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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

WTS/WTB Shannox trash

The PuG update:
1 tank, 4 healers, 5 DD, 3 of them on legs, 2 on adds. Currently #6200. We are permanently recruiting, just read the rules.

There is trash in almost every raid. They have several purposes, like RP (the dungeon has a better feeling if it's full of busy minions of evil), slowing progression, giving bad players something to do besides wiping and "g2g". Anyway they are here to stay.

In Firelands, there are a lot. Especially before Shannox. You just kill and kill and kill them and wait for Shannox to show up. However this trash is different. They have something of value, besides the low chance of giving a BoE (although that's still a good money this early). They give reputation until honored. They keep giving after that too, but way to little to matter. Killing them gives a 378 back at friendly and a waist on honored. No wonder that /trade is full of "LF3M 2 tanks 1 healer to FL trash run u need 999999 ilvl" spam.

Of course those who raid regularly are already honored or will be in a week. After that the trash will be just waste of their time.

How could we turn these annoying turtles, giants, dogs and scorpions into profit? There will always be people who want rep. New people, alts and casuals (and of course M&S but we don't want them). All we need is a raid leader who forms a short trash run to clear them up to the boss(es). My idea is to pay every member of the trash run X gold and this 10*X is paid by the raiders who arrive to the trash-free raid.

The trash raid starts 45 mins before the real raid, they clear up the trash, get their gold and leave. The real raid kills the boss, everyone is happy. Of course nothing stops a raider to participate in both raids. The price will obviously rise over time, as less and less people need rep, so it simply becomes a work they do for salary. The raiders pay to save time, the trashers get paid for their time on the top of the rep and trash loot.

I made the first pre-raid trash run on Monday, before Shannox firstkill, with only 3 people who participated in the real raid. The rest were non-raider or new people who had an opportunity to participate in our effort in Firelands and also to get a preview of raiding. The trash raids, similarly to the 4.0 boost raids can help new people to practice raiding without pressure while getting loot.

The pre-raid trash run also increases raid time without increasing the commitment demand from raiders. They spend the same amount of time inside as before, but it's all boss time.


Anonymous said...

Nice job on the kill.
I'm thinking Rhyolith would be the first boss in Firelands that normally relies on communication between the raid members, (Switching between feet) thus the first boss where your lack of voice comm. truly makes a difference.

I guess that's a good reason for doing the achievement - it's easier to just focus on one foot/stop DPS rather than switching between the two if you don't have any communication other than typing.

Grim said...

Because two macros:
/rw LEFT!!!
/rw RIGHT!!!
are really hard to make?

Anonymous said...

Check the achievement we got. We only attacked one leg (the right one). The only communication was for 3 DD to hit the skull.