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Saturday, January 15, 2011

The PuG update

As you can see, the third boss has been defeated, more to come. Wowprogress rate us to world #15700, Blizzard just announced that they have 4.7M Cataclysm users, if we assume 20 raiders/guild, we are keeping our top 10% position.

We have 220 guildmembers, 105 of them are 85, the others are busy leveling. About 5 new member every day. Lvl 11, hitting XP cap every day.

I figured out a Tol Barad strategy that works like a charm. The nasty hordies take TB every single night. How? Another bug or terrible "feature": they can send in 5 people even if there are no allies online. So the more populated faction gets Tol Barad at the night for free. Again, after they stated that Tol Barad shall matter and should be hard to attack, exactly to value it for defending, they give it to the more populated faction for free every night, so unless the less populated faction have some great PvP teams, they never have Tol Barad, as the average successful attack chance is below 10% and there are 3-4 battles in afternoon-evening.

Doesn't matter, we take it back every single afternoon and keep it all peak time. Post about how to do the "impossible" attack with 90%+ success rate in Tuesday.

We also have a very nasty moneymaking scheme, post about it on Wednesday.

If you are interested, we are permanently recruiting. Just read the rules!


Ephemeron said...

"...if we assume 20 raiders/guild..."

Where did *that* number come from?

While I don't have a script that would check the Armory data of every single guild on WoWProgress's list, a quick manual check shows that the average number of people in the Top 10 guilds is 175. Hell, the PUG itself already has 220 unique accounts, and is still actively recruiting!

Gevlon said...

Simple: most guild raid with 10 men, a few do 25. So 15 is most probably more accurate.

The alts of top raiders and the non-raiding members of the raider guilds (including The PuG) do not matter. Just because they wear the same guild tag, they don't raid more than Arthasdklol.

You can say that only 8% of The PuG is in the top 10%, while the others are average players, but it's irrelevant for recruitment, as we clearly offer the CHANCE for someone who join us to become one of the raiders (while the non-raiding social guilds do not).

Grim said...

About TB - it goes to the more populated faction for free if and only if:
1) The realm is so low populated that there are times when less than 5 TB-going players are online in either faction. This is not the norm.
2) The realm's population is so imbalanced, that there is a 2.5h window during which only one faction goes to sleep (as in - the other is numerous enough to have some stragglers even after an average 1.25 hours after the low-pop faction is asleep). Again - this is not the norm.

Agamaggan with its low pop and huge imbalance is probably one a few to really feel the brunt of this problem.
And as more and more players hit 85 (the wave has passed by now, but the numbers are still growing right?) the problem will diminish further.

Bronte said...

Heartiest congrats on the kill. Goes to show how a group of non-M&S can continue to climb the ranks as long as you have a consistent mechanism for... well... cutting the bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Being able to send in 5 men to attack regardless of defenders showing up or not could indeed be a feature, although it only avoids a massively unlikely exploit. Which would simply be: defenders don't show up. If it's a true one-for-one setup no defenders means no attackers, so defenders automatically win. If you can still send in a small attack force this possible exploit is negated, and as Grim has said, not having any defenders show up at all while there are still active attackers is not the norm.

Amrok said...

Hi Gevlon, this is Amrok vom Nozdormu- EU. I'm the one that founded the German version of "The PuG". Up to 7 Accounts in 10 days, more incoming even though most German speakers don't seem to know your blog or thoughts on M&S. Have you ever thought about getting your posts translated for more widespread M&S- Fighting? I could provide translations to German for you, (Credits and Linking are a given, of course) and of course mirror it on The PuG- Nozdormu- Blog. ( You could spread your fight to some of the non- english population, and The PuG on Nozdormu could perhaps get some attention as in return, which I'd consider a fair deal. I can't translate in realtime, of course, and a lot of keywords would have to be established first, but I think I could get something along the lines of a 24h delay for the posts as I get them.

Depending on your thoughts on this, perhaps German Abstracts might work out well.


Gevlon said...

@Amrok: if you want a German translation/spinoff, feel free to do so!

nehunter said...

To bad tier10 includes the data after 4.01 which allowed alot of people to pass them, which can explain the 90% rates on most of the encounters.

If you did them before the rates would be lower.