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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

How to lead LFR

My gearing page is updated with LFR leading tips. Successful leading is needed for successful using of LFR. Comment it here.


Karl said...

Did you try any of this, or is this just theory?

Gevlon said...

I lead LFRs every time this way with sounding success.

Dugley said...

(this suggestion does not need to be published as a comment)

Since I can't seem to comment on the gearing page, I'm going to leave a suggestion here:

gearing up as a fresh 85 can be done incredibly quickly with the new ilvl 377 pvp crafted gear. You can get a piece for every slot except for weapons, which will quickly put you at the ilvl 372 required to get into LFR; and easily get you to the 353 required for hour of twilight heroics in no time.

I would just like to note - if you are planning to tank I would not suggest trying it in pvp gear, as pvp provides 0 dodge and parry. A feral druid might be able to pull it off.

Anti said...

pretty sure the idea is to hold the pvp gear in your bags to bypass the iLvL checks.

then use lower iLvL gear and skill to actually clear the content.

Anonymous said...

@Dugley Yes and you will do 1/3 of the dps or healing you should be, griefing 24 other players and greatly increasing the chances of failure. That's not goblinish, since making the raid fail will not result in any loot for you either.

Achieve said...

Skittles boss.. which slime to kill.. that is one of the biggest arguments, people are more worried about killing RIGHT one, opposed to just getting one dead. When lead this is how that goes
/rw no arguments
/rw no comments
/rw no discussion
/rw kill one > than the RIGHT one
/rw kill the first one named in the RW

that has been a one shot every time and so far, there have been no comments to contradict it either. Most realize the same... wipes there are from slow or indecisive selection of which one of the skittles to blow up... but it does not matter, just kill one and its a win...

Anonymous said...

There is an inherent problem with kicking low DPS strictly.

The easiest way for people to improve DPS is not to switch targets and concentrate on what they are killing. This include things like not killing blistering tentacles, oozes, bloods and whatnot.

If people are pressured to push up their position on the meter, that is what they will start doing. I know I did that when someone threatened to kick my melee alt for being 13 or so on the DPS meter. I stopped DPSing adds and other stuff the next fight and ended up 5th on the meter.

If more people did what I did, we'd probably have wiped.