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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Prizes updated

From last week, we had less improvement than I expected. Nefarian is in P2, which is progression without doubt, but I doubt if it's really great.

On PvP front we did several rated BGs with the sad conclusion that the feature is broken, at least until Blizzard lures more people into it. Are you not entertained? prize is still 5000/G person, I'm hoping to lure some serious PvP-ers to the guild.

As I told, I found a toplist where we could get,'s EU guild achievement list. The limit to get to the EU top 100 is 1540, we are at 1535, almost there!
Let's see what more we could get:
  • Crittergeddon: completed
  • Daily driver: completed
  • Battleground and arena achievements: After patch
  • Nefarian guild run: Lockout extended, currently in P2
  • Glory of the Cata raider: meta for Nefarian, (the rest are already done)
  • Glaives: 20000G offered for anyone who gets them on his own (or bring it to the guild), I also organize paid raids to BT. I'm in negotiation with a guild on the server who might sell us them.
  • Thori'dal, Shadowmourne: I found a contractor who is in progress of finishing the blade, has bow and selling them to us.
  • We are legendary: meta for the above ones for 25 points.
  • Profession achievements: They will be nerfed seriously in 4.1
  • United nations: bugged, will be fixed next patch.
Up for Nefarian!

There won't be post on Easter, as people don't read the blog on holidays.


Anonymous said...

You're not on the list because, obviously, there are a LOT of 1535s. Obviously it can't fit them all, as it is a top 100 list, so it picks... y'know what, you probably know the answer, I'm not playing your game.

Douzer said...

At a glance, it seems that all guilds with the same amount of achievement points share the same ranking. Based on what I know of databases, the first guilds to have that ranking would appear first in the list, and guilds that achieve that ranking later would be appended to the bottom. A click of the EU Realms Guild Achievements shows that the threshold for Top 100 is now 1540, so you'll need to pass that threshold in order to appear on the list.

niconorsk said...

My guess for why you're not on the top 100 is it's ordered by date when you got your last achievement and those guilds got to 1535 before the Pug

Anonymous said...

Judging by the way the top 100 list is compiled, it sorts by achievement points first, and guild name second.
Since your guild starts with a T, it's too far down the alphabet to get on there.

Chopsui said...

In the new guild finder, guild-achievement points will be one of the noticable distinctions between guilds. So when that is released, you can probably enjoy another influx

Anonymous said...

The reason The Pug is not on the list is most likely that the list has exactly 100 spots, and when there are guilds tied at the low end of it the first to get the points needed get on the list.
1535 last week > 1535 last night.

PheqbeastWrathebe said...

2200 rating / are you not entertained?

you should really just go 2v2 as shaman warrior, it's the most retarded pisseasy comp in the entire game.


Format said...

I agree with PheqbeastWrathebe. Either that or get a decent hunter along with a warrior for 3v3. 2200 isn't that hard to get anymore.

Yaggle said...

Even if you crack the top 100, you will have to get more and more achievements at some points just to stay there. Beware the trap you are letting yourself fall in to. The same trap that socials get themselves in.

Sheldon said...

Chopsui said: "So when that is released, you can probably enjoy another influx"

Has there actually been an enjoyable influx? Gevlon hasn't posted any numbers, so I've only got the armory to look at. There were about 250 members when they got the realm first, and today there are 256.

Anonymous said...

2200 is stupidly easy to get. Any player who doesn't backpedal and click his spells to victory (lololol) is likely to get 2.2k while alt-tabbing.

It's easy nowadays. So many "cheesy" comps to run. Some of them still are fragile, but others are just about mashing 1234 and hoping the kill is done.

Ðesolate said...

I'd prefer a classic RMP or a afflic / shadow / Holy-Pally Team. Shadow / Mage (frost, naturally) / Afflict seems to be pretty easy to push up over 2,2k. Double-Heal seems to get a stron comeback also. Unholy-DK+2 seems to be pretty successful met various of theese combinations above 1,9k. Doubleheal Warr & Hunter seems to rise also. It would be interesting to see the effects of 4.1 on live.

Little advertisement: Just transferred my priest over to aggamagan to take more of the action in the Pug (need to meet another inviter/gevlon online). Any pregearing shadow-compatible class (no pvp gear required) would be welcome for preperation. Just be sure you have some endurance.

Wrathebe said...

All you need to do as a shaman is make a few macros for Nature's Swiftness and dispells, and focus-target mages/healers/casters and shear every retarded cast they make, especially CC. If you slip, drop a grounding, you cant be feared because of the new tremor mechanism.

Warriors can't be feared either. Find a warrior who knows how to stancedance, swoard and board and pillarhump while you're CCed and you're good to go.

warrior hunter sham (KFC, Kung Fu Cleave) is stupid as fuck and is the easiest way to 2200 there is (it's easy regardless. Could play triple mage to that)

or just shaman warr in 2v2 like mentioned above.

Here's a KFC playing 3v3, and they are ABSOLUTELY awful:

that's how easy the comp is.

Anonymous said...

I don't get the general attitude of arena gamers:

If your rank is better than mine, you're using a cheap comp.

If your rank is lower than mine, you suck.

Do any arena gamers actually respect their opponents? Or is the game so unbalanced that they can't -- and, if so, why are they still playing it?

Ðesolate said...

@Anonymous: At high Rating you usually respect your opponents. Unless they are playing obviously dumb (facerolled / got carried up), two professional carry a customer, using bugs / hacks or stretching the game as long as possible instead of trying to win (well and that is just because it annoys after 200+ matches a week).

At low / mid rating you see very extreme signs of very very very bad playstyle. No not backpaddeling, many times worse. It is hard to try to respect someone who is obviously playing pve in pvp for example.

The Game is pretty unbalanced but that gives you a new challenge. Fight up with obviously insane combos etc. I remember our triple rogue team made some fun to play up above 2k in s8 (took over 100 games a week several month).

Sten Düring said...

Hmm, Gevlon, people don't read your blog during vacations?

You presume that the readership of an antisocial blog blindly follow social traditions and stay away from the net during a religious holyday?

That's rather rich.

Eaten by a Grue said...

To last Anonymous re. arena players:

It is not just arena. Raiders basically think this too. Anyone less geared sucks or is a slacker. Anyone more geared has no life.

I think the answer is people are kind of stuck on this hobby and it is a little bit addicting, so they keep at it.