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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Another 2 bite the dust

The dance demand is easier than in FL, the performance demand is simply atrocious. I'm sure that the first 4 could be cleared in 346 blues. Naxxramas is fully back. We are of course recruiting to clear the same in hard mode too. We are currently #14K with not raiding on Wednesday.


Mal said...

Do you think it was better back in the day where only 6% saw top raid content?

I do. As a consumer it made me feel special, that my work was paying off.

Ciaphascain said...

Not surprised in the least about that, my guild cleared 6/8 in about 3 hours raiding split in two 2 days (one hour on wednesday and 2 on thursday) and we wasted around 30mins of that with two persons DCing right after the video before the Spine of DWing before we quit for the night.

I dont know about anyone else, but this raid is a bit atrocious in its simplicity.

Quite honestly unless the hmodes are significantly harder I dont think I am going I be raiding for long on this expansion, and I am betting that if they do make them much harder in comparison, I am seing a lot of other ppl going from normals to HCs and then quiting also because it being too hard.

PS: Congratulations on the kills, hope you do a full clear this week.
Tip: on Ultraxion, tell your raiders not to look at DBM timers, and look at the boss cast timers.

Percy said...

Gratz on making it to the top 65% of raiders!

The first four bosses appear to be a bit easier then the next four. There is a good jump on % completion on WoWProgress anyways at Ultraxion.

How you handle this next boss will greatly determine your future progress in the raid. For better and for worse.

Lupius said...

I've quit WoW for a few months now, but I gotta ask: did they pretty much reuse the Malygos platform for the 4th boss?

Also, you've been misusing the word "atrocious" for several posts now. I had to guess if you meant the performance demand was way too high or too low.

Ermak said...

Enjoy the moron of DM:

Ermak said...

Sorry, these one would be better: