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Monday, March 19, 2012

Bag them and tag them

There are special mission places called Data Centers. These are locations in space where little outposts and ships float. You have to spot them visually unless you configure your overview to see them. Every faction has 3 places, their locations are in the link above.

The mission agents give either courier or trade missions. The couriers are the standard trivial go there, bring it there things, involving small items, so you can do them in a frigate. They give faction standing which decreases broker fees according to the formula: BrokerFee% = (1 – 0.05*BrokerRelationsLevel)/ exp(0.1 *FactionStanding + 0.04*CorporationStanding). Probably the formula is not entirely accurate, my character sheet shows 0.474% where the formula would say 0.445%, but we can accept it as a guideline. Since broker fee apply not only on sales like tax but also on unsuccessful orders, it's important to keep it low. The skill "Broker Relations" will bring us to 0.75%, no lower, so we need faction standing.

Don't underestimate this 0.3-0.4%! If I assume 10% profit rate on my ventures (I know that you have 9999999999%, no need to post a comment), then my 1.5B wealth was created moving 15B ISK. So even if I had no failed or modified auction (which I obviously had), I would have lost 45-60M in the first month of my life if I'd ignore it. This will just go up as I'll move more and more ISK. Also, keep in mind that elevating faction standing needs no ships or skills behind starter ones, you shall do it now and not when an Orca or Charon waits in the hangar.

OK, you did the courier missions. What about the rest? They are "trade" missions, you have to bring the mission agents 20 tags (3 for copper). These are items looted from various pirates. The bigger the pirates, the better the tag. Like with most items in EVE you can buy and sell them. All factions have different pirates, I list the Jita price of the Caldari ones:
  1. Copper tag: 0.7M
  2. Bronze tag: 4.5M
  3. Silver tag: 1M
  4. Brass tag: 12M
  5. Palladium tag: 0.05M
  6. Gold tag: 0.7M
  7. Electrum tag: 0.02M
  8. Crystal tag: 0.03M
  9. Platinum tag: 1.3M
  10. Diamond tag: 0.15M
Warning: if you accept the mission but can't deliver in time (for example because you don't want to spend 240M on Brass tags), you lose faction standing. So after talking to the agents press "delay" and not "accept", make your decision, get the tags or decline it for free.

The reason for the strange distribution of prices is that the lower tag missions are available to people with low standing, while the top tags are only for high standing people: much smaller demand. Of course you shall not buy any sell order for these tags, you have time, set up buy orders, that's much cheaper!

Since these tags are dropped randomly to missioners and random pirate killers who don't know the price, you can try to buy them regionwide and when enough are collected, transport them to the trade hub for sale. And then you end up like me: several tags in low-sec stations, holding my capital until I have a blockade runner.

Business report: Buy+Sell+Cash = 1.42B (0.49B gifts)


IO said...

Actually tags take so little space, you can do a run in quiet time in a shuttle (which has very good agility).

Anonymous said...

How much worth on how many stations in how many systems? If it's not too scattered and it's on my routes, I can pick up contracts.

Gevlon said...

Just a few, as I shut the order down when I figured out it litters the region. I'll pick them up myself, that will be the test run of my Crane.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't use a Crane for that purpose - its too slow, and the cargo isn't large enough to warrant using an Indy to do pickups.

Get yourself a cheap, disposable Frigate. You're Caldari, so consider the Condor. Stuff a nanofiber internal structure in the low slot, a 1MN microwarpdrive in medium, and (if you feel sassy) a prototype cloak in a high slot. Fit the other slots with w/e you feel like (or nothing at all).

436 m/s cruising speed, 2400 m/s with the MWD running, and a 4-second align-to-warp time := low sec gate campers aren't going to catch you (that's untrained performance... my toon nets 3.3km/sec with MWD). 150 m^3 cargo space is more than enough for a big pile of tags.

The cloak is just for lols.

Anonymous said...

Addendum: if you really want to get silly, throw 3x Polycarbon Engine Housing I's in its rig slots... gets the align time down under 3 seconds.

Nothing's going to be able to target-lock this frigate to jam you before you're already 1AU away in warp.

Rnd said...

Even in a fast aligning frig you are killable who needs a target lock in an smartbombing bs.

Anonymous said...

why would someone smartbomb randomly?
if you hit empty noob frigs you just wasted a bs for nothing

Dr Bello said...

You might also want to look into the "Social" and "Connections" skills.

Training both to level 3 is fast and provides a reasonable bonus for the time invested.

Anonymous said...

Why you bother to pick up tiny trade loads like this yourself is a mystery to me.

That's what contracts are for. Much better use of your time and 100% safe.

Anonymous said...

Quote: Why you bother to pick up tiny trade loads like this yourself is a mystery to me.

That's what contracts are for. Much better use of your time and 100% safe.

*SOMEONE* has to pick them up... just like *SOMEONE* has to mine and *SOMEONE* has to manufacture.

If we *ALL* sit around on our asses waiting to pay *SOMEONE ELSE* to do the job every time, all the time, *NOTHING* will ever get done!

Scott Marks said...

Get Connections to at least lvl 3 before doing the Data Centre missions.

Also the missions give collateral standing with allied factions - Caldari & Ammar. Gallente & Minmatar. So if you're Caldari do the Ammar Data Centre missions too and you'll earn Caldari standing.

Whatever you do don't do rival faction data centre missions or you'll lose standing. Eg If you're Caldari doing Gallente will lower your Caldari and Ammar standings.

If you want quick standing increases then go to each of your factions starting areas and do the noob missions. The last mission in each type (scan/war/advanceed war/business/industry) give a really nice standing boost. Then once you've done all three go do the three starting area noob missions for your factions ally; You get a nice boost from them too.