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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Prizes and achievement alts

We are currently on 1400 guild achievements and I want more, in the hope that it will shake up social guilds, therefore the following prizes are offered!

55 exalted: To get United nations achievement one person must get 55 exalted reputations and revered guild rep. 5000G offered.

Legendaries: You need to have the legendary weapon and be honored with the guild. The prize is 5000G, after we get the achievement, you show me your item and your guild rep, proving it was your doing, and the money is yours. I cannot nominate anyone to "shadowmourne wielder", cannot force anyone to help you or even to not compete with you. You must get them on your own. But I pay you a nice prize! Sulfuras and Thunderfury are taken!

Are you not entertained? 3000/G person

Stay classy bunch: They need a lvl 85 character from the class and race below with honored guild reputation. First to get them receives gold, bold text is new/increased price:
  • Human hunter, 3000G (achievement alt is in progress)
  • Draenei priest, 1000G (Someone is 85 and 3500/6000)
  • Draenei mage, 3000G This is the one that will not be completed in 1-2 week(s)
  • Worgen warlock, 1000G (achievement alt is in progress)
  • Worgen rogue, claimed by Rhougala
  • Night elf mage, claimed by Donella
  • Gnome death knight, claimed Fifth
  • Gnome priest, claimed by Tyelrin
  • Dwarf warlock, claimed by Roijer
  • Worgen warrior, claimed by Dibb
  • Human rogue, claimed by Rukus
Obviously no one in his right mind would class change for gold, new rerollers are the target audience of these offers.

Some clarification on achievement alts: They are an exceptional pardon, from the "no alts" rule and not a right. I can remove any alt any time I find it no longer useful. To be useful an alt:
  • Must have a guild achievement listed in his note (like "worgen priest") obviously this achievement must not be completed already.
  • Must be able to do the achievement.
  • Must be active in doing the achievement. If I see no progress, I remove the alt. "Progress" can be debated, in case of stay classy alt, he must grow and get rep, in a legendary alt, it must run the legendary dropping raid at least once in 2 weeks, in case of profession-doing alt, he must do more of the profession than 10x the guild average.


Anonymous said...

You don't need one person with 55 exalted reputations for the guild achievement. You just have to have 55 different exalted reputations in your guild.

Of course, you're free to set that requirement for the cash.

Gevlon said...

It should be 55 different people, but it's bugged and no only works with 1 guy.