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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Diablo 3 market is "37"

One could think Blizzard can't mess the market system up better than the start servers. Well, they either managed, or my girlfriend is the biggest market genius:
As you can see practically all of her items are yellow (it's the "epic" of Diablo 3, act end bosses throw it). Also she has a bunch of yellows in her stash that she flips. I don't do business in Diablo 3, simply because it's a joke.

The reason for the messup: no items are destroyed (in EVE we have explosions, in WoW we have soulbinding that forces the owner to vendor his old items). So in Diablo3, no matter how slow the item generation is (about 1 yellow/2 hours), soon we'll be drown in them.

Diablo 3 tip: every 5 levels (preferably 10, 15, 20 ... ) go to the AH and buy a new set of yellows. Don't pay more than lvl*100 gold for an item. Sell your old yellows. Don't be greedy, rather sell two items cheap than one high and one unsold, because you only have 10 selling slots and can't cancel auctions. Vendor the blues for gold, except the really well itemized ones. The best stat in the game is the +experience until you get to inferno.

And for God's sake, don't take the game any seriously! It's not even WoW with endgame raiding and arenas. Enjoy the scenery, kill Diablo, don't miss out on the pony level and come back to EVE!

EVE Business report: Saturday morning 23.4B, (0 PLEX behind for second account, 1.1B spent on triage carrier alt) Don't forget to join the goblinworks channel to discuss business ideas.


Soge said...

Actually, the epic equivalent are the Legendary items. Even mid level ones are going for hundreds of thousands of gold. And there are the set items too.

Kreeegor said...

And not a single complaint on the interface and the search ability. Well - this is basic market efficiency to an extremely inefficient game. Expected. Btw - in nightmare and hell(which are parts of the leveling game) i found myself thinking what stats I need.

And i think that +XP is not the best stat - the best after act 2 of nightmare is vitality - stack a lot of it. Everything tends to one shout you there otherwise.

Anonymous said...

It is a pretty daft situation.

I was in full yellow by lvl15 and can now be extremely fussy, only choosing items with six favoured affixes. Sadly it renders any loot I find meaningless beyond its vendor value.

I assume this overpowered gear reduces challenge level though I am assuming only Inferno is intended as a true challenge, previous difficulty modes are the equivalent of WoW power levelling in heirlooms, etc.

Simple soulbind on use would resolve a lot of the oversupply.

Andres said...

what do you mean no items are destroyed? (they can be disenchanted at the blacksmith, yielding mats for other items to be crafted by the BS, and I assume you know that, so I am thinking maybe there's something I'm missing there)

Gevlon said...

@Andres: yes, they can be disenchanted. They can be also thrown to the ground or vendored.

But I doubt if someone is so dumb to do any of these with a yellow item.

Anonymous said...


The amount of rares you can sell is effectively limited by how fast you sell them, comparing to how fast you obtain them.

4-5 hour Non-stop playing session with a group of 4 nets a dozen or so yellows, so if only half of your items sells, other half has to be vendored. If something doesn't sell in 2 days, and it isn't a clearly exceptional item which I simply accidently overpriced, it gets vendored as well.

Come to think of it, I have a login to a friend's account somewhere...

freakpants said...

Since yellows drop really often after a certain level, and you can only have 10 auctions at a time, AND because the mats you get from disenchanting arent really worth it, most of the time, selling them to the vendor is actually the most viable.

george said...

I only played in the Beta but even then when yellows(rares) were very slow to drop they got broken down for crafting mats all the time. Just like in Diablo 2, a rare isn't always going to be better than a same slot magic item. Breaking them down gives rare crafting materials so you can craft another rare. This mechanic essentially allows you to gamble a couple crap rares for the chance of getting a better one.

This part of the game is actually a step forward from Diablo 2 in my opinion. In D2 gold was essentially only useful for gambling. In gambling there were a few item types that were worth keeping to trade for other stuff, namely circlets, rings and amulets with specific modifiers. So the only use at all for a crap item was to sell it for a max of 35k gold or some such. And gold, even in stacks of a couple million, was still relatively useless.

Anonymous said...

Nightmare is a real step up from Normal, though manageable, and Hell is downright atrocious, even when geared, because most champion packs can literally one-shot you. I'm playing a barbarian with a one-hander/shield, 25k health, ton of armor, ton of resists, and stuns on basically all my abilities. I can solo fairly well (barring the crazier champion packs), but I fall over and die in multiplayer to just about anything. :(

The dilemma, as I see it, is that you outlevel what you can make at the blacksmith quite fast, and there are no guarantees on what you get anyway. You either sell your worthless magic/rare loot (stuff with horrible stats, like a magic ring with just a socket or a rare with gold/globe reach/minor thorns/gold find, etc.) to buy better gear from the AH, or sell and salvage it to level up your blacksmith - which is more expensive, really, and not worthwhile because you can get exactly what you want off the AH and waste less time/money/mats.

I've been trying to do both, and I'm just broke all the time.

Coralina said...

I am not going anywhere near the AH. I tend to agree with Totalbiscuit when it comes to single player games:

Effectively using a "cheat" by over powering the content in this way is fine as it doesn't impact anyone else's game but I personally would not do it because it defeats the whole purpose of the game and wastes my money.

I might just as well watch a youtube walk through to see the story and save myself the price of the game.

Kingdoms of Amalur suffered from this with a bonus starter set you were given and using heirlooms in Warcraft has a similar effect. You end winning useless items that are worse than what you have equipped and lose motivation to play.

I am therefore crafting my own gear and using whatever drops I get from mobs.

I guess you might need to use the AH at harder skill levels but I have no intention of playing them. There are far richer and more rewarding game experiences available on the market than repeat-playing a repetitive, grindy and heavily dated 10 year old game on a harder skill level. Perhaps as Tobold has suggested it might be different if I could have played a harder skill level from the start.

Ven said...

"And for God's sake, don't take the game any seriously! It's not even WoW with endgame raiding and arenas. Enjoy the scenery, kill Diablo, don't miss out on the pony level and come back to EVE!"

This for me says it all, I agree,I still even get pass act 2, and are starting to get less will to play the game. Weck even in launch day I found myself logging in EVE after a While I not just because Error 37.

Yagamoth said...

"And for God's sake, don't take the game any seriously!"

I agree. But I honestly love the challange by now as a single player game, being on hell as a Monk - I actually have to optimize gear, passives and abilities to beat the indivudual Champion/Raremobs (Although I'm arguably underleveled and undergeared ^^). Bosses are still easy so far though (As Monk I can ignore most of the mechanics and facetank with my 3 heal/shield abilities and the Templar follower with heal and life per second..).

On the matter of Yellows/Rares: They are extremely common by now, actually - I don't even bother to try to sell any (Although it probably wouldn't hurt..). Currently, blue gear is often better simply due to the more fitting stats.

Sal said...

I like it. I don't grind Diablo, that would be stupid. I unleash mayhem on pretty pixels. I enjoy the feedback I get "you killed X mobs in a single blow" and "Sal gained achievement Y". I log out when I no longer feel the fun.

The point is; Diablo is not about "end game", or economy. It's a fast paced whack-a-mole or tetris game.

But I agree, items should become soulbound in some way to lessen the inflation. It's not set in stone yet.


Anonymous said...

Kreegor is right: Playing a Demon Hunter in Hell end of act 2. It is all about Vitality. You do not want to get one shots.

All good items with Vitality sell for over 50.000 Gold.

Selling items is only worth the slot if almost all stats are good, otherwiese competion is to hard and other goods will be bought.

Just a blue with Vitality and another good stats easily sells.

Anonymous said...

I play hardcore. Things disappear permanently all the time.

Anonymous said...

Disclosure: I'm a Lv52 Monk who just beat Diablo on Nightmare last night.

Personally, I've not found a need to preference Vitality over other stats for the wide swath of gear I'm wearing. This could be because since I use a shield I get a lot more armor than other character would. It could mean that since I spend a lot in Dexterity my dodge is giving me a hefty defensive boost. It could be because I use the monk passive to set all my resistances to the highest. However, through my experience, the only times I've died have been when I've bit off a bit more than I could chew.

I've maxed out my stash. That gives me 70x10 x 3 pages worth of stuff. Right now I'm sitting on about 1.5 pages worth of rares I'm not going to use (something over 50 rares). To me, it's far more important to move the rares and I've been putting a flat 5k gold apiece on them and I'm contemplating dropping that to Lv * 100 based on this post of Gevlon's if they don't start moving at 5k.

Salvaging/crafting is a funky area in my mind. It doesn't strike me as something you want to invest into at lower levels mostly because you get fewer stats on lower level items and probably stats of less potency as well. I've barely salvaged any of the loot I've gotten from Nightmare. All my yellows are sitting in stash waiting to be sold on the AH. I'm also pretty sure, though not confident that each tier of crafting materials is related to a difficulty. So the stuff worth crafting for Hell is probably going to require materials only found in Hell.

Personally, I've found the Blacksmith to be highly disappointing. I've barely used him mostly because the gear I can craft with him is always under the level of my monk. Despite having beat Nightmare, I still am using Pages of Blacksmithing to train him at Lv6 while Shen at Lv5 requires Tomes of Jewelcrafting to train him at Lv5. Pages of Blacksmithing aren't my bottleneck either, it's gold which is part of the reason I have to get all my rares sold.

Anonymous said...

The key is magic find. Items with this stat (even blue) will sell on the AH, even (perhaps especially) on low level.

I haven't played enough yet to know about higher level (just dinged 30).

Anonymous said...

I can Agree to most of you writings here gevlon, but you are only looking at one side of the game. there is still the Hardcore mode, where imtes ARE destroyed if you die, High end Rares will be Rare since many people will try inferno and there is no reason to stockpile them because there is no RMAH.