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Saturday, March 31, 2012

"EVE lacks stories and humor" (and morons)

And some more fun for the weekend, a beautiful moron:
Paying 130M for that book is bad enough already, but he did so when there was a page of lower priced ones on the same station. I mean clicking on the first one and press "buy" is less clicks than set up a buy order for 130000000. And it would save him 21M. Let me thank "CIA mining" (congratulations to the name) for his gift.

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Kristophr said...

That can be dangerous, especially if there is only one somewhat overpriced example of the item available in station.

You can abuse margin trading by sending your isk to an alt, and then setting up an order you cannot pay for.

Then have your alt sell that item priced between the usual market price, and the overpriced buy order.

People buy the slightly over-priced good, only to discover that the "buyer" can't make the margin.