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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Guild rewards

The Pug update:
Despite huge rotation between players, firstkilling farm bosses for half raid every week, fails and rageguits, we keep on progressing. Our WoWprogress position is 17.5K, when 1/12 means #41.5, so we are above average even among raiding guilds (most have fixed spots and attendance). If you are in a social guild that can't kill anything or only 1-2, if you are fed up with boosting Arthasdklől, join! Just read the rules.

Being in an active member in an active guild has its benefits besides the obvious ones: the guild perks is a 24 point list, giving a perk for every single level. At 25 the following cumulative buffs and spells are available:
  • +10% XP from monsters and quests
  • +10% mount speed outside of BGs and arenas
  • +10% reputation from monsters and quests
  • 10% gold you loot is created from air and deposited in the guild bank
  • -20% durability loss when dead (25% more tries before forced to repair)
  • 15 mins CD on heartstone (from 30 mins)
  • From 4 flasks you can craft a cauldron, that gives 10, 2 hours long flasks (-80% flask price)
  • Can summon the guild bank
  • 10% more skillups when leveling professions
  • 50% more HP when resurrected by guild members, 100% faster corpserun
  • instant mail to guildmates
  • +10% justice points
  • +10% honor points
  • summon your raid
  • 15% more herbs, ores, skins gathered
  • -10% vendor prices
  • resurrect your whole raid
So much for copy and pasting from WoWhead. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that a lvl 25 guild is better than a lvl 1. However there are other guild rewards, available from the guild vendor:
  • Heirloom capes: while they are mostly for alts, they do not require lvl 85 to buy, just honored rep. If you focused on questing instead of doing dungeons, or did it in guild group, you can reach honored before lvl 84. Since the 84-85 XP is almost 10M, the cape worth 500K XP. Also, its stats on 85 are equal to a 333 cloak, so buying it gives you a starter cloak. One problem: it does not count as 333 for the ilvl filter, so you must get one and keep in your bag.
  • Heirloom helms: same as capes.
  • Battle standard of coordination: Gives +15% XP, honor and reputation for all nearby guild members. It does not work on quest XP and rep, but works in dungeons. If you are in a full guild group, you can chain-use it, practically increasing the tabard reputation, guild reputation, guild XP and XP (if you are below 85) by 15%.
  • Guild page: he is a "minipet", but actually a vendor. He can sell guild rewards and also buy your trash.
  • Wrap of unity: a lowbie cape that can teleport you to Stormwind/orgrimmar. It's good if you have to place your HS to a different continent (because you are leveling, or doing Outland or Northrend stuff), and can return to your home city to place your HS back. Can also be used as an emergency HS.
Visit the guild vendor of your capital and buy these, especially the banner. They may need some achievement or guild level. If your guild doesn't have it, well, time for shopping for a non-sucky guild!


Squishalot said...

"Our WoWprogress position is 17.5K, when 1/12 means #41.5, so we are above average even among raiding guilds (most have fixed spots and attendance). If you are in a social guild that can't kill anything or only 1-2"

That's contradictory. If 1/12 means 41.5K, and there are some social guilds that kill 1-2, then you can't assume that all guilds who kill at least 1 are raiding guilds (that have fixed spots and require attendance).

On topic, you'll find that it's almost impossible to gain reputation with your guild while leveling on an alt. You do require a fairly high level character, as rep gains for low level characters are almost negligible. I have been leveling a bank alt who has its own guild, and by level 28, still only has 98/3000 reputation with guild.

Kelindria said...

So since I have to much time on my hands right now and you were kind enough to provide the names of all the people in your raid and a wowprogress link I decided to check out your hunter buff wise.

Generally you take a ferocity pet if you have a shammy for heroism but since you were lacking the 8% magic damage buff the wind serpent is the right choice.

At that point I decided to check out the other major buffs you could provide particularily because you seemed melee heavy. Armor debuff, crit buff, bleed debuff and physical damage debuff were all accounted for.

To me this is an accurate way of showing that you and your raiders know what they are doing. The blog and your plans seem to be working properly in terms of raiding success. Not only can you join the PuG and raid when you want but you will be raiding optimally. Will there be a Sinestra kill?

Anonymous said...

"Our WoWprogress position is 17.5K, when 1/12 means #41.5, so we are above average even among raiding guilds "

What Squishalot said.

Also, even supposing all guilds that have killed a boss are raiding guilds, you're not necessarily above average. You're above the median. It is not unreasonable to think that the difference between mid and top level guilds is bigger than at the other end of the spectre. In other words; the average is probably a bit higher than the median, and it wouldn't surprise me at all if yo were actually below average.

Dàchéng said...

Increasing XP gains is only interesting if you don't enjoy the main part of the game, questing and following stories while levelling. If you do enjoy questing, then increasing the %XP gains simply makes it more difficult to follow storylines: you level out of zones before you can complete them (they go grey and quest-givers stop advertising that they have them with a big yellow exclamation mark). A Draenei in the Deadmines shows how a great instance can be turned into a terrible instance just by not following the story.

Of course, if you no longer enjoy levelling and only want to reach level 85, well, that's a different story.

Anonymous said...

I see others already pointing that out a little, and I feel too that your interpretation of WoWProgress data is far behind your (usually high) standards. When I look at my server, I see about 40 guilds that at least try do some raiding, from what I know the upper half of them has at least some of the rules the PUG trys to avoid. The lowest of them is ranked about 16500, so more or less the same as the PUG.

From all the others below that - about 60 more guilds - I have no idea why they are ranked at all. Maybe WoWProgress has some problems filtering out trade pick up groups or something. I can swear none of them has anything near "fixed spots and attendance", and stating that you are above the average raid guild because of including them is leaning argument.

dont get me wrong, I think what you are doing with the PUG is great. so if you really care about progressing, I would consider buying in knowledge (how to kill the bosses) from a hardmode guild, we have a 10 man "B-raid" in our own guild (all of them friends and casuals) that get information from us for free, and they progress very nicely (they are now 10/12 or something). lets say you do it the goblinish way and pay 10 or 20k for a written out strategy with every detail for all roles (tanks, dds, healers) for a boss you havent killed yet, adding some extra-money if it does not depend on any raid composition. you could would surely save alot of repair bills and push deeper into the dungeon then you are now.

John Newhouse said...

Hey, this is Kebec. This is to gives people the reason of my long absence and to tell you I won't come back.

My account got closed because I am suspected of trying to sell my account (wtf?) and after 3-4 weeks of trying to get it back, it just doesnt work.

Considering my social life is going rather good and I have no needs of WoW anymore, I doubt I will pay again for all the game/expension to come back.

I want to tell that being in IG and The PuG have been my best WoW experience ever! You did an amazing job Gevlon. I would like to /hug Livia, Energybomb, Ermak, Jinchu, and everybody I am forgetting.


Emmanuel ISSALY said...

you can use heirlooms without guild rep, afaik, so the cloak is really worth it for a leveling alt (>100k gain)

Ofc, the BUYER must be honored, but it's BoA.