Greedy Goblin

Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger down was down, ate a post too, that's why no post today. See you Monday.


Anonymous said...

well, why not post the scheduled post tommorow? The weekend posts usually get a lot of comments (don't know about views, I guess that too) anyways!

Cold said...

Hey Gevlon,

You can grab the post that got eaten out of your RSS feed and copy/paste it back up so it's not lost. Wait, maybe it's gone from the feed too. Hrm. I have an email newsletter that auto sends my posts, so I could grab it from there if I needed to re-post it.

I also use blogger, but my post from Thursday was put back into scheduled mode ( scheduled for yesterday, which I fixed and re-launched it).

Anonymous said...

Blogger say they restore later. Dont lost in space.