is above the median income in my country.

At first I was still selling the same books as before.

Secondly I noticed that the Badger II can be sold for 2M but produced for 1.1M, since the material prices already fell after the speculation bubble, but manufacturers did not restart. So I mass-produced them. Was good till it last:

I also noticed that coolants, which I produced on my planets were selling for 1000 ISK cheaper in Rens and Dodixie than Jita. So I set up buy orders and got the thing hauled to Jita. That was some really good money. But good things are not meant to last:

Sending several freighters to Jita may have something to do with this.

I started a really idiotic business. It has good profit but only limited volume. It's the only advice today I can recommend:

Finally I have my "experimental" business. It pays well but I can't still approximate its value. I don't write about it yet simply because I change it all the time, learning it. I already see it's huge, but also that there are much bigger players than me in it, so maybe we simply destroy the profit soon. I hope I can give you a report next month.

If someone cared to check my daily report, you could see a serious setback yesterday (I mean I made only 400M instead of the usual 1B+) and a huge jump today. The reason is that I made a full revision on my business, removed lot of items from my lists and sold them on Jita for discount just to get rid of them. While they performed OK, I recognized that half of my items are doing 80% of my profit, so the other half simply don't worth the time. As I added items to my lists day by day, I reached the unacceptable point of spending 2.5-3 hours a day with business. Even if I made 1.2B+ (that's 400M/hour), such no-lifer style can't stay. From now on, I'll insist of keeping my business hours below 1.5/day, even if it costs some income. I use the gained time to do more research or simply play. If I want to move to null/WH, I must not spend my game time in Jita. Due to the liquidations, my cash was all time high at 11B, and I invested it in the experimental business.

One great thing happened to me, thanks to my blog: a professional freighter player, having multiple pilots for cargo corps contacted me after my Orca post and offered a mutually profitable business. Instead of me learning and flying an Orcafleet, I just courier contract my stuff to him and he transport them on the same day. For 1.5% of the cargo value, I get my supply chain moved via fully collateraled contracts. Saved me the Orcas and some transporting time (as the interceptors move only if there is an unscheduled cargo due to some new item), saves me from grief-gankers and provides him nice "free" income as he already has Orcas moving in this path.

Friday morning report: 52.5B. (1 PLEX ahead, 1.1B spent on LCT, 0.1 on Rorqual)
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Excaerious said...

Ironically, I noticed a similar trend in T1 Haulers and managed to cash out a bunch. Iteron V's; even with my meager skills I could produce one for 1.4m and sell it for 3.1m.

That was some decent profit. It died down in much the same trend in my region as your graph.

chewy said...

Simple question but I don't play Eve and so I'm not familiar with PLEX.

The 1100 euro you've made is that an equivalent value or is there a way of realising that money somehow, could you actually cash it in ?

Gevlon said...

@Chewy: no, I can't get this money (without illegal RMT).

It means that if someone wanted to buy so much ISK (game money) from the item shop with real money, he had to pay E1100