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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Prizes updated

We are currently on 1350 guild achievements and I want more, in the hope that it will shake up social guilds, therefore the following prizes are offered!

Legendaries: You need to have the legendary weapon and be honored with the guild. The prize is 5000G, after we get the achievement, you show me your item and your guild rep, proving it was your doing, and the money is yours. I cannot nominate anyone to "shadowmourne wielder", cannot force anyone to help you or even to not compete with you. You must get them on your own. But I pay you a nice prize! Sulfuras is taken!

Are you not entertained? 3000/G person

Stay classy bunch: They need a lvl 85 character from the class and race below with honored guild reputation. First to get them receives gold, bold text is new/increased price:
  • Human hunter, 3000G (achievement alt is in progress)
  • Night elf mage, 3000G
  • Gnome death knight, 2000G claimed by Fifth
  • Draenei priest, 1000G
  • Draenei mage, 3000G (achievement alt is in progress)
  • Worgen rogue, 1000G
  • Worgen warlock, 1000G (achievement alt is in progress)
  • Gnome priest, claimed by Tyelrin
  • Dwarf warlock, claimed by Roijer
  • Worgen warrior, claimed by Dibb
  • Human rogue, claimed by Rukus
Obviously no one in his right mind would class change for 1000G, new rerollers are the target audience of these offers.

Also, to have these achievements, it is now allowed to have an alt in the guild with the above combo. This is a temporary pardon from the no alt rule, after the achievement is done, the alt (or the old main) must leave, but you'll have an alt for whatever purpose you wanted one and the gold prize. If you want to invite such alt, come to me, not an inviter. The "achievement alt" exception applies to legendary wielders too.

If you see "achievement alt is in progress" next to any class/race, it means that such alt is already on that job. It does not mean that you can't go for it, just advised to check the armory to see how close they are and how active they are.

Please note that the above is an exceptional pardon, and not a right. I can remove any alt any time I find him no longer useful.


Anonymous said...


I'm sorry if this has been mentioned before but I thought it might help.

If you hover your mouse over a completed guild achievement then the tooltip will display which characters completed it.

Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

Hey Gevlon,

When the Undergeared project ended, you mentioned there may come Undergeared runs in The PuG. Are you still planning on organising these runs? If not soon, in the future perhaps? I think it will have a lot more impact on your recruitment than simply getting some more achievement points.

Speaking from experience, many "friendly social guilds" are now decked in rep epics and 346hc blues, with no success killing anything except Argaloth when the stars align. Obviously they think they are 'undergeared', because in their minds "you must have full epics to be able to raid", not seeing the catch 22 in that statement (it's almost impossible to get full epics without doing raids).

Personally I enjoyed the Undergeared project for the same reason I enjoyed 'twinking' in bgs: once you get the gear (which takes a few hours to a day tops), you are set to go without having to farm more honor or more gear every time a content patch comes along. Farming gear on 2 different toons on different realms just to be competitive on each, does not sound like fun to me. So if The PuG would also have these kind of undergeared runs, I would be much more interested to join.

Probably it is a bit too early in the expansion to do such runs (most encounters are already balanced around blue geared people, regardless of what M&S think). On the other hand, many fail guilds do indeed fail in the gear that the encounter is balanced for. If you are indeed planning to do these in 4.1 or later, I'll definately consider joining again.

If there is no interest in the guild for this kind of runs I can understand that. However I do believe the impact on recruitment will completely overshadow the impact of a few guild achievement points.