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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The moron of the week: me

I think I managed to organize the worst mining fleet ever.
  • At first I did not survey systems where good ores can be found, so in the hurry I just hit a random one. It had Veldspar but that wouldn't be a problem as Veld is surprisingly profitable when tritanium is over 7. The system was close to Jita, so very soon can thieves shown up, ending the party.
  • We had no Orca
  • My hauling ship couldn't keep up with even the ore the can thieves didn't touch
  • The place wasn't announced in advance so people couldn't autopilot there earlier
All together, it was a total disaster. The income was near 2M/hour/person, making it a perfect waste. Well, one thing is for sure, miners won't replace the metals missing from alloys overnight. I'm sure hundreds of similarly terrible mining ops will happen before people learn how to run them. Since I see how complicated it is and see no interest in a professional mining career, I won't make more mining fleets. Feel free to organize yourself on the channel, I gladly join as simple member if I have time and Orca.

Some more "moron of the day" moves from me from last week:
  • The "lost" 800M: I made my business report and added the numbers, finding that I'm 800M behind expectations. I wasn't ganked. Checked the assets, no, I did not left anything in the seller station and flied to Jita with an empty ship (I sometimes to do that). Checked all the logs, but did not sell for 1/10 price due to mistype. The money was just gone. Then I gave up on that and considered it bug, kept playing. Closed the market windows and moved the hangar window back to position. During sale it's a long, narrow window on the bottom, below the market windows. This time when I wanted to resize it, I just pushed it down, so half of it was outside the screen, holding 800M worth of wares.
  • The Mindlink implants that are crucial part of my titan fit need Cybernetics 5. But if I learn cybernetics 5, I will obviously use +5 Implants. Great that I figured it all out after plugging in +4 implants. 100M worth of them...
  • And finally my masterpiece. I wanted to buy 10 items, each cost 10M. My finger shaked or slipped and typed in 110, pressing enter instantly. Well, the money isn't lost, but it will take a week or two till I sell all of them, and until then 1B is rotting there, not to mention that such volume forces me to discount them for faster sale.
So if you think you couldn't make 3+B/week like me since you aren't that organized, don't worry. I fail just as much as you. I just don't give up on trading (I do on mining leading).

Luckily I'm not the only moron around:
This is an almost standard rebuy-scam. In this the scammer advertises item X for low price. The scam is in the bottom, you are actually paying item X and low price for item X. This time the scammer however offered low price instead of asking for it, allowing one of the channel members to grab the money. 

EVE Business report: Wednesday morning 10.0B (3 PLEX behind for second account, 0.1B spent on Titan project). It could be higher if I wouldn't skip the Monday cycle due to RL.
Remember that you can participate in our EVE conversations on the "goblinworks" channel and your UI suggestions are welcomed.


Anonymous said...

>And finally my masterpiece. I wanted to buy 10 items, each cost 10M. My finger shaked or slipped and typed in 110, pressing enter instantly.

Selling the extra stock somewhere else isn't an option? Look at your current inventory as an opportunity to test and discover another point of sale for your product.

Römer said...

"My current plan: get Cybernetics 5, implants 5, jump drive skills to required and the shield/armor skills to 3, remap P/W to have the hull, remap C/W to have the links and be able to usefully fly, remap I/M and finish that terrible amount of int skills. Do you suggest this route or start with I/M remap and get all the int skills to 5 before starting the hull? This way I can fly in 14 months instead of 8, but won't fly with low armor/shield skills and would have more time choosing titan."

The healthiest route I found to setting skill train targets is to use EVEMon. You can actually get optimized results regarding time spent or you can rearrange the offered plan to suit your needs, and the program also tells you when it would be great to remap your attributes.

You can find the EVEMon program here, it requires your limited API key if I am not mistaken, haven't fidgeted around it for quite some time:

antronics said...

..Mistakes? Accidents? From Gevlon? I distinctly remember you replying to me about a moron of the day, something to the effect that your method is moron proof.

Care to apologize to the "morons" you have accused that might just have been mistakes in the vein of your own?

Gevlon said...

@Drez: care to read the question before answering?

@IO: no one uses them for boosting yet.

@antronics: if I make moronic mistakes, that makes me a moron and not relieve the others from being one.

Anonymous said...

You don't have enough information to make the skill decision.

See how long it would take to do it the inefficient, quick way.

Then compute how long to do it the right way. Assuming you end up at 5s anyway; expensive ships are too expensive to be "penny wise and pound foolish"

So how long does your impatience cost you?

Note also Int to 5 then remap leaves you a remap available over int->c/w->int


I have longed maintained that more ISK is lost due to the Market UI than in all PvP.

Peter Petermann said...

Jump Drive Calibration you need to V if you want to be in any fleet!

Titans have a very very low jumprange compared to for example carriers, if you are not on V you wont keep up with regular capitals on IV.

Why you need skills for armor and shield rigging? dont mix tanks!

Peter Petermann said...

one more thing:
(as I understand the fleet commander must have the fleet command skill, not the fleet booster)

from what i understand you need the same skills with the booster that are necessary for the fleet/wing/squad command positions. but i'm not 100% sure.

but even if you don't need them you should have them, most fleets rely on the sc/wc/fc positions to provide the bonuses, since its easier to setup - and since people can see quite fast when the fc/wc/sc disconnects or is out of system.

(also one reason why titans aren't used for booster roles that much - quite often titans wait out of system)

antronics said...

..Gevlon: "if I make moronic mistakes, that makes me a moron and not relieve the others from being one."

So one moronic mistake labels you a moron for all time? I remember clearly that the moron of the day you and I are talking about, was labeled a moron because of a mental defect, and not a simple accident.

Gevlon, are mistakes and accidents a possible outcome? How many does it take to be a moron for life?

How many have you had in your life?

Stabs said...

You can rescue your implants using a jump clone. You need a skill, Infomorph Psychology, takes about 15m to train to level 1. And you need standings 8.00 but you can get that by joining a corp that has high standings. There is a special jump clone corp called Estel Arador that lets you join it for just a couple of days to set up your jump clones. Leave your +4s in the old clone and put your +5s in the new clone.

Gevlon said...

Also, titan skill queue solved itself: by the time I finish mindlinks and hull, 1 year will pass. So I can safely remap now for int, learn 4 months of int skills, remap P/W for hull remap C/W for links, 1 year pass, remap I/M again for finishing support.

Alrenous said...

Great skill comes from being willing to call yourself a moron.

You know, you do lose credibility. With people who aren't worth being credible with. Many seem to really care about 'winning' around these people, though.

Yaggle said...

Don't feel bad, I have 13 swift lovebirds in my wow guild bank. Will never sell them all at a profit probably. People are still selling them on the AH from the event. Like you I rushed in too quickly. Must learn from mistakes.

Gevlon said...

@Yaggle: "don't feel bad because I sucked too" is a BAD advice.

It's easy to find excuses for mistakes like "others suck more" or "it could have been worse" and "It's a small amount" and such.

The right choice is "I messed it up, I try to learn from it and not doing it again".

antronics said...

..Gevlon, I read Yaggle's statement as:

"I, as well as you, have messed up. You have described your mess up, so I will describe mine. You will learn from your mistake, as well will I."

Why try to fit his comment into your very rigid set of a-social rules?

Gevlon, it doesn't fit! Yaggle's comment, and many other comments that you pass judgement on. They don't fit into your little a-social box!

Anonymous said...

if you don't make mistakes occasionally you aren't trying hard enough.

The trick is minimizing the loss from mistakes and making big gains when you do it right.

I accidentally bought a couple rigs for 89m once... Misreading and thinking it was 89k and a steal of a deal I couldn't click fast enough only to realize my mistake a second later.

Lucky for me that was the going rate, I managed to resell them at a small loss.

Better yet I put in a buy order for 2 more at 60 million each and resold them for nearly 30 million profit each.

Kristophr said...


First times are always amusing ... for others.

If you want to get into mining, and have not done so before, I suggest joining Eve University, and joining one of Jen Loo's training fleets.

You can make money mining, but it requires organization, and enough dedicated haulers. Haulers are something you cannot short yourself on, period.

You also need to be on eve-voice for the op ... mining is intensely boring, and chatter during the op helps.

Kristophr said...

One other note: you do not announce your mining location, period.

You do announce an assembly point in advance, preferably a very highsec location.

I don't mine any more because the profit ain't there. That may change, but it isn't happening quite yet.

Justin Andrew Johnson said...

Along the lines of Kristopher's comment, you never should announce any tactically relevant details except for in fleet voice chat or (failing that) fleet chat. Everything else should be vague but enough to get people roughly to where they should be. This minimizes the damage a spy can do and/or maximizes the amount of work the spy has to do to actually succeed.