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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Your very own moron of the day

Quick business tip: don't spam /trade "WTS Valor boots". At this point of the game most people have the boots. You are selling them to the more casual ones. So use "WTS [link of first boot] [link of second boot] [link of third boot] 5K" Next line with boot #4-6, then wait a few seconds (you can't spam /trade) and the third line with boot #7-9. You'll get a sale faster.

One of the new features in 4.1 is the guild recruitment. You place your filters as a guild master, leave a message to the prospective applicants and they can see it any time. This is ours:
As you can see, the message is clear, "DON'T send requests". Of course reading 3 lines is too much for those who play for fun:
OK, but what makes these morons "your own"? Because there is worse than these randoms. Start a lvl 1 character and use the recruitment tool. Browse the guilds and watch the dozens of pages of moronic lvl 1- 5 guilds with messages like "lol join" or "were small but dun worry" or "everyone is welcome". You can think that the morons of the day pictures are either forgeries or a 0.001% minority that I collect from my 5000+ readers. So go and see for yourself! See on your own server the swarm of stupidity!


Anonymous said...

There's no need to make a level 1 toon, simply type /gf check a few boxes to enable the browse button and browse away.

Unknown said...


I think he meant, You can create a new character to check out the situation on the other realms.

Thossi said...

I must have a great realm. For the most part, the guilds prostituting themselves using that tool have well-written advertisements - meaning fine spelling and grammar, clear and concise as to what they're about, and except 3 guilds with stupid name (including one that's just a random order of letters) have fine names.

Well, I haven't checked the Horde-side, yet. Don't think it's worse, though.

So, yay for The Sha'tar (EU)!

Anonymous said...

Thossi, any idiot can triple check their spelling on this tool, I have joined several of the guilds in WOTLK with well spelt "advertisement macros" and they ALL turned out to be the "lol we gunna raid soon" guild you have all seen before. However, that does show the guild has a GM who is willing to make a bit of effort, so they will most likely be one of the longer lasting social guilds.

I reckon the REAL way to tell if a guild is good or not is to check if they have written their progress. If they haven't it is either because they haven't raided ("Still need moar ppl lol") or their progress is terrible, which is even worse. I would rather PuG a raid with M&S and socials, because at least then "guild friendliness" isn't expected, so the members will be more critical of each other, not having to worry about long lasting fake friendships.

Come think of it, that is most likely the main reason why PuGs often do better than social guilds in raids, because the socials are too afraid to kick their idiotic peers, who are also known as "fun ppl."

With the liberty of not having to worry about "guild friendliness", they are less forgiving, despite the idiot not in their guild will most likely do less harm than the idiot in their guild (the idiot in their guild will wipe raids and put pressure on the social to invite them instead of a random pugger who may be a better player).

energybomb said...

meh, checked my old server. Not as lucky as you thossi. Out of the ~80 guilds that advertised themselves, there were 7 guilds that had an abomination of an advertisement.

so not yay for bloodfeather-EU.

by the way, maybe some of your MS guilds were too retarded to be able to use the tool? Just giving out random ideas.

Katherine said...

On my server there are some guilds that are recruiting but don't even have a message.

Anonymous said...

You defeat the purpose of LFGuild UI. If you want to stick to your old recruitment method, don't use this feature because you can't stop retards from hitting this and can't expect them to be bright as you.