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Monday, March 26, 2012

Play for ego

I made some long-overdue maintenance on my permanent pages. The most important change is in my core work, the "play to win vs play for fun" which was changed to be much more understandable. The concept "ego" made it much simpler and usable.

Since I still don't even have a Bustard, I focused on the aspect of the game that need no ship besides book trading: increasing standing with Caldari Navy and the Caldari State. I updated my mission post to be much more useful, it describes now a method to get about 1 corporation and 0.5 faction standing/hour.

We figured out why the idea of CPP of getting security status for killing player pirates (-5 and below) is terrible, despite sounding great: players will start alts, suicide gank newbies in their rookie ships, then these "pirates" will be farmed by mains for sec status.

Don't forget that you can join goblinworks channel inside EVE!

Of course I won't leave you without moron today neither. Let him remind you that the breakeven point of a suicide gank for a Freighter is 1B. I guess they won't attack below 1.5B since the attack has lot of organization overhead (14 tornado + 20 hauler). But 33B will surely be taken.


JThelen said...

Breakpoint for suicide ganks can be higher; you don't always get all the loot out of the ship you pop, since some of it can be lost in the explosion. So if the high value drops are few in number, say .75 billion in 2 modules, it's probably not worth it, since if you lose a billion worth of ships and only one module drops, you're out 250 million.

Azuriel said...

From the permanent page:

The solution to this mystery is ego. The scrub plays not to win the game but to boost his ego: win the sympathy and or respect of his (real or imaginary) peers.

1) "Ego" equally applies to the self-only desire to achieve mastery in an activity.

2) Arguably, play-to-win feeds the ego more - especially given "winning" necessitates competition in the form of other people.

3) This part:

We all know for sure that any activity within a video game is sub-optimal to gain respect of peers. just a dumb argument. You cannot arbitrarily define "peers" as being everyone in an age group or generation. A WoW player's peers can be "other WoW players."

4) You have failed to establish the "rationality" of play-to-win at any point in the page. Yes, if someone wants to win, not using every available strategy is irrational. But you are positing the straw man of "winning" being the only reason to play a (multiplayer) game. That is similar to saying the only reason people draw is to make a picture worth putting in a museum.

5) I've brought this up before, but you may want to do some additional self-reflection on the boundless nature of human experience. Is it possible to have fun during a losing match? If the answer is yes, then you may want to edit the page some more.

If the answer is no... well, it'd be useful for the reader to know that extreme claim at the beginning.

Antivyris said...

I don't think that kill mail is what you think it is. That much of a drone compound looks like someone is hauling to a titan building location.

This looks more like someone either A) taking out parts of a supply line or B) Noticing they are carrying good titan materials and think the gank is worth it even if the price is off.

The compounds, and certain other items are used for what is called 'Compression'. Essentially, the amount of materials that can be refined from the item take up much more space than the item themselves. That much compound could be 30% more in it's size. That makes it convenient for taking to a titan building site.