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Monday, March 5, 2012

Hauling shinies

The PuG update: the first openraid ran very well, 3 BWD HM bosses died:
This was a true pug, from various realms. While stupid mistakes happened, not more than in guild raids (the druid who was told to switch cat form when targeted by Atramedes switched bear form for huge laughter for example). I definitely see cross-realm pugs as a future of casual raiding. Of course such pugs can't compete with HM guilds, but they are perfect way of completing content without being forced to boost M&S.

In EVE you can transport various things between stations, mostly for profit. However there is a risk of being killed by pirates or griefers even in high security space. To lower that risk, you must understand that there are two kind of things to transport: shinies and large stuff.

Shiny things are small but valuable. A skillbook takes up 0.01 m3 space and can cost 10-100 million. A single +5 implant is 1m3 and costs 100M. You obviously won't fill your cargohold with these. You can make good money transporting these, much better than by doing missions:

On the other hand their great value makes them good target for pirates. He scans you down, kills you, CONCORD (the police) kills him, his buddy grabs the loot and flies away. Griefers mostly don't bother to scan but you can bump into one while your cargohold has half your fortune in books.

What to do then? Common sense says to only transport these in strong ships that can't be destroyed. That's the worst idea you could get, there is nothing in EVE that can't be shot down.

The way to relatively safely transport shinies is the opposite, doing it in a frigate or a faction shuttle. To understand why, you must understand how traveling happens in EVE. It starts by undocking the station. Your ship instantly appears outside, but invulnerable until you perform an action or 30 seconds pass. You warp to the stargate and just when you arrive the stargate pulls you in. The stargate transports you to the other star system, where you are cloaked until moving or 30 seconds. So you can't be harmed when you just arrived to the space via stargate or leaving station. You can't be harmed while warping.

However you don't warp instantly. When you give the warp command, the ship must turn to the target and speed up to 3/4 thrust before warping happens. The faster you do it, the less time the enemy has to notice you, click on you, complete the targeting and activate his warp scramblers. You might noticed that cargo ships turn slow and accelerate slow. The acceleration speed depends on your mass, your inertia modifiers and your agility.

So to warp fast you must decrease your mass, inertia modifiers and increase agility. Frigates has the lowest mass among ships and good inertia modifier. It can be further decreased by inertia stabilizer module. The skills Spaceship Command and Evasive Maneuvering increases agility (actually decreases since EVE calculate this backwards).

There is one more vulnerable spot: when you give the "dock" command away from the station, you warp to it, but not surely close enough. The docking request can be done from 2500m, but the "docking request accepted" message arrives only after 500M, you are vulnerable in the meantime. Solution: go away from the station with an empty ship, give the "warp to 10km" command and then just fly into the station. Stop inside it and bookmark that location. Give the "dock" command there, if it's instant, the bookmark is good. Make this bookmark the destination of your flight back and when you arrived there give the dock command to the station.

There is one more thing to keep in mind. You can't start a warp next to an object as you must speed up before you could initiate warp, where you can pass trough even planets. So if you leave the station and issue warp command, you see your ship slowly going around the station, while being vulnerable. There are no such blocking objects at stargates and you leave your home station empty, so you are vulnerable to this problem only once: when you leave the station where you picked up the cargo. To prevent being vulnerable, do the following:
  1. Leave the station empty and initiate warp to the first stargate with the "warp to 0 m" command. If the warp is instant, return to the station and proceed with the cargo.
  2. If your ship starts to go around the station, redock.
  3. Leave the station empty again and look the ship from behind. Close to the middle of the screen is where your ship is heading. Seek some object there. Another station, asteroid field, planet, moon. Just not the "pith depot" or a player placed container please. These objects are "front of the door" of the station, unblocked. Save their location.
  4. If there is no object visible simply try different stargates and celestial objects. Undock and see where you can jump without being blocked.
  5. Redock and leave with cargo. Warp to this object using the "warp to 50km" or some other non-0 distance. You will warp instantly. While in warp set your destination to your real one and when you arrived, instanly give the jump order to the first stargate.
More safety tip: if you are extra paranoid, run the course with an empty ship. If your ship starts targeting something automatically, it's a sign of someone is targeting you, probably for a scan. This case you can delay your transport.

One more skill to be mentioned: warp drive operation. This skill decreases warp core energy consumption. It is important when you have to warp between stargates that are far from each other. If you don't have enough energy, you will stop in the middle of nowhere losing time (= money).
The map can be configured to show recent kills, so you can avoid systems with serious pirate activity:

The obvious EVE rules apply: don't carry anything you can't afford to lose and don't go AFK while in space while carrying anything worthy of attacking. Using autopilot while transporting shinies indicates terminal state mental degeneration.

And keep in mind that all my experience is coming from high security space and I don't recommend any newbie to try them on low or null sec.

PS: short business update: Cash + buy orders + sell orders = 888M (500M gift)

PS2: if you are a pirate getting ideas, I'm transporting these by a newbie alt, so good luck scan down all the hundreds of frigates, shuttles, rookie ships that travel there every hour.


Alkarasu said...

If you need a safe spot to warp off the station, you can make it yourself. Take a fast ship (shuttle is a cheap way, frigate with MWD will do it faster), undock from the station and simply don't touch anything untill you got at 150+km from it. Then you can bookmark your own current location and instantly warp there the moment you undock. If you often trade in some system, it will be wise to make such a bookmark for every station you will undock. Naturally, the further you make it, the safer it will be.

Parasoja said...

While it's true that nothing is too large to die, I would dispute that using something with a tank is a bad idea. The two player ganks you describe, for example, have a maximum damage output of 10k; if you can get EHP above that level, you will be substantially safer. In a frigate or shuttle you have zero buffer to fall back on if something unexpected happens.

For small and valuable cargos I use a tengu. It cloaks, aligns like a frigate, and has freighter-level EHP with a fully passive tank (no modules which need to be activated). Throw in two warp core stabilizers in case something does go wrong during a sojurn into lowsec, and I feel reasonably comfortable moving multibillion isk cargos around.

Of course, people do gank freighters, and a freighter gank squad could take it out... provided I afk on a stargate in jita. So I don't do that.

Steel H. said...

Not sure my first post went through, blogger interface is vile

I'm sure 10 people have already piled in about how to make and use insta-undock bookmarks so I won't bother. I'm just not sure that a frig is the safest way to transport shinnies. I've seen plenty of hilarious killmails, such as this one: . Or this more recent one . Now we don't know all the details about what happened there, whether it was autopilot, or spying, or sensor boosters or whatnot. I'm just saying, look at those killmails again...

Also, are you making technical newbie guides 3 weeks into playing EVE Online: A Bad Game? Every post so far people had to pile in to correct/explain the errors of your ways. Don't let that stop you though - it's quite entertaining!

Anonymous said...

When I undock from a station and initiate warp I never fly around the station. I have always warped through it.

You have a 1 minute cloak when jumping through gates (and I think undocking).

Gevlon said...

@Steel: at first I can show you a killmail about everything. So the conclusion is don't do anything or you'll be shot down.

Just because one idiot managed to transport 29B in a frigate, it doesn't mean you can't or shouldn't do it.

Unknown said...

I doubt that pirates would go the trouble of fitting a similar ship just to measure your warp distance. They cannot be sure exactly how much capacitor you have left when starting the warp, and if they get it wrong they could end up hundreds of thousands of kilometers away from your ship. And even if they get within close enough to be in the same grid bubble, the window of opportunity to attack is really small. Because your capacitor will recharge during the first warp, you can re-initiate warp almost immediately. It's simply easier to just wait on the other side of the gate; You're guaranteed to appear within ~20km of them and they'll get advance notification from their scout and the stargate activation animation.

Bobbins said...

Perhaps it is worth noting that pirates are what will make you the money by scaring off/destroying the competition.

What is the position on hauling in dangerous areas with regard clones/implants. Getting killed with a lot of valuable implants is not desirable. Could I switch to a jump clone and if he gets killed do I still keep my implants in my original?

mbp said...

I lost a fast frigate yesterday to a smartbombing battleship in a low security system. Smartbombs are the enemy of frigates because they don't need a lock and they can crack a small frigate in one volley.

Interesting note: My killer's bio had a proud list of bloggers he has killed. Sometimes being famous is not a good thing. My guess is Gevlon that there are already pirates out there looking for your scalp.

Anonymous said...

Get InstaWarp Spots.

Get Tech II Ships (With Covert Cloaks) and good tanks.

Get the correct skills for the Job. (Evasive Maneuvering, Warp Drive Op).

But don't haul "shinies" as you call them in paper thin stuff. Get real ships for that, or hire someone with the knowhow. They only cost 300k or so per Jump, and is well worth the insurance you get for it. (Even if they are ganked, you get the collateral).

Yes, Freighters are slow, and can be ganked, but you need to use 14 Battleships (!) in HighSec (0.5, where Concord takes time). To have any benefit to gank you there, you'd have to carry worth roundabout 1B (You can get away with 2B, depending on skills) of cargo. That's not only a high ISK but also a high organisational investment. Throwing a Smartbomb at you is simple, convenient and I will easily take your loot with just two accounts. Pirates know this, Pirates do this all the time. Go look at the kill mails from Perimeter.

Your advice here is close to dangerous when you consider the time scale of EVE and the time you have been playing. With a setup as you subscribe you can of course haul shiny stuff with less risk than using an autopilot, but it is *not at all* safe. And by safe, I mean "Well I just smartbomb you into oblivion and loot 1B worth of stuff" versus "The gankers need 14 Battleships, worth around 70M to gank me in 12 seconds (0.5 concord mean time)" or "I take my Viator which is smartbomb safe and fitted for max align time & speed, together with warp align tricks and covert ops, making me practically invisible -> impossible to target."

Oh, and of course they need my exact undock time, travel route and somehow get past my scout checking the route.

Don't get into the wrong habits, Gevlon. Do it right from the beginning.

Gevlon said...

@Anonymous: and what to do until one gets his blockade runner? Run missions? Transport veldspar in a Badger II?

The Blockade runner is on my list and will post about it.

Gevlon said...

David, I can't decide if you are a troll or just an obcessive-compulsive patient.

Your attitude is that scare off people from EVE telling them "you'll be killed if you don't do [2 pages of technical details]".

No. You can pretty safely transport the stuff you can access as a newbie in a T1 frigate or even shuttle. I never said 10B in implants. A few books of 5-10M that a new trader will move are on the line here, most pirates ignore it.

Yes, pirates can shoot me down. Gankers can shoot me down. Did and will do. Losses can be easily replaced if someone doesn't go over his head.

Out of your 1 page post only one line was valuable and even that was a "google yourself" advice. Luckily I have the patience to read inside trolls instead just /ignore you. If you want to help people, be more professional. If you don't, it's a waste of time typing a page that everyone will delete after the first line.

The "cuddle bookmark" is included.

Gevlon said...

To all commenters: the advertisements of a certain EVE transport company are considered spam and deleted.

That's why David's post was removed too, not because of trolling.

Bobbins said...

Just read my comment and it seems ambiguous so i'll ask again. If my character is killed I will lose all his implants installed on him. If I wanted to run higher risk ventures would it be better to get use a jump clone. If the jump clone dies will I still have the implants on my original clone. Implants installed on my character are worth more than the ship and cargo combined!

Care said...

For a low skilled character a frigate or shuttle is a good option due to it's agility as you explained. However it won't safe you from indicators, interceptors and make you even a more easier target for smartbombers. Consider the following options for higher skilled characters:

If you only fly hi-sec and your coorporation is not at war, it's only a matter of time before CONCORD shows up and kills the agressors. The responce time for 0.5 and 0.6 is roughly 25-30 seconds; for 0.7 and 0.8 roughly 10 - 20 seconds. The Damnation (Battlecruiser class, commandship) would provide you with an armor buffer that will survive gankfleets up to 20 ships and more.

Blockade runners
These ships (Industrial class, transport ship) are focussed around agility and cloak. Although their signature size, mass and agility can't compare to frigates, with a little rigging and fitting you can turn it like a dime and warp before most ships could get a lock. But what makes this shiptype so special, is that it can fly and warp while cloaked. Considering they have a bigger cargo hold, bigger buffer and can fit EW-modules likes ECCM just in case something does goes wrong. They are a pretty solid choise, even during wartime or outside hi-sec.

Like you said, everything in EVE can get shot and these options are no exception ofcourse.

Note: I see you already planned to cover blockade runners in another post.

Anonymous said...

Any stealth bomber would do with a conops cloak and a medium shield extender (should play a bit with the low slots to be able to fit it) if you don't leave high sec systems. The half second you spend uncloaked isn't enough to pop you.
Insta undock spots are key, as several others mentioned already.
Also, make sure you have warp-in spots for the gates, since smartbombing can "pull" you out of warp and get you popped even if it's 30-40 kms away from the gate, but in the way of your warp.

Unknown said...

Bobbins: Yes, the implants are jump clone-specific. If your current jump clone has no implants, the only loss you incur from getting podded is the cost of having to buy a new medical clone.

Alkarasu said...

No, you would not lose anything, that is not attached to your current body. Do remember, though, that you can only jump once in 24 hours, so you can't jump into the clone, do you risky stuff and immidiately jump back, and you will lose all implant bonuses for the duration you spend in clear clone.
Also, remember, that your clones upgrade separately, so if your jump clone don't have enough capacity to hold your SP, you will risk to lose some if you forget to upgrade it before getting podded.

Tithian said...

Most of the advice here is "use a ship that takes 2 years to train and fit properly, so that you don't get ganked".

This is all well and good for a veteran that has had the timeframe to train both his Trade skills and his Ship skills.

However here we're talking about a character that is within the 1st month of playtime. He will not be making jumps with 2 billion isk worth of implants any time soon.

Fade Toblack said...

Gevlon, I think what a lot of the posters on here are trying to say is that you need to manage the risk.

You said that you have around 900m ISK currently, you could easily buy nine +5 implants (at around 100m each) and ship them in a shuttle. Of course that would be a huge risk, because 1) a shuttle is easy to kill and 2) you'd have all your ISK in the same place.

Here's a Crow kill in a 0.6-sec system - interceptors are amongst the fastest aligning ships in the game - with 2 Nanofiber IIs in the low-slots this will align as fast as anything you're going to be flying as a new character. It still got caught on a gate, in high-sec.

The thrasher that killed it would've cost a couple of million, and the reward was over 100m.

Now if he'd moved that in something a little tougher , the cost-to-gank increases, and he would've probably been able to move that stuff - after all 200m isn't a huge amount of ISK. The other thing to bear in mind, is that that kill was along one of the biggest trade-routes in Eve. The shortest routes between Jita <-> Amarr, and Jita <-> Dodixie are major routes, and the 0.5 and 0.6 systems along those routes are always camped. You'll be ship-scanned at least 5 or 6 times no-matter what you're carrying along that route (and probably not even away of it.)

Having said all that, you'll never get away from people who will shoot you "because they're bored" etc. So it's just a question of correctly managing the risk.

PS I know you removed all the links for the courier service, but sometimes passing on the risk on a profitable haul is better than taking it yourself. I've paid 50m to get expensive stuff moved quickly - the load was worth a few billion, and I was making a billion in profit, 50m was neither here or there to mitigate losing the lot.

Anonymous said...

There are a couple of things to consider:

If you do 100 transports worth 100M each and get ganked once, you lose about 1M per transport.

Paying someone for the job less than that 1M can ensure your stuff gets there always. Why take a risk? And why not invest more money per transport, because prices are usually fixed per jumps. Especially if you can spend your time more efficiently on a station or doing stuff you are trained for already. "Small investment, eliminate risk, safer and faster profits."

Buy all that stuff in region and have it hauled by someone else. Doesn't need any skills except trade skills at all once you get into a region worth it, and even if *they* use small ships to transport stuff for you, just set up correct collateral.

Most EVE newcomers I have seen have done the same thing as Gevlon... and yes, it works, but it is *slow* and mostly considered inefficient, and above all: unsafe in the long run.

Suggesting "shinies" should be transported by newbies is a bad idea, if you don't tell the whole story. I can easily pay my accounts by pirating for one or two hours a month. With acorrect fitting, no matter how quick the ship is, it's a sitting duck, and I'm not even talking about using more than 2 accounts. (3 or 4 make pirating so much fun in highsec, because you pick your targets). It's a constant game of adapting to your prey.

Newcomers get into habits of the game, and this can turn into a bad one, a
very bad one:

And there's one or the other undocking with BPOs, Implants or whatsoever on a daily basis. Some rage, some cry, some leave the game, and some learn, and the good ones never make the mistake.

Transporting stuff like this in fast ships is a bad idea. Because they are paper thin and *can* and *will* be caught. It's just a matter of time, no matter how careful you are.

"A few books of 5-10M that a new trader will move are on the line here, most pirates ignore it."

My Ship cost: ~9M

Your value: Ship Fitting Drops + X books @ 5M ISK

Drop chance: 50% (per stack)

How high must X be so I push the "pop" button because it is worth it for me?

I think most people here argue because you assume some stuff about pirates that is plainly wrong. A newbie pirate (just as you are a newbie hauler) will benefit from a transport like this. It doesn't require much skill (points) to suicide gank someone.

For the topic, you can read up on passive targeting, smart bombing, Sensor boosting and why it is a generally bad idea for beginners *not* to turn off the "auto target back" thingy.

David said...

@Gevlon: I'm a bittervet who still plays EVE, that by definition makes me both a troll and obsessive-compulsive. Were I not, I wouldn't be still playing, and I certainly wouldn't be replying to posts on newbie blogs.

More to the point though, without mentioning specific EVE corps, the most important part of my original post was this:

Ideally, transfer your risk to a 3rd party through use of carrier contracts. You will even profit from someone else ganking the carrier.

Since that's not always possible, if you do have to move valuables around on your own, the best thing to do is to reduce gank cost-effectiveness by forcing the aggressor to pay a high price in ships. Everything in EVE can be ganked, and given that, the rational course is to rely on making you an unprofitable target, so the gankers will pick someone else. A buffer tanked BC is a much more expensive gank than a frig, and only takes a few days to train for minimal skills.

If you're going to be moving <100m around, then using a nano frig and not autopiloting will see you safely through highsec most of the time. More than that, and I highly recommend a stiff passive tank with over 50k EHP.

I'd post an example fit, but it seems you consider such technical information irrelevant.

Recollector said...

Dear Gevlon, in EVE , if you want to give advices, be sure that you :
1.use a very SPECIFIC advice or
2.cover ALL the situations
You must understand that there are 3 large situations (that can be subcategorized) for transporting stuff : high-sec, low-sec and 0.0.
Every of tese needs DIFFERENT aproaches and different "best" ships to use.

In high-sec, yes, a shuttle or a frigate might be safe enough to transport small and valuable stuff.However, they will die horibly and in less than 1 sec in low-sec because of a disco BS.I, personaly, use recons or stealth bombers in ALL situations, no matter if i am in 1.0 and no war dec.Better safe than sorry.

If you are unable to fly recons or SB's, use a Drake for high-sec transports.Fit it with 4 x LSE II's, 2 x Invu Field II's, 1 x DCU II and 3 x PDU II's.You will get a 163k HP with 142k HP shield.And since its a Drake (high passive shield regen), anything less than 20 x 1000 dps Battlehips (real dps will be 330, because of the high resistances)will not kill it before CONCORD trashes them.

But, anyway...for 0.0 and low sec - use recons , SB's or blockade runners and for high sec i would use the same.If not able to fly any of the above, go for CHEAP, FULLY insurable, HIGH buffer tank ships...aka, the Drake.

Gevlon said...

@Recollector: sorry for being not clear. I updated the text to clarify that all my advices are for high sec and I'm not recommending newbies to go lowsec.

@David: thanks for reformulating. It's a good advice for most people. However the target audience is wannabe traders so the advice of "don't do it, let professionals do it instead" is a bit weird for them. It's like advicing "hire a warring corp" to someone who wants to learn PvP.

Fade Toblack said...

However the target audience is wannabe traders so the advice of "don't do it, let professionals do it instead" is a bit weird for them.

Thing in EvE is that trading is separate from hauling. Most of the biggest traders never spend time actually their goods themselves. In a lot of cases they never even leave the stations they're based from.

You get 3 characters on an account - train all 3 characters with trade skills and put them in different regions. If you're not earning enough on the trade to pay for somebody else to haul it - you're not earning enough to haul it yourself (opportunity cost.)

Having said that, sometimes time is of the essence. There are various reasons why, but the most obvious one affecting new players is that waiting for courier contracts to complete is tying up ISK - in the time spent waiting for the stuff to be moved by somebody else, you could've sold re-invested and made the same profit again.

AureoBroker said...

The best thing you can transport Shinies in is an Orca, hidden in the corporate hangars which cannot be scanned.
Also, shuttles and frigates are the most scanned thing. Sometimes, fired upon on no scanning.
Also, a disconnect on the wrong gate spells doom.

I heavily raccomend using a doubletanked 100k ehp Drake for such endeavours, or even better, a Machariel/Tengu.. That comes more with having a machariel/tengu for other purposes than carrying stuff, though.

Cloaky frig gets a long way, but out of your skill reach.

The point is that a Drake is a fast-to-train, low-cost, moderately fast, good ship. No one will gank a 50k EHP drake for less than 200m.

Steel H. said...

People have mentioned this, but yes, check out the orca, it's a wonderfull machine. The corp hangar cannot be scanned, and if you are killed it does not drop the cargo, so no one ever bothers. A properly tanked orca ( can have even more EHP than the hardest battleships. I practically never see orca killmails on eve-kill, while there are plenty freighters and haulers of all kinds, as long as people don't do retarded stuff like go into lowsec, undock with wardecs or haul billions in the scanable hold ( Plus you can carry fully fitted ships in it, have an ore cargohold and do all kinds of nifty stuff. The only problem is the annoying skill training, but all good things have a price, eh?

A trader said...

Let me second the advice of many above that unless you find the act of hauling trade goods fun (?), that courier contracting the vast majority of your trade goods is far more time/ISK efficient (and infinitely safer) than hauling them yourself.

Particularly if you're hauling them to a trade hub like Jita. I find most of my courier contracts to trade hubs completed in a day or two.

Steel H. said...

Stuff of interest for you:

Ardent Defender said...

I typically occasionally only read your blog and generally do not comment here.

As a full-time EVE player myself and Trader of 2 years I'll only quickly comment on a few things and a word of advice.

There are allot of comments here and generally seem to want to be helpful in advice. Yet much of what many people are recommending to you fail to take into account you are a complete newbie in EVE and in trained skills to use many of the ships many people keep recommending one way or another including Tech II ships. Many and most newbies will not be able to use Tech II ships unless you have invested some good amount of training time in skill training. As well learning to fly or use a Orca is not something you can do as a newbie as yet and will take good deal amount of time even if you choose to eventually train for it, so also a Freighter if you eventually look that way. It takes a good deal of training to use many of what people are recommending to you as a newbie. As well Orca hangers can be scanned if people here commenting didn't know and that was changed months ago in patch notes just to clarify.

Learning the ins and out of trading in EVE is something you can learn the hard or easier way. Often you learn it strapping up your boots doing all the leg work and learn from it.

Learning to use Contracts to move stuff can be one the most time saving thing in EVE "IF" you know how to utilize the Contracts system properly. That's all I'll say there.

You can and will get ganked for almost any amount and sometime for shits and giggles and you can get ganked by new training Pirates gate camping for a whole lot less that what a veteran might let pass.

You can save almost all the commenting if you just learn to "Double Wrap" very valuable goods for shipment. No further commenting there.

Might want to be cautious about listing places you trade on your blog or in pictures as it relates to EVE specifically as a game. Someone will likely camp you there reading your blog. You can never tell with people playing EVE.

Being a high profile Trader in EVE even a newbie one with a high profile and someone known to irritate people will likely put a Target on you in EVE whenever your logged on. It's very very likely someone is a actively seeking to gank you in EVE for shits and giggles because they may just not like you fir whatever reason of many and because your a high profile newbie Trader in EVE. And that's allot of reasons they may have to try and do so.

Many and allot of successful EVE traders don't talk about how they do business and often quite vague in details about it. Many rather like to fly under the radar trading Billions in ISK and don't want undue attention to their business operations most especially in EVE and choose not to often talk about it. Maybe after it has already happened and it's now in the past to elaborate.

NoizyGamer said...

A lot of people like to put down the thought of shipping things in a frigate. Everyone likes to quote the example of the pilot who lost $1200 in PLEX by shipping it in a Kestrel. Gevlon actually tells how to avoid one of the mistakes that pilot made with the instructions on how to make the docking bookmark. Also making the instawarp bookmark is pretty smart to get away from the Jita 4-4 undock quickly.

Another piece of advice Gevlon gives is to not autopilot and make your ship as agile as possible. If you do this you can warp away before a pirate can scan your cargo hold. If you do that, then you do not need to hide your shinies in an Orca's corp hold. Of course, you still lose your ship to a smart bombing ganker, but he may hold off to get a better target.

If people still do not like to use a frigate, then use another ship, like a battleship, battlecruiser like a Drake, or even a tier 3 cruiser like a Rupture. Pirates are less likely to scan those cargoholds, so maybe you can sneak the shinies past.

Of course, the one thing everyone forgets about the SpaceMonkey pilot who lost all the PLEX is that the pilot flew into Jita when wardecced and there were war targets in system. That is not a smart thing to do.

Khanhrhh said...

Forget moving things in a frigate. No matter how careful you are, if someone wants to shoot you they will be able to lock and shoot before you align. Remote sensor boosted Tornados will do it every time.


When I suicide gank I have a smarbomb BS on standby just incase there's something like a COVOPS that needs taking down. Simply have it sat on the gate where a ship warping to zero lands and there is nothing you can do about it.

If you can't use / borrow / hire better (proper) transport then massive tank a Rokh or Abaddon (250k and 200k EHP) and it will take 20-25 ships to take you down. Few to no people ever have that on standby, and the cost of hauled materials would need to be huge to make it viable.