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Sunday, June 19, 2011

It's sucks to be horde on Agamaggan-EU

What you see here is 4100 guild honorable kills and 12 deaths. Since we were 9-11 during the battle, it means 40:1 kill:death ratio.

Ingredients for the 40:1 cake:
  • Dumb horde lolkids recruited
  • 4 guild healers
  • 2 other healers
  • Healers have to die addon
  • Everyone being at Slag, while 5-8 hordies are busy defending WV and ICG, spamming "OMG we haz 2 bases take slag FFS"
  • Rotating flags

Who said that playing for win can't be fun?

Update: next battle ended after 15 mins as they got their first kill 7 minutes before the end, no time for sieges to destroy towers.


Dugley said...

I know that with the critter achievements, if you kill one critter with 3 guild members in the group, you get 3x the credit, likewise if you have 40 people in the group, you get credit for 40 kills when there was really only one.

If the guild achievement system tracks pvp kills the same way, then those numbers are highly exaggerated.

Anonymous said...

Dugley: math is mostly correct. If 10 guild members participated and earned 4100 kills toward the achievement, then there were roughly 410 HK. Since they died about 10 times, this gives the claimed 40:1 ratio.

Uranax said...


Read it again. He has already compensated for that in his calculations.

Anonymous said...

Dugley, you are right. Every guild member who gets a HK will count +1 to the guild achievement just like the critter achievement. It works this way as long as you are in range of each other. The more guild members are alive at the same location, the more "multiplier HK" you will get.

It still sucks to be horde on Agamaggan-EU though because the horde hardly ever own TB, they do not cooperate well tactic-wise, and have many newbies in their team. If you want to roll on a horde realm with world PvP without RP there are much, much better realms. Lightning's Blade and Auchindoun, for example.

Dugley said...

Ah, I was mistaken in the sense that Gevlon did in fact factor in the 10 kills on the counter=1 kill among 10 guild members.

Although there is still another error on the kill:death ratio, which is that a player gets credit for kill he has performed, as an example if your traveling from point A to B, and along the way a raid member kills a nearby enemy, you still get credit+count, despite doing nothing save walking by.

To further make an example:

lets say you have an even 100v100 battle, and ten players are killed on each side.

the K:D ratio should be an average of 1:1, but for each player we would see an average of a 9:1 K:D ratio since everyone but the dead got credit for each kill.

This is before we factor in guild proximity, if there was a single player in a given guild on the field of 100 players, the player would get 9 kills added to the roster, despite only killing 0.1 enemies, if there were 2 guild members the guild roster would increase by 18, 10 would increase by 90, etc.

So the ratio is still wrong by a large factor, since both guild proximity and player kill proximity must be taken into account.

Breevok said...

FYI Critter kills was fixed. You can no longer set up a party/raid and run the EPL tunnel for 1000-2000 critter kill counts.

Hurtztofarm said...

Actually, they fixed the critter kill counting some time ago if the patch notes were correct (I haven't tested, because I have better things to do.)

As far as I know, you have to actually kill the critter yourself for it to count and not just a group member.

I wouldn't be surprised if the code was not translated to the honor kills version, but they probably will at some random point.

Squishalot said...

You do remember that you can get those sorts of numbers by zerging mindlessly, as long as you're part of the zerg? Even lolkids can do that.

HK:death ratios aren't meaningful, unless you're measuring epeen sizes, which I suspect is the only point of this post. That's highly social of you, Gevlon.

Anonymous said...


If one player gains 4100 honourable kills in a team of 10 then at a minimum 410 enemy players had to be killed. If there's 12 deaths then that gives a kill death ratio of not far off 40:1 for the team. Talking about single players killing 0.1 enemies or whatever is irrelevant when its the battle being discusses, not individual players.


'You do remember that you can get those sorts of numbers by zerging mindlessly, as long as you're part of the zerg? Even lolkids can do that.'

Yeah, and good luck getting a win with those zerging lolkids.

Squishalot said...

@ Anonymous: That's not the point. Gevlon is showing off his high kills:deaths ratio, not a win. Therefore, it's nothing special.

Anonymous said...

Do you really think you can say a guild is casual by looking at the times they raid? We raid 3 times a week and are 12/13 hc in 25 Man. I would not say we are a casual raiding guild. Of course, we don't raid hardcore in terms of 'times per week'.

What I am saying is that I think is that it's not only the time you spend actually raiding which makes you casual. It is the time the members spend figuring out how to defeat these big mobs with their shiny loot with the time available and the time these members spend on optimizing the playstyle of their class, which I believe is more time most of the people in 'the pug' use.

But gratz to your first year pugging!

Anonymous said...


Well, not being a member of zerging lolkids I really wouldn't have any idea what their kill/death ratios normally are. I guess I'll just have to take your word for it.

But then again, having said that, the zerging lolkids on Agamaggan certainly won't be getting kill/death ratios anywhere near that. Not with 12 deaths on the alliance side. Or maybe it's just that your lolkids are better at zerging?

Squishalot said...

@ Anonymous: Sitting with 5-8 on defense at WV and ICG each isn't zerging. I'm thinking the old circle-zerging, where the zerg will always outnumber the defenders. Yes, even lolkids can achieve phenomenal kill:death ratios when you outnumber someone badly.

Anonymous said...

"I wouldn't be surprised if the code was not translated to the honor kills version, but they probably will at some random point."

You only have to be near other people to get HK, and every guild member who gets a HK will contribute +1 to the achievement.

This won't be fixed. It isn't even a bug since the achievement requirement is quite high. Probably deliberately.

They won't change the HK proximity to KB because then people will fight too much for KB, and healers will not get any KB hence not any HK.