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Monday, October 24, 2011

Permanent RBG page and RBG progress

We successfully made the turn from raiding focus to RBG. It wasn't easy as in the first times we simply did not have enough people online (now we RBG every day from 19:00 up to 21-22, from 16:00 on weekends) and had to pick up trade people. Most of them are plain crap of course so we lost rating bigtime. However from the /trade we finally collected those who were useful and could do guild RBGs again, reaching the 1000 guild RBG win achievement, that got us more PvP-ers. Since then we have a winning streak as we climb back on rating.

The largest problem is that lolkids are keep spawning PvP-guilds that collect new people who could be useful. Hopefully the new achievement and the upcoming rating ones will help us prove clearly where the PvP-ers of Agamaggan-EU should go. Of course we are still recruiting new rerolls and transferers. I expect to be able to run 2 RBGs at the same time, letting even blue PvP geared people get experience, max conquest and good honor/hour. Remember, that you win 50% of your games, so the second team will win too, just on low rating. Players will be selected to the first team based on rating (and class balance of course).

Here you can find the strategy page that is expected to be known by the guild members and hopefully useful for others too.

I hope Blizzard will fix raiding, till then, we'll PvP hard.


Azuriel said...

Blizzard is on the case.

The goals for dungeons and raids in Mists of Pandaria are to create epic and challenging experiences, but Cataclysm also helped us learn where we can improve with the new expansion. The Raid Finder will help with taking that first step into endgame content, and it will be available for all Mists of Pandaria raids. Beyond that, we want to create more easily understandable encounters and move away from mechanics that simply set up groups to fail, while still keeping them challenging.

I'm reading that as "less dance," or at least less "randomly target your weakest raider with a insta-wipe ability."

Anonymous said...

I think it addresses the fact that most mobs had abilities you couldn't tell until someone died to it.

Example: Unless you read it somewhere you won't be able to learn it's mechanic without wiping

I don't think dance will or should be reduced