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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Prizes updated

I wrote which guild achievements worth a gold prize. I'd like to post an updated list. Since we did all old dungeons and raids, only these achievements are left to gain besides the ones that will come over time (kill 1M hordies, loot 1M gold, do 100K quests...). We are currently on 1200 achievements and I want more, in the hope that it will shake up social guilds.

I loaned another 50K to the guildbank after the guild completed the 50K repair achievement since it has a 100K version. As I mentioned, it's a loan. I will lock the gbank repair after the achievement, wait until the looted gold share reaches 100K, take my money back, and then re-allow repair.

Legendaries: You need to have the legendary weapon and be honored with the guild. The prize is 5000G, after we get the achievement, you show me your item and your guild rep, proving it was your doing, and the money is yours. I cannot nominate anyone to "shadowmourne wielder", cannot force anyone to help you or even to not compete with you. You must get them on your own. But I pay you a nice prize! Sulfuras is taken!

Are you not entertained? 5000G

Stay classy bunch: They need a lvl 85 character from the class and race below with honored guild reputation. First to get them receives gold:
  • Human rogue, 1000G
  • Human hunter, 2000G
  • Night elf mage, 2000G
  • Gnome death knight, 2000G
  • Gnome priest, 1000G
  • Dwarf warlock, claimed by Roijer
  • Draenei mage, 2000G
  • Worgen warrior, claimed by Dibb
No elements will be removed from this list, so if you start a draenei mage, you can surely claim your price, unless someone is faster. However new combos are maybe added and the price can be elevated later to finish the last holes. Obviously no one in his right mind would class change for 1000G, new rerollers are the target audience of these offers.


Andru said...

Have you actually had any applicants that said they joined your guild because it has the most GAP?

Failing that, Agrammar is pretty low-pop. Have you heard of any guild disband over someone else having more GAP than them? Possibly from those good players you hopefully attracted.

I mean any worthwile ones, not just some morons who can't talk clearly.

Because if not, you're sinking money into a feature that is circumstantially beneficial, at best.

Anonymous said...

"Earn a 2200 rating in the arena with a team composed entirely of guild members."

Is that gonna be 5000G for the team, or just the first member of the group to speak to you?

Treeston said...

@Andru: We're on Agamaggan.

Anonymous said...

I can't help but find it strange that you look dowen on players who spend 16000g on a cosmetic mount, but here you are spending tens of thousands on Guild achievements.

It's your money, you can do what you want. It's just sad to see a Goblin such as yourself fall down into the "impress your peers" side of the game.

Gevlon said...

@Anonymous: what you don't see is that an "impressive" cosmetic mount is pointless as the impressed peer can't be me.

On the other hand if he is impressed about a group, he can join, or at least stirr up his current group.

Kelindria said...

Actually what would serve as a better way of getting under the skin of the good players "stuck" in unsuccessful social guilds would be eaning Glory of the Cataclysm Raider. Earning a flashy mount that no one has seen before is before is a direct way of telling them not only are you struggling in your guild but that we're THIS MUCH better.

It was amazing the number of people that flocked to the first guild to earn the Frost Wyrms in wotlk on my server.

Anonymous said...


I love that you constantly ignore the question: Has anyone actually joined your guild primarily for the number of Guild Achievement Points it has obtained.

Gevlon said...

@Anonymous: it's not something that anyone would consciously say or even think. They just FEEL that their current guild is "kinda fail".

Anonymous said...

That's a vague, and almost silly, assertion. Is it something that you 'feel'?

Guild Level is far more important to people than the points.

Jabarj said...

Just one thing that got me curious, why is it that some class/race combinations have bigger prizes?
initially I tough it was because new CATA combos wore worth a bigger prize but after that I noticed that Draenei Mage is also 2000g, so...

Not like I'm gonna claim any of these since I play on an US server, just to know.

Eaten by a Grue said...

No one I know is even aware of any other guild's achievement points.

5thlive said...

I could take the gnome death knight. Got one parked at 80 that are mostly a bankalt for the moment. And I am kinda burned out on my priest.

Any one know how long it will take to get 80-85?

Anonymous said...

Why do some class+race combinations give more gold than others?