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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cosmos agents: money for fighters, standing for traders

The COSMOS agents are living in the space, in their ships and habitation modules. They can be found by their beacon which is yellow in the overview, unlike the white beacon of the "Giisti Depot" and similar farming sites. Each faction has a constellation where there are lot of them. You can check the detailed guides for them, for example here is the Minmatar.

These agents are very useful for traders: they provide faction standings which greatly decrease broker fees. They have only a few steps, so can be completed fast. They can be completed only once. However they have combat parts. Some of them are in a deadspace pocket with ship restrictions. It's impossible to do them without good combat ship. It's slow and annoying to find someone to do it for you.

However, the point is that you don't have to find anyone for these missions. Most of them are not encounter missions, they are trade missions that require a specific item from the combat (like the insignia or DNA signal of a pirate). You can buy these items. Some are available on the market, others only from contracts. You can right-click on the item in the mission description and see "view market details" and "find in contracts". These items are in the 1-10M range. You buy them, turn them in and receive the rewards.

This isn't just an opportunity for traders to get faction standings. It's also great for combat pilots to make money. Those items on the market must have been placed there by someone. There are two kind of missions. One is in a complex that is marked by a beacon. You go there and farm the locals for their items. They are moderately cheap.

The other part is trickier: they belong to mission deadspace pockets. You have to be on the mission to get in. If you sell the item, you can't complete the mission, so you lose standing. How can you get these items for sale? You start an alt who gets the mission and jump there in a capsule. You follow the alt and kill the mission NPC, sell the loot, the alt loses the standing for failing the mission.

PS: Ekdit Spitek is designed by some really evil developer. Just decline his mission. Doesn't worth it

EVE Business report: Tuesday morning 31.6B. (0 PLEX behind for second account, 1.1B spent on Logi/Carrier/Titan alt)
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